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Ragini:( to herself) piyush!!
Piyush stood smiling in front of ragini. Ragini is shivering with fear. She memorised how he proposed her and later tried to ruin her life and all. Every incident which were resting deep inside her heart started moving in front of her eyes. She became tensed thinking of past days with him.
Ragini:( to herself) why did he come?? To ruin my life.. Sighed.. What is left in my life to ruin it.
Piyush: hello ragini. How are you?
Ragini:( to herself) what is he planning to do with me

Ragini looked at him with anger. Piyush was able to feel the heat of her anger through her eyes.
Piyush:( teary eyed) I am sorry….ragini.
Ragini is shocked listening this.
Piyush: yeah! You heard it correctly. I am sorry for what I have done to you.
Ragini is confused listening him.one can eaisly make it from her face. piyush too identified it
Piyush: ( heavy voice) I know that it would be difficult for you to accept this but…he paused.
Ragini:( to herself) a new plan..

Piyush: I had a sister. Mehak..actually my cousin but I loved her a lot. She is the only one who completely knows about me but still loved me truly from her heart. Infact she was the one who bailed me after the arrest. I think you got to know her crazy love towards me but …..before two months, I have lost her.
Saying this he sat on his knees. Ragini is still confused by his behaviour.
Piyush:( heavy voice) actually some of her friends added drugs in her drink and tried to molest her..

Ragini’s eyes widened.
Piyush: she struggled hard to get out of them but…tears were rolling from his eyes…but she died. That night I got a call from her..may be accidentally and I heard her conservation with those boys. I tried my best to save her but everything has happened before my arrival. I lost my sister..my love. I tried to file a case aganist them but being sons of local minister, they got released within few minutes of arrest. At that moment I could see only my sisters sad face begging for justice. It was then ragini..I remembered you. I really felt guilty on my doings and came to Kolkata in search of you.

Ragini’s eyes are filled with tears now. After all she is a girl and only a girl can understand other girls emotions.
Piyush looked at ragini and slowly stood up.
Piyush: but after coming to Kolkata, I learned that your family left to BHUVANESWAR . then I reached Bhubaneswar but was unable to trace you. I have been searching for you from the past three months and I saw you at the entrance of this college yesterday. Noone knew how I felt when I saw you here. I felt like god has given me a chance to correct my mistake. Please forgive me ragini. I know that what I did you with is…is not forgivable but trust me I am changed.
Ragini:( to herself) is this the same person who tried to harm me few months ago!! Definitely no..I can see the guilt in his eyes. Yes.. He is changed.

Piyush:please forgive me ragini. Why aren’t you talking anything. Don’t you trust me…he sighed…may be no because…

He looked up at her and is confused seeing her gesturing him. Ragini realized that he is new to that and looked around for a piece of paper or something like that to express her feelings.
Piyush:( to himself) oh my god! What has happened to this girl. Why is she behaving like this..
Ragini grabbed the mobile from piyush’s hands and started typing something in it.
Piyush:( to himself) why is she not uttering even a single word. Something is wrong with her.
He came to his senses when ragini placed his mobile in his hands.

piyush started reading it .
I am really sorry for your sister piyush. I can understand the pain the pain you went through.when I saw you here,I was afraid that you came to ruin my life once again but didn’t expect this change from you. I wish that from now atleast start respecting relations and hope that you will balance them perfectly. Piyush….piyush bhayya..you was my brother and will be my brother always.
Piyush looked up and a tear of affection escaped his eye ….but he looked down to continue..
And I know that right now you are surprised by my behavior. Well I lost my voice in an accident. Destiny is not a thing to be understood. It changes our lives within fraction of seconds as it happened to you and also me… But please bhayya never hurt a girl especially who loves you.
Piyush is shocked reading all this and looked up for ragini. He saw her smiling at him affectionately and turned back so as to leave to her classroom.

Piyush is just staring at walking ragini.
Piyush: something is hurting you ragini. I can see it in your eyes..your bhayya will solve it this time..he paused.. Once you have asked me whether I know the meaning of brother but I will define it this time. I will show the real me to you. Don’t worry dear.

Riya is on her way to her house .
Riya:( to herself) this laksh is getting mad for her. I must do something to unite them.but how can a guy so crazy in someone’s love that he is ready to sacrifice his life. Well I think only laksh can do that…suddenly something flashed in her mind….wait a minute, ragini has asked me not to say anything to laksh but if he himself finds her..then there would be no problem.. Yeah! Get ready to him ragini

She came to her senses when someone pulled her to corner. It was dark even.
Riya:( irritated) please leave me. Who are you?
Piyush: shh! This is piyush
RIYA’S eyes widened listening his name and started shivering in fear.
Piyush: please riya. Don’t panic. I won’t harm you. Please tell me about ragini.
Riya:( shouts) ragini! Why do you want to know about her now..to ruin hr life again. Well Mr. Piyush you no need to interfere in her life as she is happy with what denstiy has gifted her.
Piyush:(irritated) stop it riya..I met her
Riya:( in a low voice) what!
Piyush loosen his grip on her shoulder.
Piyush: yes. I met her yesterday and now I want to know her past. I want to help her.
Riya: really.

Piyush: yes.
Riya: well..ragini got engaged to laksh before leaving Bhubaneswar. She lost her voice in an accident and moved to Jaipur thinking that she might become burden for him.
Piyush:( confused and shocked) what! But how can she think like that.
Riya:( shrugs) I don’t know piyush. She is such a dumb girl that she is unable to see laksh’s love for her.
Piyush:then you might have informed him!
Riya:( sighed) I cant. I am bound by a promise.
Piyush: then I will…

Riya is able to feel the firmness in his eyes and is extremely happy inside.But somewhere deep inside her heart,she is feeling restlessness but is unaware of the reason for it.
Piyush: thank god! Atleast laksh is brave enough to fight for his love.
Riya looked at him. He can see some dear in her eyes.
Piyush:( worried) what happened riya!
Riya’s ears heard the words of piyush but her mind is lost in thinking the mornings incident.

Riya went to the temple bridge and saw laksh standing at the edge of it. Her heart sank down in fear. She can sense that something is wrong with him. She started moving towards him while he moved forward to jump in the river. Riya who understood his intentions, pulled him.
Laksh is shocked.
Laksh: riya!
Riya:( angry) what are you doing laksh?
Laksh:( sighed sadly) I don’t have any other option.
Just then sanskar reached the place. He hugged laksh.
Sanskar:( worried) what were you trying to do lucky..
Laksh is almost in tears by his brothers affection. He was moved by SANSKARS touch.
Laksh:( crying) I am sorry bhai..I am really sorry.
Riya: why didn’t you stop him jiju..when you know that he is going to..
Sanskar: I would have if I knew earlier.
Riya is confused.

Sanskar: yes! I got a msg from him that he is going to die as he cannot live without her.
Laksh:( tears in eyes)please bhai..do something. I cannot live without her.
Sanskar hugged him again to console.
Sanskar:( cold voice) calm down laksh. It was you who said me to start a new life after kavitha’s death. Then why are you trying to harm yourself.
Laksh broke the hug and looked into Sanskar’s eyes.
Laksh: is it so easy for you to forget swara bhabhi now?
Laksh’s question touched sanskar’s heart. Sanskar wanted to answer him but he himself don’t know it. After all laksh was true. Sanskar cannot live without swara.
Laksh: the same is the case with me. I cannot live .

Sanskar: if you really love her then find her laksh. If you believe that your love us true and genuine,then take a step forward to live your life..I mean to start your life.
Riya:( to herself) I can’t see him in pain. But I can’t even reveal the truth.
Riya stood there thinking while sanskar took laksh to the car and they both left.
Piyush:( shocked) what! He tried to commit suicide?
Riya: hmm
Piyush: its high time now. We must unite them.
Riya’s eyes widened.
Piyush:( in firm voice) we must.

Sanskar is in laksh’s room. He was sleeping on bed peacefully. Sanskar is sitting beside him. He slowly placed his hand on laksh’s forehead and caressed it.
Sanskar: how innocent you are!! I can’t see in you in pain like this laksh. I want my lucky back. I know that it will be very difficult to start a new life after experiencing a heart break but you should as it is the only way that you can get out.I have planned for it laksh. I promise you to gift you a life..a good life. It will be yours..
He stopped speaking as he heard someone crying. He turned back and is shocked to see swara standing at the entrance with tears in her eyes. Actually she is crying..she ran to their room and sanskar followed her.

Sanskar: swara!
Swara:( crying) I can’t see him in pain sanskar.
Sankar came close to her and placed his hand on her shoulder. Swara moved closer to him.
Swara: I am not understanding anything sanskar. I don’t know why did ragini break the engagement but laksh is paying for that. He is experiencing that pain which once we had experienced.
Sanskar started memorising the days before their engagement.
Sanskar:( rubbing swara’s shoulder) its okay swara. Everything will become fine. Dont worry.
Swara: no sanskar. Nothing will become right..you know how we used sleeping pills for laksh today.
Sanskar remembered mixing sleeping pills in laksh’s milk.
Sanskar: no swara..we did it for his welfare. I want him to sleep peacefully as he…
Swara: that is what I mean. He needs pills to sleep. For what sin is he paying sanskar.
Sanskar became emotional.

Swara: I promise sanskar..as his bhabhi, I will bring back his happiness.
Sanskar looked at swara emotionally.
Swara: after all I..sorry we know the pain of heart break.
Saying this she hugged sanskar. sanskar too hugged her.
Sanskar: this family is lucky to have a daughter in law like you.
Swara: hmm..but they are more lucky to have such a caring brother and son as you.
Both smiled sadly.
Sumi: ragini! Please help me in cutting vegetables.
Ragini nodded in yes and started cutting them.
Shekar: sumi. Why are you making my princess to cut vegetables?
Sumi:( surprised) shekar ji..you are asking as if she is some angel who came to visit earth.
Shekar came close to ragini.
Shekar: more than that.

Sumi: if you will encourage her like this then what she will do in her sasural..
Sumi realized her words and a layer of water covered her eyes. Shekar became emotional and left the place. Ragini left to her room after cutting the vegetables.
Ragini entered her room and slowly approached her sitar.
A smile decorated her face remembering how laksh tried to talk to her on the way to her academy,then how he flirted riya and finally how he himself got stuck in his own idea.
Ragini:( to herself) I love the way you flirt laksh. It always made me smile..but I won’t be able to listen to them anymore…tears were rolling from her eyes thinking riya’s words…I know how much you love me laksh. It is the reason why I have moved away from you. I want you to move in your life and be happy. Please forgive me laksh.. Her heart is screaming inside. She is feeling like someone is stabbing her hardlybut only tears are rolling down her eyes.
Screen splits into two showing laksh and ragini.

PRECAP: Piyush enters maheswari manison. Ragini is shattered listening laksh accepting the marriage proposal with riya.

Credit to: Sree harini

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