SWARAGINI- Limitless love ( Episode 56)


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Swara slowly opened her eyes and saw sanskar standing infront of the mirror.
Sanskar:( looking at swara’s reflection in the mirror) do you got up.. How are you feeling now?
Swara:( smiles) fine. After all it is you who have treated me.
Sanskar smiles. Swara looked around the room in disappointment.
Swara:( sad voice) I have planned so much for yesterday’s night but everything went in vain.
Sanskar:( teasingly) don’t worry dear. We have many nights!!
Swara blushs.
Sanskar: okay now. Get ready and come down.
Laksh opened his eyes by a knock on his door. Someone was knocking contionusly. He looked around but didn’t find ragini. He went to the door and opened it.
Laksh:( still sleepy) sanskar!! What do you want? Why did you wake me up so early?
Sanskar: early! It is 8:00 clock Laksh. Open your eyes.
Laksh: you are saying as if it is 12:00
Sanskar: enough of this now. Come down. After all it is your wife’s first day in this house.
Saying this sanskar left the place
Swara: so ragini..as it is your first day, prepare a dessert
Parineta: one more thing ragini. Please handover me your mobile and you must not try to talk to anyone
Ragini:( widened eyes) but why?
Parineta:( smiles) ask your didi. She knows it very well..
Swara: don’t get tensed dear. I tried to use my mobile on the first day at this house and bhabhi grabbed it from me asking me to prepare it by my own but your jiju is really good. He helped me making the kheer.

Ragini:( worried) even I don’t know how to make it.
Swara: don’t worry. I will give you the procedure.
Swara gave her the procedure.
Parineta: enough of your helping now. Let her prepare by her own.
They both left the kitchen . ragini started preparing.
Swara encountered sujatha in her way.
Sujatha: swara will you please keep this stuff in the storeroom.
Swara:( smiles) ji ma!
Swara entered the storeroom and placed the stuff there. Something got stuck to her legs.
She had opened the cloth covering it and is surprised.
Swara:( excited) guitar!! Who plays guitar in this house.
She took the guitar and left the storeroom
Ragini is at the last step of preparing kheer. Laksh entered the room.
Laksh: ( happy) oh kheer! My favourite. Thank-you ragini..
Ragini smiles meanwhile laksh tastes it.
Laksh: oh God! No sugar.
Ragini:( worried) what! But I have used sugar.

Laksh: don’t panic dear. Add some more.
Ragini has added sugar to it and stirred it well. laksh again tasted it but didn’t give any answer.
Ragini:( tensed) please say something laksh. Your silence is breaking my nerves.
Laksh:( smiles) perfect dear.
Ragini:( sighed) thank god!
She is about to leave but laksh dragged her to him.
Ragini:( blushes) leave me laksh.
Laksh: no way. If you want to leave me then give me a kiss.
Ragini:( widened eyes) no way.. Leave me.
Parineta:( shouts) ragini..did you prepare kheer.
Ragini:( tensed) please laksh. Bhabhi is coming..please
Laksh:( stubborn) no means no!
Ragini kissed him on his neck as she was left with no other option.
Parineta entered the kitchen and is surprised to see laksh there
Parineta: what are you doing here?
Laksh:( smiles) nothing bhabhi. I came Just like that.
Ragini: I have prepared the kheer bhabhi. Please call everyone for breakfast.
Swara came running with guitar.

Swara:( breathing heavily) ma! Ma!
Sujatha: arey chori..aaram sey!
Swara: ( excited) who plays guitar in our house?
Sujatha:( smiles) whom do you think can play this.
Swara:( thinks for a while) no idea..
Sujatha: your husband.
Swara:( widened eyes) sanskar..but he has Never said to me?
Sanskar who came into the hall is surprised listening swara.
Sanskar: what didn’t I say you swara?
Swara: about guitar sanskar
Sanskar:( looking at guitar) hmm..I have learned playing it. Actually I and kavitha used to attend this classes but I have stopped playing after her death.
Swara: will you teach me ??
Sanskar smiled at seeing her excitement
Sanskar: sure…swara smiled.
Ragini: okay now..please everyone gather at dining table for breakfast. Everyone sat . ragini is busy in serving kheer.
Aadarsh:( in a low voice) sanskar! Just look at laksh’s neck.
Sanskar leaned to look at laksh and smiled.
Sanskar:( teasingly) love mark left by his wife.

Actually it was a lipstick mark, very small one. It is difficult to trace out but aadarsh was able to see because he sat beside laksh . everyone was waiting for a chance to tease the couple and that Mark acted as a medium.
Sanskar gestured swara who is sitting opposite to him to look at laksh. she too started smiling.
Laksh 🙁 confused) why are you smiling at me bhabhi.
Swara: nothing Laksh. You continue eating.
Sanskar: ( teasingly) leave it laksh. You don’t understate her smile.
Laksh:( confused) but why?
Parineta: don’t take sanskar’s words to your heart laksh. Actually he is feeling jealous for you. He didn’t get it, so ..
Swara and sanskar looked each other in embrassement.
Ragini noticed the lipstick mark and understood the meaning behind parineta’s dialoges. She tried to make him understand by the gesture but laksh looked at her in confusion.
Swara: ragini..you are trying to say something to laksh.. I think. Make him understand.
Ragini withdrawn her hand listening swara.
Ragini: ( embarrassing) why will I gesture him didi
Laksh: what has happened to you all.
Aadarsh:( whispers) arey buddhu.. You have got lipstick mark on your neck.
Laksh:( widened eyes) what!

He immediately place his hand in his neck and looked at ragini.
Annapurna: any problem laksh? I mean why are holding your neck?
Laksh didn’t answer her but smiled.
Aadarsh: ( smiles) nothing ma! He has got a sprain in neck. After all it happens to everyone after wedding night.
Annapurna smiled listening to him. Laksh looked aadarsh in anger. Ragini left the place blushing.
Few hours later.
Sanskar: it is boring swara. Shall we go out?
Swara: where?
Laksh: restaurant.
Ragini: perfect idea.
Swara: okay then I will come with in 20 minutes.
Laksh:( irritated) where are you going now?
Swara: to fresh up.
Saying this she left to her room.
Sanskar:( irritated) come out fast swara.we are getting late.
Swara came out wearing a black jeans with dark green kurtha.
Sanskar: I thought that you will wear a saree.
Swara: why ?? You didn’t like this.

Sanskar: not like that but you look pretty in sarees.
Ragini:( blushes) no laksh. I can’t come outside like this.
Laksh: its okay dear come out.
Ragini comess out wearing a sky blue colored jeans with white and baby pink kurthi.
Laksh: you are looking beautiful.
Ragini: but I am not comfortable.
Laksh: its okay dear. You will get used to it.
Swara is surprised seeing ragini.
Swara:( smiles) finally you wore it.
Sanskar: ragini was the only traditional girl of this house but you have changed her too.
Sanskar: so what are you going to order laksh.
Laksh:( confused) wait bhai! Let me decide.
Ragini: you people keep deciding. Jiju please order a north Indian thali for me.
Sanskar: should I order the same for you swara.
Swara:( widened eyes) no way. I don’t eat that type of food.
Laksh: well said.

Sanskar:( shrugs) well I like that only… He ordered two plates for himself and ragini..
Swara and Laksh read the whole menu card , quaralled with each other in selecting the items and finally ordered. Meanwhile sanskar and ragini has completed their food.
After few hours, they came out of restaurant.
Sanskar:( irritated) I really want to kill you laksh. Only you will get this type of ideas.
Swara: its okay sanskar. You must sometimes get into public transport. It will be fun.
Sanskar sighed.
Laksh:( smiles) so who want to board a running bus now?
Swara:( excited) me!
Ragini: me too but I am scared.
Laksh dragged ragini and they stated running after the bus.
Laksh: don’t get scared for small things ragini. Try to live the life
Laksh got into the bus and helped ragini to get in. They both smiled looking each other.
Swara: ( shouts) help me even to get in.
Laksh forwarded his hand.
Laksh: come on bhabhi..run fast.
Swara geared up the speed. She was about to meet laksh’s hand but sanskar dragged her
Sanskar:( irritated) who has asked to run after a running bus.
Swara:( shocked) but..
Sanskar: do you alteast know how you were risking your life by running back of it.
Sanskar hugged swara.

Sanskar:( teary eyed) my heart is not so strong to loose my love once again.
Swara:( hugging him, teary eyed) no sanskar! I will be never do this again. Not only this I won’t do any thing that pains you.
They both hugged each other…
Laksh: ragini!
Ragini: hmm
Laksh: I want to listen to your sitar. Will you play for me?
Ragini smiled and and sat down to play it.
Sanskar turned back by listening to swara’s words.
Swara: how to handle this!
Sanskar saw her trying to handle the guitar. He slowly approached her and placed his hands on her.
Sanskar: not like this swara.
Swara started breathing heavily by feeling his hot breath against her ear.
Sanskar: perfect! You must hold it like this..he then started playing it. Swara removed her hands so that she can enjoy the music played by her husband.
Laksh sat in front of ragini. Ragini started playing sitar by staring into laksh’s eyes. They both are lost in each other. All the incidents started running before their eyes..their first meet, first kiss, ragini’s accident, her proposal their marriage etc…
They both were enjoying to the sweet melody played by her.
Swara closed her eyes and every incident came in front of her eyes…sanskar too became teary eyed and stopped playing the guitar.
Sanskar:( in a cold tone) I have played this tune before kavitha’s death.
Swara: hmm..but don’t play infront of anyone.
Sanskar:( smiles) are you jealous?
Swara: I am possessive.

Sanskar: oh so my wife is possessive about me.
Ragini and laksh became teary eyed and ragini stopped playing sitar.
Laksh: why did you stop ragini.
Ragini approached laksh and hugged him.
Ragini:( in low voice) playing sitar was my relaxation laksh. I had been doing the same thing since a year. But today I am feeling happy that finally I became yours and you became mine.
Sanskar: what if kavitha comes back and asks me to marry her.
Swara:( fake anger) it happens only in stories Mr. Maheswari…pointing towards his chest.. You can’t erase my name which is sculptured on your heart. You can’t do it wantedly.. even.
Sanskar:(sighs) that is true. But are you ready to sacrifice your husband?
Swara:( firm voice) never.
Sanskar: why? Don’t you want your husband to be happy.. If his happiness lies in marrying another girl.
Swara:( emotionally) because I know that you won’t be happy with anyone as you are with me..
Sanskar became emotional and hugged her.
Sanskar: thank-you for coming into my life.
Swara: I must thank-you sanskar. You made my life…
Ragini: thank-you laksh ji. I have learnt the definition of love because of you.
Laksh: thank-you for coming into my life sweet heart. You never knew the change you brought in my life with your love.
Ragini:( teary eyed) I love you laksh
Laksh:(smiles) love you too ragini.
Screen splits into two showing raglak and swasan hugging each other.


Credit to: Sree harini

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