SWARAGINI- Limitless love ( Episode 47)


Hello everyone. Thank-you everyone for commenting and showering live on my fiction and a big thanks to silent readers who are equally loving my fiction. I thought to update it tomorrow but many asked me to update soon. Here we go.
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SWARAGINI- Limitless love ( Episode 46)

Ragini turned back listening someone calling her name. She is surprised to see riya. Ragini’s eyes widened seeing riya and she started sweating profusely. An expression of guilt is seen deep in her eyes but she tried to control her emotions.
Riya:( angry) ragini!!
Ragini tried to look down as she didn’t had the courage to face her.
Riya:( holding ragini with her two hands) what are you doing here. There in Bhubaneswar, laksh,swara didi and sanskar jiju are searching for you madly and you…
Ragini closed her eyes in pain listening swara and laksh’s name.
Riya continued…and what did you write in that letter…that you don’t want to marry laksh but why ragini. You were the one who said to me that you don’t have any objection then why did you do this.
Ragini’s eyes filled with tears and she wanted to run away but is helpless.
Riya: what are you thinking of yourself. You very well know about how laksh loved you and will love you…then why are you giving him pain.
Ragini’s heart started beating fast and she turned to leave but riya holded her hand..
Riya: answer my question ragini. what harm did laksh do to you… Loving you. Leave about him. Swara didi..what did she do? She was ready to sacrifice her love for you and you are….so disgusting ragini. What happiness are you getting by paining two people.
Ragini started crying and her eyes were mirrors for her guilt but riya is not that mature to understand her feelings. But mother is a mother and will never spare a word aganist her child. Same happened with sumi.
Sumi:( angry) stop it riya.
Riya is surprised to see sumi taking side of ragini.
Riya: but..aunty
Sumi: I know very well about daughter and I don’t spare anyone scolding her without any reason. I trust my ragini and I am sure that she has reason for her every doing.
Riya: okay aunty..as you said,if she has a reason then why will she remain silent? I too know about her aunty.she is silent because she too knows that what she did is wrong. Playing with ones emotions is sin.
Sumi becomes emotional.
Sumi:( shouts) stop it riya!
Riya is shocked actually scared as she has never seen her talking in a high voice particularly to her.
Riya: a..u.n.t..y!!!
Sumi: you don’t have any right to talk aganist ragini
Ragini became tensed.
Ragini:( to herself) I think she is going to reveal everything. I must stop ma.
Ragini gestured sumi not to say any thing.
Riya is shocked seeing ragini.
Riya:( to herself) what has happened to this girl. Why is she gesturing aunty with out talking..
Sumi: please don’t stop me ragini…turned to riya..you were saying that ragini doesn’t care for ones emotions. if that was true,then we would have been in Kolkata leading a happy life.
Riya is confused
Sumi: she has sacrificed her happiness just for her love..
Riya:( shocked) what!!
Sumi: yes riya..ragini lost her voice in an accident…..she explained everything about the incident, ragini’s wish to not to inform anyone about it,their Jaipur travel and about the letter.
Riya became teary eyed along with ragini.
Sumi:( emotionally) my daughter has did a great sacrifice for her love and you are calling her a cheater.
Riya went to ragini who is standing still but tears rolling from her eyes.
Riya:( emotionally) if you really love him so much then return to his life ragini. He is dying to see you.
Ragini’s eyes widened in shock.she nodded in no.
Riya: please ragini. He loves you a lot. He cannot live without you. I have seen him in pain. Return to his life.
Ragini nodded in no.
Riya:(emotionally) what’s the problem with you?
Sumi: she doesn’t want to be a burden for laksh.
Riya: but..
Ragini hugged riya. Riya is now able to feel ragini’s pain through her heart.
Sumi: promise me riya that you won’t let anyone know about her.
Riya broke the hug and is shocked.
Riya: but ma..I am sure that laksh will accept her.
Sumi: I too know it but..looked at ragini.. I want fulfill my daughters wish now.
Riya: come on aunty..don’t be typical mom.
Ragini pressed riya’s hand and she became calm.
Riya: I tried to suggest you ragini. Now it’s your fate.
She turned to leave but looked back.
Riya:( heavy voice) but you will never get such a loving person in your life.
Ragini looked in pain but is relaxed as riya promised that she won’t let anyone know about her.
Riya is physically present but her mind is filled with ragini.
Riya:( to herself) why is this ragini acting so foolishly. Everyone can see his love for her except she. I must do something to make her realize his love.
Boss:( firm voice) I think miss riya..you must pay attention here rather than thinking something..
Riya:( came to her senses) oh! Sorry sir.
Her mind payed attention to her boss speech but her heart is trying hard to get a plan through which she can unite them.

Annapurna: swara..sanskar when did you come??
Swara’s eyes are red and swollen. One can eaisly identify that they didn’t get to know about ragini.
Sanskar: just now badi ma.
Annapurna: ( suspiciously) where is Laksh?
Sanskar: he said that he want to spend some time alone.
Annapurna: so you didn’t get to know anything about her.
Swara nodded in no and left to their room crying.
Sanskar: I need to go ma.
Sanskar followed her.
Few days passed. Sanskar tried to console swara as well as laksh. He tried his best but both were unable to forget their love. Laksh wanted to know the reason for ragini’s betrayal while swara strongly believed that there was a reason behind this. This resulted in bhabhi-devar fights and sanskar played the role of mediator but didn’t prove himself as a good one. Family members are in support with swara except Annapurna.

Riya came running to hall and is breathing heavily.
Sujatha: what happened riya. Why did you come running?
Riya:( breathing heavily) laksh..laksh..where is he aunty!
Sujatha: ( confused) he is upstaris.
Riya without listening further,started running to his room .
She entered his room by slowly pushing the door. Laksh was standing in the balcony.
Riya:( in low voice) laksh!
Her voice didn’t reach his ears. Actually his body is not ready to accept anything.
Riya approached him and placed her hand on her shoulder.
Laksh:( to himself) ragini!! I know that you are back. You came back for me
Saying this he turned back and hugged riya assuming it to be ragini..
Riya:( shocked) laksh!!
Laksh:( came to his senses) oh sorry riya! I thought that you were ragini. I am really sorry
Riya became emotional listening his words.
Riya: ( trying to hide her emotions) its okay laksh.
Laksh turned back and started staring the sky again.
Riya:( to herself) oh God! Laksh loves her so much but she doesn’t even care for him.she is acting as a fool saying that she might be a burden for him.
Laksh:( in low voice) ragini!!
Riya looked at him.
Laksh: I never knew that I will fall for a girl that too a girl like ragini. But it happened and I really don’t know from when I have started loving her. I was feared of loosing her and so proposed for marriage without asking her wish…it is my mistake..my mistake.
Riya: no laksh..it is her misfortune that she has rejected you. But I am sure that she has a strong reason behind this.
Laksh’s eyes widened..
Riya: yes laksh. There is a strong reason behind this and you have to find it….on your own.
Laksh looks on while riya left the room.
Annapurna,who was watching them lost in her thoughts.
Annapurna:( to herself) why God?? Why do you want to trouble my son without his mistake. Loving ragini was not a mistake as far as I know. I can’t see him in pain. Please show us a way to reach ragini or else erase her from his memories.

Ragini is sitting in her classroom and is concentrating on the lecture. Just then attender entered the classroom.
Attender: sir! Ragini gadodia.
Ragini’s eyes widened listening her name
Attender: someone came to meet you beta. He is waiting for you in college grounds.
Ragini looked at her lecturer and he signed her to go.
Ragini left the room In a confused state.
Ragini while descending the steps: ( to herself) who might be the person?? Papa is out of station and noone in this city knows me. May be laksh…a ray of fear ran down from her spine..no no this cannot happen. Riya promised me that she won’t let him know but…paused….maybe she said him everything. Oh God! Please give me the courage to face him.
Ragini came out of her thoughts after seeing a person standing far away from her in the grounds facing his back.
Ragini:( to herself) why do I feel like I have seen this person earlier.. She started observing him.he was a bit tall with well built body and also a bit fat. …I think he is not Laksh but I am sure that I know him…she breathed heavily as she neared him and smelled a sweet perfume smell….yeah! I know this perfume. I am so close to this smell..but.. .she is trying to remember but failed.
The guy turned back listening to ragini’s anklet sound.
Ragini’s eyes widened in shock and she started shivering in fear. The guy was smiling at her and she felt something wrong as he tried to harm her earlier.she is hell shocked seeing the person
Ragini:( to herself) piyush!!!
Screen freezes at ragini’s tensed face .

PRECAP: piyush drags riya who is in her way to home. Riya is shocked seeing him.

Credit to: Sree harini

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