SWARAGINI- Limitless love ( Episode 54)

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Swara ran towards ragini and hugged her.
Ragini: thank-you so much didi for coming. I was missing you badly.
Swara: don’t worry dear! Your sister is with you.
Swaragini smiles.
Sumi:( shouts) ragini! Get ready fast maheswaris have come.
Ragini started blushing.
Swara: ragini!! Don’t blush too much that you are going to faint because if it.
Ragini:( blushes) didi!
Swara and ragini come down. Laksh is stunned to see ragini.
Laksh:( to himself) oh my god! Her beauty is increasing day by day. I think a beautiful sculpture had designed you accidentally. Your beauty is driving me crazy girl..
Ragini came and sat beside laksh.
Swara: ragini!come here once.

Ragini: ha didi.
Saying this she went to swara. Meanwhile sanskar and aadarsh gestured laksh to kiss her. Laksh turned round and saw ragini sitting alone doing something. He slowly approached her from the back. Ragini didn’t notice him. He was about to kiss her cheeks but ragini moved from there. Sanskar and aadarsh started laughing.
Parineta: sharmista ma!
Sumi: ha beta! Do you need anything?
Parineta: a glass of milk ma.. To feed pratik.
Sumi gave her milk.
Swara: attention ladies and gentlemen. Here is a small competition for my devar. He must find his name in my sisters mehindi
Ragini stood in front of laksh.
Uttara: ( hearing the announcement) parineta bhabhi..come on. Let’s go. We will do some masti there.
Parineta: sorry uttara. I must feed pratik. You go and enjoy the party..
Laksh opened his mouth looking at ragini’s hand.
Laksh:( in a low voice) sanskar!! Please give me an idea to succeed.
Sanskar: how would I know it lucky.

Laksh: so without knowing anything ,you have won the competition on your marriage day?
Sanskar:( smiles) use your brain laksh. It will be easy.
Uttara:( teasing) that is what he don’t have sanskar bhayya.
Laksh holds uttara’s ear.
Uttara:( in pain) ouch! Leave me bhai
Swara: Mr. Devar ji…we are getting late.
Laksh:( to himself) I can see only lines here. Oh God please help me.
He has searched for more than 10 minutes.
Ragini:( irritated) laksh ji. Will you finish it today?
Laksh:( happiness) yipee! I got it. Here it is.
Ragini smiled.
Everyone enjoyed the dances.
Sanskar: lucky..I think you forgot our bet.
Laksh: oh God! You still remembered it!.
Sanskar:( teasingly) I won’t forget it so soon.
Laksh looked around and saw ragini who is involved in repairing a flower vase.
Ragini: yeah! Perfect…a smile decorated her face….suddenly her eyes widened in surprise. She felt something touching her cheek and dropped the vase out of fear.
She slowly turned and saw laksh standing there. Then she realised that he kissed her. She looked around. Noone noticed them as everyone was busy in their work
Sumi:( hearing the breakage of vase) what happened dear.

Ragini:( collecting the words) ma..actually..the vase..slipped from my hand.
Sumi:( smiles) be care ful
Mean while laksh turned to sanskar and aadarsh and gave a victorious smile.
Ragini dragged him to a corner place without anyone noticing .
Ragini:( angry) what are you doing laksh?
Laksh:( in a low voice) didn’t you enjoy that moment.
Ragini:( blushes) laksh!! This is not the matter of romance.
Laksh:( smiles) actually it was a bet. Sanskar and aadarsh bhai has asked me to do this.
Ragini: so for the first time my looser won.
Laksh: looser! You mean I am a looser.
Ragini: any doubt?
Laksh: I must prove myself now..( thinks for a while) okay then.. Tomorrow morning is our haldi. Generally bride and groom are not allowed to face each other..but tomorrow I will come to your house and will apply haldi.
Ragini:( smiles) you…come to my house and apply haldi..no way.
Laksh: yes. The one who applies haldi first is going to be the winner.
Ragini: done.
Sanskar: all the best laksh!
Laksh: thank-you sanskar. Please inform me if anyone comes to her room.
Sanskar: sure!
Laksh slowly entered the room. He looked room but didn’t found anyone.
Laksh: what is this? No one is here. I think everyone are busy in haldi function
Saying this he went inside a wardrobe and started waiting for ragini. Laksh heard the sound of the door opening

Laksh: come in ragini. I am going to win today.
As soon as the cupboard opened, laksh with full excitement shouted ragini’s name.
Laksh: I won ragini……( opened mouth) bh..abhi!!
Swara:( confused and angry) laksh! What are you doing here.
Laksh: bhabhi..woh…
Sanskar:( shouted from down) laksh!! How much time you want to complete such a simple task?
Swara: oh! So your brother is also here.
Laksh: sorry bhabhi!
Swara:( firm voice) swara!
Laksh: whatever. Actually your sister has challenged me saying that whoever applies haldi first will be the winner. Please help me bhabhi.
Swara: so sorry devar ji. This time I will support my sister.
Ragini who came into the room is shocked seeing laksh.
Ragini:( surprised) laksh! What are you doing here?
Laksh shows his hands which had haldi.

Ragini: so you took it seriously..sorry laksh. You need to go now.
Laksh:( confused) but…
Before he could speak anything, ragini pushed him out of the room.
Laksh came to sanskar with disappointed face.
Sanskar:( worried) what happened lucky? Anything serious?
Laksh explained him everything.
Sanskar:( smiles) uttara Is right laksh. You really don’t have brain.
Laksh: bhai!
Sanskar:( still laughing) sorry laksh.
Laksh: ( in firm voice) sanskar..you leave to MANISON and handle the situation there. I won’t leave this girl now.
Sanskar left the place.
Everything is ready for ragini’s haldi. Ragini came downstairs along with swara in light orange lehenga.
Sumi: come beta! Sit here.
Everyone started applying haldi to her. A women came to her and applied haldi to her. Ragini is shocked to see her.

Laksh:( winks) so sweet heart! I won
Ragini is still in surprise while laksh went from there. Ragini started smiling.
Swara:( to herself) what had happened to this girl…she turned back and saw laksh running…this guy is really crazy.
Annapurna: where were you laksh. Get ready fast. We are getting late for haldi ceremony.
Laksh came back and haldi ceremony ended.
Laksh called ragini
Laksh: ( victorious smile) so tell me ragini. Will you accept me as a winner?
Ragini:( smiles) no laksh! You are always a looser.
Laksh:( confused) what!
Ragini: just touch the backside of your neck laksh
Laksh placed his hand on neck.
Ragini: do you feel anything wet there?
Laksh: yeah!
Ragini: I won laksh.
Laksh is surprised to see haldi. As far as he remembered, noone applied haldi at that place.
Ragini: I have applied it when I pushed you out of my room.
Laksh: till now I thought you were innocent but you are smart.
Ragini smiles. Laksh too joined her.
Sanskar entered the room and swara standing in front of the mirror. He went to her and hugged her from back.
Sanskar: ( whispers) happy wedding anniversary Mrs. Maheswari!
Swara:( blushes) to you too Mr. Maheswari.
Swara turned towards him.
Swara:( makes a face) but your wife is not happy now.
Swara: because her husband has not gifted anything to her.

Sanskar:( confused) what! I have gifted you a saree.
Swara: that is for evening..
Sanskar: then what do you want now.
Swara:( in a low voice) you know it very well.
Sanskar smiled and kissed her forehead. Later he gave her a gift pack.
Swara:( smiles) one more gift!!
Sanskar:( affectionate voice) open it.
Swara opened the saree and is really shocked as it was the same saree which she asked sanskar to buy.
Swara:( hugging sanskar) thank-you so much Mr. Maheswari. You always read my heart.
Swara: let me do this ragini!
Ragini: but it doesn’t look good didi

Swara: chup! Your didi knows everything.
Saying this she decorated ragini’s head with heavy maang tika.
Swara:( smiles) perfect!
Then they hear baarat.
Swara:( smiles) I think Lakshya has come.
Ragini blushes.
Swara went down. She was wearing the red saree which sanskar has shopped for her. Sanskar is stunned seeing swara.
Sanskar:( to himself) oh God! Why will you create such beautiful girls on this earth.. She is really cute in this saree.
Swara:( to herself) sanskar!! You are looking damn hot in this red sherwani. How can a boy look so cute like this. I have once again fallen for you.
Swara came and sat beside sanskar. Laksh’s eyes were searching for ragini.
Swara:( smiles) whom are you searching devar ji?
Laksh:( smiles) no one.
Sanskar: lier
Swara: come with me if you want to see her.
She took him into the hall. Laksh opened his eyes seeing dozen girls standing in front of him who were dressed alike and their faces are covered with veil
Swara:( teasingly) so you must find you bride.
Laksh looks helplessly at sanskar.

Sanskar:( smiles) an interesting test swara.
Swara blindfolded laksh.
Swara: go and find your lady laksh.
Laksh:( to himself) how can a person be able to find another one when he is blindfolded
It happens only in stories but I can’t go back even…he slowly started walking and suddenly stopped hearing some girl breathing heavily…I think this is ragini. Yes because if tension,she is breathing heavily but let me confirm… He slowly placed his hands on the girl. They were cool…( smiles) here is my girl.
Swara and sanskar: ( surprised) perfect laksh. Swara untied the cloth. As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw ragini blushing.
Laksh:( to himself) thank god for making my mind to work…he saw ragini..how beautiful you are. One day I am going to become mad because of your prettiness.
Ragini:( to herself) I thought you won’t find me laksh but you did it. I am impressed laksh and one more thing..you are looking hot..oops handsome in this sherwani. Come on ragini..what are you saying.
She smiled to her self for the thoughts.

Pandit ji: I request bride and groom to take their places.
Durga Prasad: ji pandit ji… Laksh, ragini take your seats.
Sumi:( teary eyed) I am really happy shekar ji. Our daughters are really lucky to have such loving husbands.
Shekar:( looking at raglak) yes sharmista. They are lucky.
Ragini and laksh sat in mandap. Ragini looked around but didn’t find swara.
Ragini: jiju..where is swara didi?
Sanskar looked around..
Sanskar: don’t worry ragini. I will bring her.
Saying this he went to swaragini bedroom.
Sanskar: swara!! Swara!!
He felt someone hugging him from back.
Sanskar:( smiles) so you are here.
Swara: hmm

Sanskar: ( turned her towards him) come on swara. Ragini is waiting for you.
Swara:( in low voice) let her wait.
Sanskar is surprised to see swara in romantic mood. Swara slowly started walking towards him and he too went back and finally she pinned him to the wall.
Sanskar: what is this swara. Everyone are waiting for us..
Swara:( places her hand on his lips) shh.. Let me see my husband. He is damn cute today.
Sanskar:( smiles) swara!!
Swara leaned to kiss him
Sanskar: the door is open swara. Anyone might come
Swara: ( husky voice) let them. As far as I know, romancing husband is not a crime.
Sanskar: ( smiles) when my wife is not blushing then why will I?
He too leaned to kiss her.

Sharmista:( shouts) swara! Where are you beta! Come down.
Swara::( irritated) ha ma! … For the first time I became romantic but..
Sanskar smiles and they both came down. Ragini smiles seeing swara.
Pandit ji: both of you stand up and take pehras.
Raglak started taking pheras. Everyone were showering flowers on them..swasan memorised their marriage.
Pandit ji: now..laksh make her wear this mangalsuthra.
Laksh did the same staring into ragini’s eyes. Pandit ji: fill the bride maang with sindoor. Laksh took the sindoor and looked at ragini who became red because of shy. Laksh slowly applied sindoor on her maang. A tear if affection escaped ragini’s eye.
Pandit performed some pooja and finally declared that marriage has finished.
Ragini and laksh got up and went to durga Prasad and Annapurna.
Dp and ap: God bless you my children. Be happy always.
Shekar and sharmista: I wish that God always keep your jodi happy.

Dadaji and dadi: never make my princess to cry laksh. Keep smiling all the time.
They were about to touch feet of swara and sanskar but sanskar lifted laksh and hugged him.
Sanskar: this is what you must do laksh. Touching my feet is too fimly. Wish you happy married life.
Swara: even I agree with you sanskar and ragini..become expressive from now.. Ragini smiled.
Ragini:( placing her hand on her forehead) I forgot something.
Swara:( confused) what?
Ragini hugged swara: happy anniversary didi. Swara: thank-you dear.
Laksh:( winks at sanskar) to you too bhayya.
Screen freezes at swara,Ragini,laksh and sanskar’s smiling faces.

PRECAP- Ragini comes close to laksh while swara lifts sanskar in her arms.


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