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Riya is lost in her thoughts…
Riya:( to herself) why am I feeling bad seeing him in pain?? Do I love him..no no I can’t because he belongs to ragini but every time I see him,I just get attracted. Stop it riya.you can’t do this injustice to your friend.
Saying this she draped blanket but her mind is filled with laksh’s thoughts.
Swara: laksh ji!! Laksh ji!!
Laksh slowly removed blanket from his face.
Swara: get up laksh and please get ready. Your brother wants to talk to you.
Laksh: ( confused) bhabhi..you ..here..
Swara:( casual tone) why? I shouldn’t enter your room.
Laksh: no bhabhi. I don’t mean that.
Swara turned to him.
Swara:( authoritative voice) call me swara not bhabhi.
Laksh looks confused while swara continues.
Swara: here are your medicines and don’t forget to switch off the header after your bath.
Saying this she left the room. Laksh is totally confused by her behaviour because till yesterday night,they were fighting like a cat and dog but now she is behaving normally infact friendly with him.
Swara encountered sanskar on her way.
Sanskar is happy but he too don’t the exact reason for this. He is in a jovial mood.
Sanskar: hello Mrs. Maheswari.
Swara looked at him and moved two steps forward to move but sanskar pulled her close to him by holding her hand.
Swara: what happened to you Mr. Maheswari. I think you must consult a doctor
Sanskar:( confused and surprised) what!!
Swara: ( smiles) after all you became romantic after many days.
Sanskar: oh!! But you were the reason for this change so no need to consult anyone.
Swara: now Mr. Maheswari, if you leave me then I will go to kitchen. I have lots of work to do there.
Sanskar: but..
Swara frees herself and went to kitchen leaving sanskar shocked.
Laksh: good morning bhai!
Sanskar turned round and saw laksh standing behind. His happiness increased seeing laksh.
Sanskar:( hugging laksh) I am happy for you.
Laksh:( confused) for what!
Sanskar:( smiles) oh my cute lucky..you have been appointed as a head for one of our branches.
Laksh:( shocked) what!
Sanskar: actually bade papa asked me to handle the place but I felt you as a perfect guy and so I have suggested you and…sanskar is looking into laksh’s eyes to read his heart.
Laksh: okay bhai! Sure..where is the office?
Sanskar: Jaipur
Laksh:( sighed) hmm.
Laksh tried to act happy but sanskar being his brother,read his eyes.
Sanskar:( in low voice) laksh..this is an opportunity for you to move on in your life. I wish that you will utilize it properly.
Laksh left the place without uttering a word.
Swara came there.
Swara: I think your brother will start trying to erase my sister from his heart.
Sanskar:( shrugs) hope so. He loves me a lot and so he didn’t reject me.
Swara: you too love him equally and that’s the reason that you have convinced badepapa for his job.
Sanskar smiled.

Ragini woke up from the bed and slowly approached the study table closing her eyes. She then stated to grope and found her dairy on it. She slowly turned the first page of it and opened her eyes. A smile came on her lips involuntarily. This was her daily action bit today she felt some thing strange seeing laksh’s photo in it. She was feeling extremely happy as if some magic is going to happen in her life.

Swara is preparing breakfast along with sujatha. Just then she heard sanskar shouting actually asking something..
Sanskar:( shouts) swara! Swara!! Where is my wallet.
Swara: ( shouts) near dressing table
Sanskar went inside his room and came out again.
Sanskar: no it is not.
Swara:( sighed) but .
Sujatha: you go swara. I will manage.
Swara left the kitchen and sanskar is happy seeing this. He immediately went inside the room and looked around for scissors. He then removed one of his short button and cut it with scissors. He then started smiling.
Swara:( irritated) what is this sanskar. See it is on the dressing table only.why won’t you check before calling my name.
Sanskar:( makes a face) sorry. Actually my shirt button got…
Swara looked at his shirt and brought a needle and thread to stich the button.
Swara is close to sanskar now and he is really feeling happy inside.
Swara: yeah! Perfect..she said cutting the extra thread with scissors. She turned to leave but sanskar pulled her close to him by holding her waist.
Swara: sanskar!!
Sanskar: no please don’t tell me that you have lots of work in kitchen.
Swara:( smiles) exactly.
Sanskar:( irritated) I don’t know why but every girl remembers some or the other work when her husband is in a mood to romance.
Swara:( blushes) I need to go.
Samskar: I won’t ! After all I had to plan this much to get close to you
Swara’s eyes widened in surprise.
Sanskar leaned towards her and she closed her eyes in shy. Her heart beat started racing . This time,their closeness was disturbed by a scream …
Sanskar: I think it is from hall.
Swara: may be laksh.
Both ran downstairs in tension.

Laksh was holding someone’s collar.
Laksh:( in a high voice) hpw date you piyush! How dare you entered my house and…
Sanskar: laksh! What are you doing? Leave him.
laksh’s eyes are red in anger. Sanskar has never seen him like that and stared worrying for him. However he successfully dragged him from piyush.
Piyush: no laksh. You are taking me wrong.
Laksh: I think you have did something with my ragini.
Piyush: trust me laksh.
Annapurna: laksh. Please calm down.
Laksh: please don’t stop me ma.
Durga Prasad,ram Prasad and aadarsh were not there in the home to handle the situation. So the whole responsibility is on sanskar bit he himself is confused seeing his brother in that condition..
Piyush: please listen to me. Ragini Is..
Laksh: don’t dare to take her name from your mouth. After all you have tortured her a lot.
Swara: please piyush leave the place. Already we have many problems to deal with. Please.
A clear pleading can be heard in swara’s voice and piyush grasped it.
Laksh: please leave this place otherwise I don’t know what I am going to do.
Saying this he went near to piyush to beat him but sanskar pulled him back.
Riya who entered the hall is surprised to see him.
Riya: ( shocked) what are you doing here?
Piyush: I came here to say about rag..
Riya dragged him out the Manison. Piyush is shocked by her act.
Riya:( irritated) why did you come here and what were you trying to say??
Piyush: ( in low voice) about ragini.
Riya: you have seen his reaction Right!! So don’t dare to come in front of him.
Piyush: but..
Riya: please leave the place piyush. Don’t create a mess here. I will handle the situation.
Piyush left without uttering a word.
Riya: laksh! Please calm down. I sent him away.
Laksh:( still in rage) I am sure that he either came back to torture ragini or he is behind her changed behaviour.
Riya placed her hand on his shoulder.
Riya:( in a low voice) listen to him maybe..
Laksh:( removed her hand) stop it riya. I don’t want to listen anymore.
He said leaving the hall.
Riya sighed and looked at swara.
Swara: I think we must leave him alone.
Sanskar’s mind started thinking about previous day incident and followed laksh.

Ragini was about to leave to college when she got a call from piyush
Ragini received this call.
Piyush: ( in a soft voice) how are you??
Ragini involuntarily gestured that she is okay but both of them realized their acts and got teary eyed.
Piyush: its okay ragini. I just want to tell you something. Actually I went MAHESWARI MANISON today. I saw him. He totally lost his charm.
Ragini clossd her eyes in pain. Laksh came in front of her eyes smiling.
Piyush: I went there to convince him but..
Ragini’s heart sank down in fear.
Ragini:( to herself) oh God! I didn’t inform anything about my life but he found it and now I am feeling fear that he may reveal everything about me. I must do something.
Piyush: but he was not ready to listen me. Ragini…I think…..he is collecting words out of tension…..you must think ..about him..
Ragini ended the call and piyush felt bad at her behaviour.
Ragini sat down near her sitar thinking about laksh. She came to her thoughts when her mobile vibrated showing a popup msg of piyush.
Ragini opened the inbox and read the msg.
*piyush::: please ragini listen to me. Atleast chat with me.
Ragini replied him in yes.
*piyush::: he loves you so much. Please come back to his life.
*ragini::: I know that piyush and I don’t need your advice in my life.
Piyush is taken aback reading the msg but typed the next one.
*piyush::: I know that you don’t want me to interfere but I am sure that you are going to miss him because of your stubborn.
*ragini::: I don’t want mess. My life.
She accidentally sent it to riya along with piyush unaware of that she sent it to riya.
*Piyush:::you feel it a mess but he tried to commit suicide just because he is unable to bear the separation from you.
Ragini’s eyes widened seeing the msg and tears were rolling down from her eyes without her knowledge.
Ragini:( to herself) why do you love me so much Laksh..
She looked up at the lord krishna’s idol and a flower fell down from it.she became happy
*ragini::: okay piyush.I am ready to listen to him once…only once
Piyush became happy seeing that msg. He is unable to believe his eyes but texed her in joy.
*piyush:::okay then I will make arrangements for your journey.
*ragini::: no piyush. I said that I am ready to listen not to see.
*piyush::: what!
*ragini::: hmm. No its up to you to decide.
Ragini:( to herself) you can’t do that piyush and I too wanted that.
Piyush:( to himself) you are typical ragini. Now I am understanding you. You don’t want to meet him but I will make you to know his love.
*piyush::: fine. Then get ready to listen him.
Ragini is surprised but didn’t text him back.
Ragini:( to herself) everyone is able to see his love for me but none is able to feel my love for him. After all I am doing this for him..his happiness. I just don’t care if anyone don’t realize my love. I know how much I love him and…I will make him move in his life.
Riya is surprised to see ragini’s message.
Riya: what does she mean that she don’t want to mess her life!!.
Riya texted ragini.
*riya::: what do you mean by this?
Ragini is surprised to see riya’s message Ragini:( to herself) what! I mean I didn’t text her. What is she talking about…she then realised that it was delivered wrongly…oh! I must text her.
*ragini: oh sorry riya. I sent you by mistake.
*riya::: okay ragini…please listen to laksh
Ragini:( to herself) laksh! Laksh! Everyone feels only for him. What about me. Am I feeling happy by his separation from me. I must end this..
*ragini::: I don’t want to mess my life riya. I have accepted the marriage just for my family and I never loved him. So please stop worrying for me.
*riya::: then why are you not disclosing yourself in front of him. Why do you feel like you will become a burden for him. It shows your love ragini
*ragini::: because I know that he loves me bit I don’t. So I don’t want to break his heart. I would have done the same if some other was in his place.and please never talk about him riya. This may ruon our friendship even.
Tears started rolling down from her eyes.
Riya:( to herself) what has happened to her? …she memorised ragini saying that she has accepted mate ahw for her family…may be she is right. I have never seen her caring for laksh. It was me who always looked after him. But…but her eyes days that she loves him.

Few days passed and riya has became a close friend of laksh. She often visits mm and everyone are used to her especially Annapurna . she started liking her very much.
Riya:( smiles ) hello ma! Where is Laksh?
Annapurna: ( smiles) you know it right!
Riya understood where he is and left the place.
She opened the door of laksh’s room and saw him talking to someone on phone. She slowly walked to him. Laksh who is unaware of her arrival,turned back and collided with her. Riya held his shirt tightly in fear of falling. They both had an eye lock.
Riya:( to herself) oh God! Laksh is looking handsome..so good. I can’t take of my eyes from him.
She realized the situation and tried to move but fell down. Laksh too fell down as she was holding his shirt . they are so close to each other now.
Riya:( to herself) why am I feeling nervous by his touch?? I am not sure about my feelings but I feel something for him.
Laksh stood up and forward his hand for riya. Normally she would have not considered it much but today, at this moment she was feeling shy to place her hand in his. She managed to stand without his help. Laksh is not at all effected by this.
Laksh: I..I am sorry.
Riya: its okay..Laksh. Actually I came here to ask you whether you will accompany me in watching a movie.
Laksh:( irritated) I am not interested.
Riya is taken aback but tried to hide her feelings.
Riya:( pleading voice) please laksh. You will be leaving to Jaipur in couple of days. Consider it as a treat.
Laksh: but..
Riya: please…
Laksh looked at her face and finally nodded in yes.
Swara entered his room with pile of clothes.
Swara:( smiles) hello riya! When did you come?
Riya:( smiles) few minutes ago..
Swara: hmm.Laksh.. These are your ironed clothes. Don’t forget to pack them.
Laksh: ji bhabhi
Swara: swara!!
Laksh smiled while swara left the room.
Riya: get ready in five minutes.. I will be waiting for you.
Saying this she left the room.
Swara came to sanskar who is talking to someone on phone.sanskar turned back after disconnecting the call.
Swara: any information??
Sanskar nodded in no.
Swara became teary eyed which worried him.
Sanskar: don’t cry swara. I will try my best to trace out your family. I have enquired many private detectives. We will reach them…soon.
Swara looked at him with affection.
Swara:( emotionally) you are the best husband sanskar..
Sanskar smiled. Swara felt relieved seeing his smile.
Riya is waiting for laksh. Annapurna approached her.
Riya:( smiles) do you want something ma!.
Annapurna: will you give me what I want?.
Riya:( confused) yes.
Annapurna: are you sure?.
Riya: yes ma
Annapurna: then become my daughter in law.
Riya is shocked listening this but somewhere deep inside her heart,she is feeling happy. Swara became teary eyed hearing their conversation while sanskar hugged her from the side ( side hug)
Screen freezes at riya’s shocking face.

PRECAP: ragini is shattered listening laksh accepting the marriage proposal with riya.

*************************************************please forgive me if there are any spelling or grammatical mistakes.

Credit to: Sree harini

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