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Riya is shocked listening to Annapurna while swara gets teary eyed. Sanskar hugs her but she runs to their room crying.
Swara:( crying) how can this happen? Why God! Why do you want to trouble my sister?
Sanskar:( consoling voice) no swara! Don’t think like that. First of all stop crying I can’t see you like this.
Swara: but sanskar..my sister must get married to laksh not riya. Laksh loves my sister not her.
Sanskar: swara!! Look at me. Saying this he took her face in his hands.
Sanskar: don’t think like laksh is betraying your sister. He loves her a lot but destiny didn’t want them to be together. I think this happened for a good cause.
Swara looked at him in surprise.

Sanskar: yes swara! May be laksh comes out of her thoughts after getting married to riya. May be he starts falling for his wife after all love can happen twice.
A lump got stuck in his throat. Swara is able to understand her husband’s feelings. Sanskar got tears in his eyes.
Sanskar: it became true in my life then why not in in his life.
Swara: then how about my ragini
Sanskar: swara! She herself broke the engagement I think that she never wanted to be in a relationship with happen. Aisa bhi ho sakta hai ki she accepted the marriage for her family.
Swara:( in a loud voice) how can you say this to her sanskar!
Sanskar: don’t take me wrong swara. Be practical.I know that it would be difficult for laksh to accept this as he loves ragini but maybe riya is the one made for laksh. I will be with him in His every decision.
Swara: as a sister I cannot accept this sanskar but as his bhabhi, I want his happiness.
Sanskar: everything depends on laksh now. Bit when I got a chance to love again then why not he??
Swara looks on.

Riya: what are you talking ma! We are just friends.
Annapurna: I know beta but I wish that you both get into a relationship. You have fulfilled your duties as a good friend and now I want you to prove yourself as a best wife.
Durga Prasad: what are you talking Annapurna? Don’t take decisions in hurry. You have already once took decision in swara and laksh’s relatipnship. So don’t repeat it.
Annapurna: may be ji. But this time I have decided after thinking twice.
Parineta: but we need to know the decision of laksh. After all it is his life.
Sanskar: exactly bhabhi
Parineta turned and saw swara and sanskar descending the steps.
Parineta: where is he?
Laksh: I am here bhabhi.
Durga Prasad: I think you have heard the whole conversation laksh. We are waiting for your decision.
Laksh looks on.

Ragini is playing sitar. Tears are rolling down from her eyes. Sharmista observed everything but didn’t respond as it was her daily routine to watch her daughter in that state.
Ragini is memorising about laksh and came to her senses when her mobile rang. She is surprised to see piyush’s number flashing on it. She must surprise anyhow as he has not called her after their chatting that happens few days ago.
Ragini received the call.
Piyush: hello ragini.
Ragini felt very happy and relieved after listening to his voice.
Piyush:( excited) hey angel!! I think you remember this name.
Ragini smiled listening to it.
Piyush: please don’t end the call toll I say. There is a surprise for you.
Ragini is excited listening this.
Piyush: I am sure that by this time, you have got excited listening to me. So to know the surprise, keep listening.
Ragini stood up and slowly walked towards the window. cool breeze touched her face as soon as she opened the window. It happens everyday but ragini felt something special today. Maybe because she is happy now.

Laksh: ( in firm voice) what do you think about this riya.
Riya looked at him and he was able to read her heart.
Riya: I will be the happiest person laksh. Don’t think that I am betraying my friend but when it comes to marriage, I think that one must think and decide about one’s self.
Piyush entered the MANISON but no one noticed him as everyone was deeply involved in the conversation.
Laksh closed his eyes and remembered Sanskar’s words asked ng him to move in his life. A flashback is also shown where laksh overhears the conversation of swara and sanskar.
On the other hand, ragini is paying full concentration on phone. Piyush is totally confused by the situation.
Laksh:( sighed) I..I..
Ragini is surprised to listen Laksh’s voice in the mobile. Tears came out involuntarily. His word activated her nerves in her body which were numb till then. She was feeling happy..actually no word can suit best to describe her situation now. She is completely moved by listening his voice.
Laksh:( closing in eyes in pain) I am ready to marry riya and accept as her wife.
Ragini is shattered listening to this. Piyush is also equally surprised and then remembered that ragini is on call.

Piyush:( disconnecting the call,to himself) what is this riya upto. She said that she want to unite ragini and laksh but now she herself is marrying him.I came here to show much Laksh loves ragini but I think she is more disappointed listening to this. I must talk to her.
Riya:( happy) really laksh.
She came running to him and hugged him tightly. laksh acted as if he was happy and he closed his eyes. Ragini was in front of him. She is crying bitterly. Laksh suddenly opened his eyes and broke the hug.
Laksh:( to himself) I am sorry ragini but I did this for my parents especially my mom.
Riya:( excited) I am really happy laksh. Thank-you for accepting. Okay ma. Bye I need to inform this to my parents.
Swara: ( in a low voice such that only sanskar can hear her) I don’t know sanskar.should I be happy that my devar has decided to move in his life or should o be sad for my sister’s engagement break up.
Sanskar looked at her helplessly.
Sanskar: laksh has decided to move in his life swara. And about ragini..we will find her. I hope that we will meet her soon.
Swara smiled sadly.

Riya is walking to her home happily.she is lost in laksh’s thoughts.piyush dragged her to a corner place.
Riya:( surprised) piyush?! Where were you these many days.
Piyush: ( irritated) first of all tell me one thing. Do you really love laksh
Riya looked at him in surprise.
Riya: but how come you got to know.
Piyush: don’t irritate me. Answer my question.
Riya: well, yes.
Piyush is irritated by her words and tightened his grip on her shoulder.
Riya:( in pain) ouch! It’s paining piyush. What happened to you.
She says this avoiding eye contact as she knew the reason for his irritation.
Piyush: then how about the pain you are giving to your friend. Did you think about ragini ..atleast once. She is leading a miserable life there and here you are involved in betraying her.
Riya freed herself from him.
Riya: I didn’t betray her piyush. She herself told that she is not interested in the relationship.and if it comes to the matter of love, then I too love him and I think that there is nothing wrong in marrying my love.

Piyush: you cheater!
Riya: mind your tongue Mr. Piyush. You no need to interfere in my life.
Saying this she left the place leaving him confused.
Ragini is collapsed listening to laksh’s words. She is literally lying on the floor and is weeping bitterly.
Ragini:( to herself) how can riya do this to me! How?? It would have been better if I never met her after my accident. Atleast this news wouldn’t have reached my ears. Was I alive to listen this..to listen my love getting married to my friend. Instead I would have died in the accident.
She wiped her tears listening shekar’s voice.
Shekar: ( happy) ragini! See what your papa has brought for you.
Ragini turned back and noticed a sweet pack in his hand.
Shekar: your favourite sweet.

Ragini smiles. Actually it is a fake one.
Shekar:( suspiciously) were you crying ?
Ragini nodded in no. Shekar sat beside her.
Shekar:( emotionally) I know that it is very difficult to lead a life like this and it is more difficult for to forget your love.
Tears occupied get eyes.
Shekar: but I know that my princess is brave. She will never give up anything I’m her life. I may not have the enough money for your operation but I promise to treat you as my princess for the rest of my life.

Ragini became emotional and hugged him.
Shekar: don’t be emotional dear. See how these sweets are looking at you . actually they are happy that you are not eating them. So lets kill them. By eating.
Ragini smiles while shekar feeds her.
Ragini:( to herself) is this the treat for my heart break? Well may be..
She is trying to smile and acy infriny of his father but her eyes were revealing the pain that is bringing her inside.
Shekar: oh! It is 11:00 dear. I think you must sleep now.
He took her to the bed and draped a blanket on her. He then kissed her forehead
Shekar: good night dear.
A tear of affection escaped his eye. Ragini became emotional nothing it.shekar left the room while ragini is again lost in laksh’s thoughts.

Laksh is deeply thinking about ragini. Tears were rolling down without his knowledge.
Laksh: i love you ragini. I love you so much. It is difficult for me to forget you actually it is impossible but noone can deny the fact that you broke the engagement with me. I really want to know the reason. I have seen love for me in your eyes our engagement day. What made you so stubborn. …..piyush! Yes I must contact him…
Saying this he called riya.
Riya: hello laksh.
Laksh: hmm.actually I want piyush number riya. Will you please forward it to me?
Riya’s heart sank down in terror.
Riya:( trying to collect words) but why laksh?
Laksh: to know about ragini. Only he can answer.
Riya: then why did you accept this proposal laksh? I can’t stay with a person who doesn’t love his wife.
She is almost in tears.
Laksh:( consoling voice) sorry riya. Actually swara bhabhi is worried about her..so..
Riya: its okay laksh..I will announce everyone tomorrow that I don’t want to marry you.
Laksh: ( closed his eyes in pain) no riya. Don’t take me in wrong way. I was disturbed seeing my bhabhi.that’s it. I promise you to never bring her name in between us
Riya:( happy) good night

Laksh: hmm
Sumi: ragini! Ragini! Get up beta. You are getting late to your college.
Ragini didn’t move even an inch and this worried sumi. She slowly approached her bed and removed the blanket from ragini’s face. Her face has became pale and eyes wee red due to crying. Sumi placed her hand on ragini’s forehead.
Sumi:( shouts) shekar ji!ma! Papa! Come here.
Shekar came running
Shekar:( worried) what happened?
Sumi gestures him to touch ragini. Shekar is also shocked as ragini’s body was like a burning oven.
Dadi:( worried) call doctor shekar.
Shekar: ji ma.
Everyone are tensed seeing ragini’s condition.
Screen freezes at ragini who is sleeping peacefully.

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Credit to: Sree harini

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