SWARAGINI- Limitless love ( Episode 55)


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Ragini and laksh reached MANISON after BIDAI.
Annapurna: ( smiles) get inside dear.
Ragini is about to step inside but stopped listening uttara
Uttara: wait a minute bhabhi.
Laksh: what do you want? Why are you troubling her.
Uttara: a gift from you..sorry from my bhabhi. Otherwise I won’t allow you to step inside
Ragini: oh sorry dear! I forgot to bring it.
Laksh: ( smiles) I think you forgot ragini. we brought a gift for her yesterday.
Ragini:( confused) when!!
Laksh:( teasingly) your bhabhi has become a amnesia patient. Don’t listen to her.
Saying this he gave her a gift pack.. A big one. Uttara:( happy) thank-you bhayya..
She started opening the gift.
Laksh: no uttara. You are supposed to open after ragini’s gruhapravesh.
Uttara nodded in yes and ragini entered into the house.
Parineta: come on everyone .. The ring finding ceremony is going to start.
Swara: what about pratik bhabhi?
Parineta: he is sleeping dear.
Swara smiled.

Parineta: so now I am going to drop this ring in the vessel containing milk. The one who finds first is going to dominate the other
Ragini and laksh sat facing each other. Parineta dropped the ring into the vessel. Ragini and laksh were about to place their hand in the vessel.
Uttara:( shouts) this is cheating!
Everyone turned to her. Uttara was literally sitting on the floor with crosslegged. There were many cardboard boxes in front of her
Uttara:( showing a one rupee eclairs chocolate) so this is your gift bhayya
Ragini started laughing seeing it
Laksh: ha..did you think that I am going to gift a mobile phone like your sanskar bhayya. This is more than enough.
Uttara:( sad) cheater bhai! I won’t talk with you.
Everyone smiled seeing uttara.
Parineta: come back devar ji.. Start playing .
Ragini and laksh started searching for the ring. Laksh’s hand collided with ragini’s hand. Ragini jerked but laksh started intertwining his fingers into hers. Ragini started blushing and her cheeks became red.
Sanskar:( irritated) how much time will you take to find it?
Ragini freed herself and took the ring out.
Parineta: wow! So ragini is going to rule you laksh.
Laksh looks disappointed.

Sanskar:( in a low voice) aadarsh bhayya. Is everything ready upstaris.
Aadarsh: ask your bhabhi.
Parineta:( tensed) oh God! I forgot to decorate laksh’s room.
Swara: don’t panic bhabhi.we will help you.
The four went to laksh’s room..
Uttara: may I join you
Aadarsh:( teasingly) you are too young to do this dear.go and study like a good girl.
Uttara:( surprised) what!
But she left the room in disappointment.
Sanskar:( in low voice) so what did you plan for our night..Mrs. Maheswari.
Swara:( blushes) have some shame sanskar. Bhayya and bhabhi are here.
Aadarsh:( in low voice) after seeing these arrangements, I too want to marry you once again
Parineta: ( smiles) don’t forget that you are a father of a child.
Aadarsh: who said that a father can’t romance his wife.
Parineta: slowly aadarsh ji. Swara and sanskar might hear.
Sanskar: bhabhi..actually I am planning to place some papads under their bedsheet.
Parineta: ( smiles) good idea.
After struggling for one hour, they finally decorated the room.

laksh sees uttara’s disappointed face.
Laksh: what happened to my sister. She is not looking good like this.
Uttara: don’t talk to me bhayya. Noone likes me.
Laksh: I think you will talk with me after seeing this.
Uttara lifted her head and saw dairymilk celebrations in his hand. She immediately grabbed it.
Uttara: thank-you so much bhayya.
Parineta: enough of brother and sister love..laksh take ragini to your room.
Ragini and laksh entered into their bedroom. It was fully decorated with flowers and the room is filled with sweet fragernce. There is a dim light In the room which increased its beauty.
Laksh: I have never seen my room like this ragini. It is good..so good.
Ragini blushed and sat on the bed.

On the other hand,sanskar and parineta are waiting outside to listen the sounds.
Parineta: ( confused) what is this sanskar. No sound is heard from inside.
Sanskar: yeah bhabhi even I am waiting!
They heard swara giggling.
Swara: sorry to say but I have removed the papads. After all my ragini is happy after many months. I don’t want to spoil this moment.
Parineta: ( sighed) its okay. I still have tomorrow to tease your sister.
Saying this she left the place. Swara too let to her room. Sanskar received a phone call from his friend and is involved deeply in the conversation.
Laksh went near ragini and sat on his knees.
Laksh:( emotionally) this one year was like a hell for me ragini. Please never leave me alone. I will die..
Ragini: never say like that laksh. I too can’t resist myself without seeing you. It is in this one year I have realized it.
Laksh hugged ragini..

Sanskar entered his room after disconnecting the call. He is surprised to see the room decorated with candles and flowers.
Sanskar: ( smiles) aaj yeh swara to kuch zyada hi romantic ban gayi.
Swara: why sanskar?? Are you shocked seeing me like this..
Sanskar turned and saw her wearing the same saree which he gifted her in the morning. He slowly approached her.
Sanskar: you are looking beautiful in this saree.
Swara:( smiles) thank-you sanskar. Now close your eyes.
Sanskar:( confused) but why?
Swara: I want to gift something to my hubby.. Sanskar looked at swara’s empty hands. He then leaned to her..
Sanskar:( whispers) kiss!!
Swara:( blushes) close your eyes Mr. Maheswari
Sanskar closed his eyes and felt something touching his wrist. He then opened his eyes. It was a bracelet.
Swara: how is it?
Sanskar: ( looking at bracelet) till now I haven’t wore any bracelet but this one is really special to me. I love it..
Swara smiles.

Laksh broke the hug and leaned to kiss ragini. Ragini closed her eyes in shy. Laksh slowly approached her. Her heart started beating loudly and quickly.
Laksh was about to kiss but moved back.
Laksh: ragini!
She opened her eyes.
Laksh: you will not scold me If I kiss you now..I mean you did it last time. So I am scared
Ragini pushed laksh. Laksh has fallen down and ragini followed him. They both had an intense eyelock. Their eyelock broke when a book has fallen in ragini’s head..
Ragini: oh! I forgot to give this to you laksh.
She said giving him the book.
Laksh:( confused) but what is this?
Saying this laksh sat in the bed.
Ragini: your gift laksh.
She kissed him on the cheek and ran to washroom..
Laksh:( smiles) crazy girl.

Swara: I thought that bhabhi will ask laksh to carry ragini in his arms but she didn’t.
Sanskar: yeah..but they have pranked us many a times on our wedding night.
Swara: but why will always a boy lifts a girl
Sanskar:( smiles at her innocence) because you girls are not as strong as us.
Swara became angry listening him..before he could say anything,swara lifted him up in her arms.
Sanskar:( shocked) s..w.a.ra!! Leave me. What are you doing?
Swara: you said that we girls are not strong enough to lift a boy. So I am just trying to prove it wrong.
Sanskar:( pleading voice) please leave me swara. We both are going to fall down.
Swara: trust me sanskar. Nothing is going to happen. Saying this, she tried to move forward but slipped her leg and both of them fallen down.
Swara:( in pain) ouch! My ankle
Sanskar:( laughs) see you girls are not strong.
Swara: instead of laughing like this., you can help me in getting up.
Sanskar gave his hand to her and she stood up but is unable to move forward because of pain in her ankle .
Swara: ( in pain) I think I got a sprain in my ankle.
Sanskar looks on.

Laksh opened the first page of the book and saw his photo sticked to it. He then opened another page
**I don’t why but I am really missing you laksh. Your separation is paining me more than my dumbness. Right away I wanted to come back to Kolkata and scream infront of you that I love you but I am not that destined girl. I don’t want you to feel me a burden**.
He randomly opened another page.
** today is karvachauth laksh. Every girl is happy with their husband. If everything was right then I would have been fasting for your long life. I really miss you laksh.**.
Tears occupied his eyes. He opened another page
** I met riya today. She said me about the pain you are going through but she doesn’t know that i can feel and understand your pain by myself. I don’t need anyone to express about you. I tried my best to forget you in these eight months. The every moment when I thought to forget you, I had once again fallen in love with you..finally I understood that I cannot separate you from myself but I hate you for making me to love you so much**
Laksh closed the book emotionally. Tears were rolling down from his eyes.
Ragini came out of the washroom after changing her clothes. She saw laksh staring out through the window and approached him.
Ragini:( in low voice) did you read it laksh?
Laksh: ( turned to her) why did you hide your love for me ragini.. Even After knowing that you can’t do it.
Ragini: ( emotionally) because I didn’t want you to suffer. Doctor has informed that there are 50-50 chances for me to gain my voice back. It’s okay if I gain but what if I will become dumb for my life time. This thought made to separate myself from you. I didn’t want you to live your life with a dumb girl.
Laksh:( smiled sadly) so this is what you have understood me ragini. Listen to me once..I am and will be happy with you always. I don’t bother about the pain or the happiness or the hatred you give to me. All I want is your thoughts. I will be happy that thinking that atleast you were the reason for my thoughts. I love you so much sweet heart.
Ragini became emotional and hugged laksh.
Ragini: ( teary eyed) I love you too laksh.
Laksh broke the hug.
Laksh:( teasingly) you look very cute when you cry but even more cute when you blush.
Ragini blushes listening to him.
Laksh:( wipes her tears) please ragini. Don’t cry. I promise that I will never let you cry from now onwards. Smile..
Ragini smiles.
Laksh: that’s like my ragu.
Saying this laksh came close to her. Ragini’s heart once again started beating fast. This time she is able to listen her own heart beat.
laksh lifted her in his arms and carried to the bed.
Lights off
Sanskar takes swara’s ankle in his hands and starts applying medicine.
Swara:( uncomfortable) please sanskar. I don’t like you touching my feet.
Saying this, she tried to move her leg back but sanskar holded it tightly
Sanskar:( angry voice) who has asked you to lift me up and create a mess here. See how badly you are hurt.
Swara stares at him with full of affection.
Sanskar: why are you staring me like that!.
Swara:( smiles) now a days my SANSKAR is becoming so responsible. I just love it but I really miss my old sanskar.
Sanskar:( teasingly) so you wanna see him.
Swara looked at him in confusion.
Sanskar: ( winks) I will make you understand
Saying this he started tickling her.
Swara:( laughs) no sanskar. This is not fair. Leave me .
Sanskar: ( smiles) no way !!
Swara:( teasingly) okay then try to escape me
Swara too stated tickling him. They both started laughing loudly but didn’t stop their work.
Screen freezes at swara and sanskar laughing.

PRECAP: Aadarsh noticed a lipstick mark( a small one) on laksh’s neck. Swara finds a guitar in the storeroom.

Credit to: Sree harini

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