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Sanskar: swara! Swara! Get up dear. It is already 7:00
Swara slowly opened her eyes and saw sanskar standing in front of her with two cups in his hand. Sanskar felt bad seeing swollen eyes of swara.
Sanskar:( in low voice) get fresh swara. We will have coffee together. I will be waiting for you.
Swara left to washroom to get fresh.

Laksh is standing in front of the mirror and is combing his hair.
Laksh: ragini is my past now. I must move on. As bhai said, leading a company in JAIPUR is a good opportunity for me to start a new life..he sighed…and I must make riya..my riya happy ..always.
He tried to compose himself,self motivate himself but his heart is not ready to accept any change. He can see ragini everywhere. When he roamed on the roads, he remembers about their meetings,whenever he is at home, he remembered their engagement,the fun on sanskar’s wedding night etc..but ragini never went out of his heart.
Riya came running and hugged him.laksh is shocked by her act but tried to hug her back.
Laksh: riya..what are doing here that too at early hours.
Riya: just came to see you.
Laksh: oh!! Actually I thought of calling you
Riya:( confused) but why?
Laksh: actually… I am leaving to Jaipur
Riya:( shocked) what!!
Laksh observed her tensed face.
Laksh: don’t worry riya. I will return before our wedding and I promise you that I will never let you cry..
Riya hugged him tightly listening it but this time laksh didn’t hug her as ragini occupied his mind.

Two days passed and ragini is recovered from fever. She is walking to her college..
Piyush: ragini!!
Ragini looked up and saw piyush standing in front of her. She ignored him.
Piyush: ragini. Please listen to me. Come with me ragini. Please meet laksh. Talk to him.
Ragini looked him in anger.
Piyush: don’t act foolish ragini. Be practical. Riya has manipulated him. I am sure that all the misunderstandings will be cleared if you meet him.
Ragini sighed and moved two steps and is shocked to see riya.
Riya:( smile) hello ragini.
Ragini:( to herself) nautanki.
Riya: . I have a news with me which will make you happy.
Piyush: stop talking rubbish riya..
Riya ignored him.
Riya: ragini..your love is getting married to someone special..
Ragini’s eyes widened anger.
Riya: why ragini?? Are you not happy for him? This was what you were wishing all the time.
Ragini:( to herself) may be riya but never expected this from you
Riya: leave it. Here is the wedding card dear. Open and see it.
Ragini:( to herself) no need riya. I am sure that it will be you
Ragini ignored her and tried to move but riya held ragini’s hand tightly and placed the card in her palm.
Ragini opened it emotionally and is hell shocked seeing it.
Piyush:( worried) ragini!! Please don’t loose your hope. I know that it will pain you a lot. After all your friend has deceived you.
He looked at riya in anger and approached ragini. He was also shocked seeing the wedding card.
The wedding card fell down from the hands of ragini and it was her name printed in the place of bride.
Ragini:( to herself) how can this happen? Am I dreaming.
Riya started laughing aloud.
Riya:( laughs) sorry ragini.. I am really sorry. I must have not played with your emotions but I didn’t had other way to unite you with laksh.
Piyush: ( confused) but..
Riya: I will clarify piyush. Let me talk first. I know that neither ragini is going to come back to Kolkata nor laksh will be able to forget her. So I played a small drama for this.
Annapurna: but why are you asking me to do this riya?
Riya: please ma. Just announce that you want me as your bahu. I can’t reveal anything right now but trust me..I am doing this for laksh’s happiness.
Annapurna: I am ready to do anything for my son’s happiness.
Riya: and that’s how I have started my plan. Actually I have seen your conversation in piyush’s mobile and determined to unite you both
Piyush: then why didn’t you inform me?
Riya: if I would have informed you..then for sure it would have been a flop. Think once piyush..you are here to convince ragini because you considered me as a cheater. Am I right?
Piyush nodded in yes . ragini is still shocked.
Riya: I thought that piyush will inform you about the marriage but he made my work easy by calling you that day….she approached ragini…laksh belongs to you ragini..he was yours and will be yours.
Tears rolled down from her eyes. Ragini turned back wiping her tears. Her heart started racing seeing the person standing infront of her.
Laksh:( emotionally) ragini!!
Now ragini is unable to resist her pain anymore. She ran towards him.
Laksh looked at her.
Laksh:( to himself) my ragini has not changed even a single bit. She is the same from day one.thank-you riya for gifting her. Thank-you so much.
He closed his eyes and something came in from of his eyes.
Riya hugged laksh but he didn’t respond.
Riya:( disappointed) why are you acting in front of me laksh?
Laksh:( in pain) I am not acting riya.
Riya: don’t lie laksh. I can see everything in your eyes. You are deceiving yourself laksh. You still love her today.
Laksh is unable to control his emotions now.
Laksh:( almost screams) yes.. I love her and I will love her..always.
Riya: then why are you showing off as if you have moved in your life?
Laksh:( tears in his eyes) I want to see my family happy. I tried to forget her but damn it..I can’t .
Riya:( happy) this is what I want to listen from you laksh. You know what…you are addicted to her but unaware of it. Go man..live you life with her.
Laksh:( disappointed) but I don’t know where she is??
Riya:( smiles) in the capital city of Rajasthan.
Laksh’s eyes widened in happiness.

Laksh opened his eyes. He too became teary eyed. After all he is seeing his love after eight months. His heart is jumping out of joy.
Laksh:( in a low voice) you might have forgot me..sorry tried to act as if you forgot but I didn’t forget my promise…he paused…ragu.
Ragini’s heart stooped bearing for a while listening to ‘ragu ‘.
Laksh continued: yes I remembered my promise to be with you at all the circumstances and I don’t think that this is a big one.I didn’t love you for your physical charm but for your inner beauty which made me spellbound. Your dumbness will never bother me but your absence will.let me be your voice…I LOVE YOU…I love you so much that I cannot think a day spending without you ..
Saying this, he bent on his kness and forwarded his hand. She saw him holding her engagement ring.
Laksh: will you return my life??.
Ragini looked him emotionally. Laksh’s was staring in her eyes and he got his answer from them.
Piyush and riya became teary eyed.
A girl’s voice:( angry) don’t accept him ragini!!!
Everyone turned in the direction of the voice and are shocked to see swara and sanskar walking towards them.
Ragini’s eyes widened in happiness.
Swara: don’t accept him ragini. You don’t deserve him.
Piyush:( shocked) what are you talking swara.
Swara: truth!
Riya: but .
Swara: let me finish riya ..she approached ragini…what is the happiness that you gained by paining us?.
Ragini is staring at swara’s eyes. She felt like her body may get burnt by her sisters anger.
Swara:( tears) how did you think that we will be happy without you? Leave about laksh..did you ever thought of your didi..the pain you gave her? We want you ragini..only you. Nothing else
Swara hugged ragini. Ragini wanted to scream. She wanted to fell on everyone’s feet and ask an apologize.
Swara: I love you ragini. Never leave me. Your sister is incomplete with out you. Swara is always incomplete without ragini..
Ragini started crying. A layer of guilt occupied her eyes.
Swara wiped ragini’s tears.
Swara: don’t worry dear. I am here to support you. Your didi is with you.
Laksh: enough of this drama now..ragini! We are leaving to Kolkata ..now
Ragini is surprised listening him.
Riya: yes ragini. We are leaving to Kolkata today..along with your family.
Swara:( in firm voice) where are ma?? Papa?? I want to meet them. I need to question them.
Ragini smiled.
Piyush: lets go swara. I will show you the way.
Everyone got into the car happily.

There is a knock at the door.
Dadi: sharmista!!
Sumi: ha ma.. I will see.
Sharmista opened the door is shocked to see swara standing in front of her. She became speechless.
Shekar:( shouts) who is that sumi…
He himself came to the hall as he didn’t get any answer. He is also equally surprised seeing swara.
Dadi: offo sumi..why are you….swara!!!
Swara:( angry) so you all remember me. That’s great!
Tears started falling from sumi’s eyes.
Sumi: we never forgot you dear.
Swara:( still angry) don’t act ma and please don’t say this type of words. They doesn’t sound good from you.
Shekar: but..try to understand.
Swara: why should I papa. Did anyone think about me..atleast once…no
Shekar: we were bound in ragini’s oath.
Swara: oath!! So you leave your elder daughter to her fate for your younger one.
Dadi: swara!!
Swara: enough dadi. You all once again proved that you love ragini more than me.
Sumi: ( teary eyed) no dear. Do you feel that we are happy by staying away from you. No….never.
Swara:( tears) ma!! Did you ever think that your daughter wanted you to be by her side. You never knew how badly she missed her family and you will never know in future even.
Sanskar was observing swara from the first but he didn’t tried to stop her because he wanted her to burst…to show,to express all the emotions that were paining her from the past eight months.
Swara: I miss you ma!! Life became miserable for me. I want you all back.
Saying this she hugged sharmista.shekar also joined them.
Swara: papa..you used to call me as your pride ..don’t you want to return to that….
Shekar:( interrupts) no dear…you will be my pride always…he gestured ragini to come…I wish that this moment freezes now. I am the luckiest person of the world to have daughters like you..selfless daughters.
Laksh: ma!! Dadi!!pack your bags..we are leaving to Kolkata.
Dadi: but..
Laksh: please dadi..
Dadi is melted by his words.
Dadi: okay!
Sumi: but how about ragini’s study??
Laksh: don’t sorry about it ma.she has studied first year here and she will study the final year in kolkata.
Ragini became teary eyed listening laksh’s words.
Ragini:( to herself) I was a fool..how did I think that this person will not accept me for my dumbness.. You are great laksh…sorry our love is great. I LOVE YOU LAKSH.
Gadodia family packed everything.
Sanskar: swara.. Ab toh Rona band karo.
Swara smiled seeing him.
Sanskar:( smiles) that’s like my girl…oops my MAHESWARI..
Everyone left to kolkata in flight…
Screen freezes at happy faces of ragini and laksh.

PRECAP- gadodia family becomes emotional seeing BAADI. Durga Prasad asks doctor to get ragini operated.

Credit to: Sree harini

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