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Everyone landed in kolkata airport.
Ragini:( to herself) I am back…I am back to my city but this time with lots of happiness.
Laksh:( to himself) thank-you JAIPUR for taking care my darling and I love you KOLKATA..actually I have many reasons.. Ragini is born here,I met her in this city, I have engaged her and now getting married to her .I am really thankful. .
Laksh:( shouts) I love you KOLKATA!!.
Everyone are shocked listening him.
Sanskar:( confused) lucky! Are you okay.
Laksh: ( smiles) perfectly alright bhai. You no need to worry
Swara: I think he became mad.
Laksh:( makes s face) bhabhi..
Swara: swara!! I said you many a times to call me swara. I am younger to you laksh.
Laksh:( rolling his eyes)okay.

Gadodia family entered BAADI and became emotional. Ragini went to her room and dusted the study table.
Ragini:( to herself) I am back to my place. This room has seen all my emotions. I really missed it a lot…she approached window and remembered the night of her birthday where she started playing sitar at midnight to save laksh…at that time I never thought that I will love you this much Laksh. I didn’t even had an idea that I will be this crazy for you..but destiny is really smart. It made me fall for you.
A smile decorated her face.

Annapurna:( teary eyed) thank-you riya. You brought my laksh back. Thank-you so much.
Riya:(smiles) no ma!! Please don’t make me high by saying thank-you. I did what was in my hands.
Laksh: I am sorry piyush. I have behaved rudely that day.
Piyush: its okay laksh. Infact I must say sorry for what I did with ragini .
Laksh understood his words and smiled back.
Riya: okay ma! I need to go.. Bye..
Sanskar: riya!! I need to talk to you.
Riya: what jiju??
Sanskar: not here.. In private.
Riya: okay.
They both went out. Laksh too followed them suspiciously.
Sanskar: do you love laksh?
Riya:( confused) what!
Sanskar: don’t try to act. I can seen your love on your eyes.
Riya: yes..I loved him but not now. I accept that I have fallen for his flirty words when I met him for the first time. But I am sure that I wouldn’t have sacrificed him as ragini did. She loves him truly.convey my regards to the couple.
Sanskar: ( surprised) why? Are you not attending the wedding?.
Riya:( in a plain voice) no jiju. I have some important meetings.
Riya left the place with teary eyed.sanskar sighed..laksh was listening to their conversation by hiding behind the wall.
Laksh:( to himself) I am sorry for hurting you riya but I can never accept someone in place of ragini..

Durga Prasad:I really feel bad for ragini shekar ji..
Shekar:( sighed) yes..it was a game of destiny.
Durga Prasad: but I loved the way you all supported her.
Just then ragini came downstairs. She greeted everyone by folding her hands. Annapurna approached ragini and placed her hand on ragini’s forehead.
Annapurna: laksh is really lucky to have a life partner like. You are so matured ragini. I am sure that you will become his happiness.
Ragini smiled.
Durga Prasad: one more thing shekar ji..I want ragini to get treated for her dumbness.
SHEKAR’S eyes widened.
Shekar: but..
Durga Prasad: don’t worry about cost. I will manage. After all I am doing for this my daughter’s welfare.
Shekar: my daughter is lucky to have a father in law like you.
Ragini is tensed..
Annapurna: don’t get tensed ragini. Everything happens for a reason.

Sanskar: what is her condition doctor?
Doctor: well Mr. Maheswari.. Due to accident, some of the nerves got damaged. I may not assure that she will be able to speak after operation.
Ram Prasad: its okay doctor. We are hoping for the best.
Shekar: yes doctor!
Doctor: fine! Then please sign on these papers.
Shekar signed the papers.
Durga Prasad: so when will do the operation?
Doctor: tomorrow.
Everyone smiled.
Ragini was admitted in the hospital and is getting operated in the theatre. After few hours, doctor came out.
Laksh:( worried) how is she doctor?
Doctor:( sighed) well, operation was successful but she is to be kept under observation for two months and after that…
Sumi: after that..
Doctor: we will get to know the result of this operation.
Laksh: sure doctor. We will take care of her.
Swara: ma! I will stay here tonight.
Shekar: no need swara! I will stay with ragini.
Laksh: if you don’t mind then I will stay papa. Please.
Shekar: but…
Laksh:( pleading voice) please…
Shekar nodded .

Swara and sanskar are in their room.
Swara: everything is becoming normal sanskar.
Sanskar: yes swara and after many days, I felt like my swara is back.
Swara:( smiles) what do you mean by that?
Sanskar: this smile which was lost from your face..
Swara looks on.

Laksh is sitting beside ragini.her hands were in his.
Laksh: few more months ragu. You will be back..I will get my ragini back with the same innocent smile.
Ragini slowly opened her eyes.
Laksh: do you need something?
Ragini nodded in no.just then laksh received a call from one of his friends and went into the corridor to attend it.
Laksh:( on phone) I am bit busy dude. Will call you later. Bye!!
He came inside the room after disconnecting the call is surprised to see the empty bed. He then saw ragini coming out of the washroom.
Laksh:( angry) what is the need for you to go alone?
Ragini made a confused face.
Laksh:( angry) I mean who gave you the permission to go alone. I am here to help you that doesn’t mean that you can do whatever you want.
Ragini smiled at his angry face and slept on bed.
Laksh:( angry) I am shouting here and you are smiling….how mean ragini!
Ragini grabbed laksh’s mobile and typed something. She then gave it back to laksh.
Laksh started reading it.
Laksh:sorry laksh. I can understand your feelings and emotions and I am really happy for your concern but washroom is a place where noone takes others help. I think you got it. So now please shut up your mouth and sleep.
Laksh:( in a low voice) sorry!!
Ragini smiled again . laksh turn off the light and they both slept peacefully.

Sujatha:( irritated) offo sanskar!! Where is swara?
Sanskar: may be in our room mom.
Sujatha: we are getting late sanskar. Call her down.
Parineta:( smiles) arey chachi. Don’t get tensed. We will reach in time.
Annapurna: ( smiles) ha sujatha! Laksh informed that doctor will remove the bandages from ragini’s neck after our arrival. So don’t get tensed.
Sujatha: anyhow call your wife sanskar.
Sanskar:( smiles) okay ma!

Swara:( to herself) come on swara! You are already late.
She is arranging the clothes of sanskar in the wardrobe.
Swara:( to herself) this sanskar is becoming lazy day by day. see how he messed up his wardrobe.
Her eyes went on to a pink blazer and he memorised the day when she first time saw him in auditorium. He was wearing the same blazer.
Swara took the blazzer into her hands and wrapped around herself and stared dancing in the room thinking it to be sankar.
Sanskar opened the door and saw her dancing with his blazer.
Sanskar: ( confused) are you alright!?
Swara opened her eyes and looked at him
Swara:( embarrassing voice) actually..we are getting late sanskar. We need to go.
Saying this she left the room. Sanskar turned and started smiling seeing the blazer. Swara came back again.
Sanskar:( confused) what happened?
Swara is staring him.
Swara:( pointing towards his hair) never make a hair style of this type.
Sanskar:( placing hand on his hair) which one dear.
Swara: the messed one.
Sanskar:( teasingly) but why?
Swara: because….leave it! You will never understand.
Saying this she left the room. Sanskar started smiling at her.

Maheswari family and gadodia family are present. Everyone are eagerly waiting.
Doctor: so ragini..after unwrapping the bandages, you should try to talk. It has been three months now and I think that the time period is enough for your recovery. Hoping for the best.
Ragini nodded in yes. Nurse was unwrapping the bandages. Ragini closed her eyes.
Ragini:( to herself) may be..after few minutes, I will get back my voice. I will become normal once again. But what if the operation got failed!! I don’t fear now as laksh is with me. The way he took care of me in these three months proved his love for me and now its my turn to shower my love towards him.
Doctor: now slowly try to speak out!
Ragini opened her eyes and took a deep breath.
Everyone’s attention is in ragini now. Swara who is standing beside sanskar started biting he nails in tension. Laksh approached ragini and stood beside her. Sumi was already sitting beside ragini. Sumi placed her hand on ragini’s shoulder. Ragini felt encouraged by her touch and again took a deep breath.
Screen freezes at Ragini.

PRECAP- laksh took ragini’s hand in his and said that his love is not affected by her dumbness and closed his eyes in pain.

Credit to: Sree harini

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