SWARAGINI- Limitless love ( Episode 53)

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Everyone are eagerly waiting for ragini to speak..ragini took a deep breath and tried to speak but of no use. She tried it for three to four times but managed only to blow air from her mouth.
Doctor: I am sorry Mr. Durga Prasad. As mentioned earlier, there is only 50% chance that she can gain her voice but I think it didn’t work ..
Everyone are shocked listening this.
Swara:( tears in her eyes) no! This cannot happen.
Sanskar tried to console her.
Laksh is also shocked listening this but he took ragini’s hand in his.
Laksh:( emotionally) ragini!!
She looked at him.
Laksh: my love towards you is pure and genuine. It will never change and is not all affected by your dumbness. Don’t worry ragini. We may fail this time but not always….his eyes were filled with tears….you are always the queen of my heart.
Saying this he downed his head to his knees.
Annapurna:( emotionally) ha beta. Don’t feel bad. We will try again.
Sumi’s eyes are filled with tears. She carressed ragini’s head and moved to the corner of the room crying.
Ragini took a glance at the dull and crying faces of both the families. She then slowly placed her other hand on laksh’s forehead emotionally.
Laksh looked up in surprise.
Laksh is unable to believe his ears. Swara jumped out of excitement and hugged sanskar.
Sanskar:( embrassed) swara!
Swara:( leaving sanskar) sorry
Sumi: ragini!!
Ragini:( happy) ha ma! You are not dreaming. I am able to talk.
Swara and sumi came running to ragini and hugged her tightly. Ragini’s hands are in still laksh’s hands and he is still shocked.
Ragini: why are you staring me like that laksh.
Laksh is out of words.
Ragini: this is my rebirth laksh and I wanted to take your name first.
Everyone were moved by her words.
Doctor: for a second, I thought that we failed in operation but it became successful.
Ragini came home after three days. She is about to step inside but her dadi interrupted.
Dadi: wait a minute lado.
Saying this,she went inside and came back with a glass of holy water.
Dadi:( sprinkling on ragini) I don’t want any bad eye to destroy your happiness.
Ragini smiled and entered the house.
Swara:( widened eyes) sanskar!! Did you observe this.
Sanskar: what?
Swara:( showing him the wedding card) ragini is getting married to laksh on our wedding anniversary.
Sanskar:( happy) seriously!!
Swara:( happy) yeah sanskar.
They both smiled looking at each other.
Laksh: good morning ma!
Sumi:( surprised) what are you doing here laksh?
Laksh: just came to meet ragini ma.
Sumi:( smiles) she is in her room.
Laksh literally ran to her room.he is stunned seeing her in pink anarkali suit. She was looking damn beautiful.
Ragini: laksh!
Laksh:( smiles) yeah ragini! I came to see you and by the way get ready for our marriage. It is after three days.
Ragini: so you are here to remind me about my marriage??
Laksh: ( winks) yes!
Ragini: but I don’t want to marry you laksh.
Laksh:( shocked) what!
Ragini: you heard it correctly. I don’t want to marry laksh.
Laksh:don’t say like that ragini. It’s paining me.
Ragini: sorry laksh but I love lucky!
Laksh:( irritated) lucky…( widened eyes) lucky. Ragini did you take my name??
Ragini: yes I loved the person who was really naughty. He always made me smile…sometimes used to flirt me even. He used to do mischievous things to make me smile but I don’t know you laksh. You are so matured and calm and see you have a beard even.
Laksh smiled while touching his beard.
Ragini: bring back my old lucky laksh. I want to marry him.
Laksh: ( teasingly)sure ragini. I will search for him and i will promise you that you will marry him only.
Ragini smiled.
Parineta: arey sanskar! Why didn’t you become ready till now?
Sanskar:( confused) for what!
Uttara:( smiles) for shopping bhayya.
Sanskar:( widened eyes) no way!
Uttara:( makes a face) please bhayya. You are the world’s best brother and I know that you won’t reject your sister.
Sanskar: don’t try to convince me uttara. I am not interested in all those things. Oh my god!! You all will be busy in shopping there and I must sit in a corner place like a child who is separated from his parents.
Swara: why are you denying her request sanskar. Come with us. It will be fun.
Sanskar: fun!!!
Annapurna: sanskar beta! Come on we are getting late
Sanskar: ji badi ma.
Sanskar looked helplessly at swara while uttara and parineta started giggling.
It has been more than three hours that both the families entered the shopping mall. Ladies were busy in shopping while their husbands were busy in praising their selections.
Sanskar: ( disappointed) boring!!
Swara:( excited) what are doing here sanskar. Come and join with us.
Sanskar: I am not interested. By the way till where did you complete the shopping.
Swara: almost finished Mr. Maheswari. Ragini is selecting her dresses
Sanskar stood up.
Swara: what happened sanskar. Why did you stand up?
Sanskar:( smiles) hmm.. I want to purchase a gift for my wife.
Swara:( widened eyes) really.
Sanskar nodded in yes.
Salesman: which type of dresses do you want sir.
Sanskar: not dresses..sarees
Swara:( disappointed) what sarees.
Sanskar:( looking at the sarees) what! Do you want me to gift a one piece
Swara nodded in no. She turned to sarees and her eyes stopped at a baby pink coloured saree.
Swara:( happy) wow sanskar. This saree is so beautiful. I want this one.
Sanskar: I didn’t like it swara. And this my gift okay. So I will choose the one of my choice.
After seeing many sarees, sanskar finally selected a red designer one.
On the other hand, ragini is selecting her sarees.
Laksh:( irritated) offo!! These are so traditional and old model. Please select some designer pieces ragini.
Ragini: I am comfortable with this laksh.
Laksh: look at swara bhabhi.. She always selects new fashion.I think you must take her advice in selecting.
Ragini: laksh! This is my marriage.so let me select.
After seeing many sarees, she too selected few of them but laksh didn’t like them.
Laksh: but one condition ragini!
Ragini: what!
Laksh: I will select your wedding dress.
Ragini smiled

Swara: piyush bhayya!!
Piyush: ha swara!
Swara: please go to the market bhayya. Mehindi aunty is waiting there.
Piyush: okay dear.
Sumi: ( shouts) swara!! Help ragini on getting ready dear.
Swara: ji ma.
She went upstairs.
Ragini is trying to tie the knot of her blouse.
Ragini: oh didi..you are here. Please help me in tying it.
Swara:( ties the knot)you must get used to this ragini. How will you manage in your sasural.
Ragini: no need to worry didi. You are there for me.
Swara: you are looking beautiful today.
Ragini blushes.
Sanskar: swara!
Swara:( shocked) what are you doing here Mr. Mah….sanskar.
Sanskar: everyone are waiting for you. Come down. Bring ragini along with you.
Swaragini reached the hall.
Piyush: yeh lo swara! Here is your mehindi aunty.
Swara makes ragini sit..mehindi aunty stars applying mehindi.

Swara drags sanskar to a corner place.
Swara: so Mr..maheswari!what are you doing here.
Sanskar:( smiles) why? Am I not allowed to come here.
Swara: nothing like that but..
Sanskar:( in a low voice) shh..bahut bolti ho tum. I came here to meet my wife.. You know what..I am just addicted to her.
Swara blushes listening to him.
Mehindi aunty: so ragini..tell me the bride grooms name.
Ragini:( blushes) LA..lak.
Swara: lakshya..lakshya aunty.
Sumi: arey swara..come here. You too apply mehindi.
Swara say in front of mehindi aunty
Mehindi aunty: so whose name should I wrote on your hand?
Swara:( looking at sanskar) sa..
She tried to say his name but because of shyness not even a single word came out of her mouth.
Ragini:( confused ) didi..you are blushing as if it is you who is getting married day after tomorrow.
Everyone smiled.

Swara:( composed herself) sanskar!!
Sanskar stared at swara with full of affection.
Ragini smiles seeing laksh’s name on her hand.
Dadi: piyush beta! Please bring swara from MAHESWARI MANISON.
Piyush: ji dadi..I will bring her.
Ragini is weraing a pink lehenga with floral green chunni. She looks her self into the mirror.
Ragini:( blushes) more 24 hours ragini…you will become ragini Lakshya maheswari from ragini shekar gadodia.
Laksh is standing in front of the mirror and is adjusting his blue colour sherwani.
Aadarsh: ( coughs) sanskar!! Someone has become look conscious here.see how he is looking himself in the mirror.
Sanskar: bhai! Leave our lucky today. After all he is getting married.
Aadarsh: you won’t tease anyone and will not allow us to tease even.
Laksh:( blushes) please bhayya. Stop it.
Sanskar:( irritated ) it really looks awkward when a boy blushes. So stop blushing!
Aadarsh:( teasing) boy!! Laksh!! I don’t think that he is a boy. Look at the way he is blushing.
Laksh:( angry) I know who I am and you both no need to judge me.
Sanskar: you know to become angry even. Atleast our lucky has grown up.
Sanskar hugs Laksh and kisses him on his forehead .
Laksh: are you okay?? I mean why did you kiss me on my forehead.
Sanskar:( something flashed in his mind) I am fine laksh and I kissed with affection.
Swara: sanskar ji!! I was searching for you in the whole MANISON.
Sanskar is stunned seeing swara in baby pink lehenga with white chunni.
Sanskar:( trying to hide his emotions)why?

Swara: I am leaving to BAADI as my sister needs me.
Sanskar: hmm..( turned to laksh) so lucky..I have a bet for you..
Laksh: ( surprised) what!
Aadarsh understood SANSKAR’S intention.
Aadarsh: first of all promise us that you will participate in it
Laksh: okay but what should I do?
Swara:( smiles) aadarsh bhayya! Why are teasing him?

Piyush: oh swara.. You are here.
Swara: Hi bhayya..let’s go.
Piyush: you go and sit in the car. I will come after five minutes.
Swara left the place.
Piyush: I think you both are planning something aganist my sister.
Sanskar and aadarsh taken aback.
Sanskar:( smiles) a small bet
Aadarsh: the bet is that our bridegroom is going to kiss his love infront of the family.
Laksh’s mind went blank in shock.
Laksh:( surprised) what is this bhayya. I won’t do this.
Sanskar: you have promised laksh.
Laksh: but.. Why do you want me to do this.
Sanskar:( smiles) revenge laksh..do you remember the selfie prank that you played on me!!
Laksh remembers how he pranked sanskar on his wedding day.
Piyush:( teasingly) I think it would be interesting if it will be a fren…
Laksh: stop it. I am ready for your bet .
Saying this he went out of the room.the trio bursted out laughing
Screen freezes at sanskar,aadarsh and piyush.

PRECAP- ragini and laksh marriage.

Credit to: Sree harini


  1. jaf

    Awsome 1! Really relaxing and out of those tragedy that is shown in the serial!
    Agar sach mein serial mein vi kuch aisa achha ho jaye!!……….

    • Sree harini

      I too wish the same but they don’t show it dear.and from now you won’t find any tragedy episodes.

  2. Daisy

    Hey shrew…. Thanx yaar…. U r only1 who posts often…. I like it. I think ur ff s gonna end. No problems…. U ll still b remembered… N ur ff too.. Thanx again
    ….. Pls post some more by today if possible..

  3. Taiana

    Rocking upload dear… Finally ragini got her voice…. I really luved raglak hospital scenes n the part where ragini says that she don’t want marry laksh n luvs lucky who was naughty it was very nyc… I also lik that old lucky….;) happy to read back to back 2 ff…:D if possible upload the next part today itself dear…..

    • Sree harini

      Don’t worry about the updates dear. I am going to give you that of my fiction. I have uploaded the next one even. You may get each episode in the time span of 6hrs. Keep reading.

  4. Ni words to praise u sree… i ws laughing my self while reding last para… ur ff ws super dooper awesome cool epi.. loved it.. im happy ur getting better… dont strain ur leg.. and u rocked today…

  5. Vini

    I loved it dear,have missed many episodes,should have read,beautiful, feel good one,many nice n cute moments, keep writing,it s excellent…

  6. Ahsin

    hey Sree loved ur writing dear…..
    i think raglak moments r missing lyk they met after 8mnths there were no such talks..

    • Sree harini

      Thank-you dear.actually the marriage was fixed three months before. So everything is going fast but you will find their talk in the upcoming episodes.

  7. sindhuja

    wow!!! awesome yaar!!! love you dear for making piyush work for the marriage and everyone is saying, piyush do this and that… seems like he became a part of their happy family… eagerly waiting for the prank to be played on laksh’s wedding night like swasan’s… 😉 be happiee!!!

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