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Hello guys and girls, I am back and really overwhelmed by your love towards me. Thank-you everyone for praying for me and I think your prayers worked and I started walking little bit. Thank-you once again
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Swara:( shocked) what is this Laksh??
Laksh:( irritated) only she can answer this.
Swara starts crying without her knowledge.
Annapurna:( worried) what happened swara? Laksh please tell me.
Both were in a situation where they wanted to talk but a lump stuck in their throat after reading the letter. Just then sanskar entered the hall after becoming fresh and is surprised to see Laksh.
Sanskar:( smiles) hey lucky!! When did you come?
Laksh looks at him emotionally and hugs him.
Sanskar: ( confused) what happened lucky? Is everything fine.
Saying this he looked at swara. His mind got shattered seeing her crying. He broke the hug and went to her.
Sanskar:( worried) what happened swara?
Swara looked at him with tears in her eyes.
Sanskar: please swara! Tell me.
Swara gave him the letter and he started reading it aloud.
Mr. Laksh Maheswari
Sorry laksh ji. I have tried hard to convince myself for this marriage but was unable to. I know that you love me but I don’t love you. Infact I don’t have any feeling on you. I always considered you as my friend and has just accepted this for my parents but after coming here,I realised that my mind works only on studies but not on love,marriage etc.and I am sure that once I complete my graduation,I will get married to a better person. Sorry laksh but I can’t be in this unwanted relationship anymore. Here is the engagement ring which I am returning to you as I don’t want any of your memory with me. I hope you will understand me and will try to move in your life.
Ragini Gadodia.
Everyone are shocked.
Swara:( teary eyed) I know that this is not written by her. She values relations and I am sure that there is some misunderstanding.
Laksh: ( teary eyed) I don’t know why but your sister always gives me pain bhabhi. What wrong did I do?
Annapurna: I agree with swara laksh. I think there is a reason behind this.
Durga Prasad: yes laksh. Never judge anyone with out knowing their past and the circumstances which made them to behave like..
Sanskar hugs Laksh.
Sanskar: ( pats his shoulder) everything will be alright! First of all we will meet her.okay.
Laksh nods.
Swara: yes sanskar.
Saying this she calls sumi.
Swara:( irritated) switch off!!
Everyone are shocked.
Swara tried for more than 30 times but nothing changed.
Swara:( worried) how will we find her.
Laksh, who was thinking till then looked up with a ray of hope.
Laksh: riya..yes bhabhi riya might know about her.
Swara and sanskar looks on.

A girl of some 6 years is playing in the colony park. She was about to fall but ragini holds her before falling.
Girls mom: thank-you so much miss…
Ragini who was smiling till then became silent.
Sumi: ragini
Ragini turned back and smiled again.
Girl’s mom forehead frowned.
Sumi: she cannot speak.
Girls mom: oh sorry! Thank-you ragini for saving my child from falling.
Ragini smiled again and slowly caressed girl’s hair.
Girl’s mom: you really have a good heart. I don’t know why but God always punishes pure souls.
Ragini smiled and left the place along with sumi.
Nothing has changed in these eight months except that she learned to communicate in sign language she has got many friends in her collage and also stated leading sitar but this time to memorize Laksh’s memories.
They both reached the home and ragini entered her room.she slowly walked to her study table and took laksh’s oh to from a dairy.
Ragini: ( to herself) it took eight months for me to post the letter laksh. I think it might have reached you by this time and you are heart broken but I don’t have any other option.I have prepared myself before posting this but I just hope that you will move on in your life.
Sumi who came there to give her milk saw ragini gazing at Laksh’s photo and became teary eyed.
sumi:( teary eyed) ragini.
Ragini turned and saw sumi standing at the entrance. She gestured her to get inside.
Sumi:( while placing the glass on table) are you okay?
Ragini became teary eyed but was staring at sumi. Sumi can feel ragini questioning her looking at her intensive eyes. After all she is her mother.
Sumi: don’t worry ragini. I have changed the number. Noone can reach you……Your didi too.
Saying the last line she left the room crying. Ragini looks on.

Riya: ( happy) hey swara didi! How are you? After many days …oops many months how is ragini. I am sorry as I couldn’t attend her engagement.
She stopped talking looking at sanskar and laksh entering the house.
Swara:( teary eyed) ragini.. Ragini.
Riya:( worried) what has happened to her?
Laksh: we are here to ask about her.
Riya:( confused) what! Me. I have seen her before your engagement. Later I tried to call her but she didn’t respond.
Laksh:( shocked) what!!
Riya: yes laksh. I haven’t seen her from eight months.
Laksh collapsed.
Swara:( tears rolling from her eyes) but you were the last hope for us riya.
Riya: what happened didi?
Swara: ragini broke her relationship with laksh.
Riya:( shocked) what!
She remembered ragini saying that she is ready to marry him as she believes in love after marriage.
Riya: but..she was the one who accepted it.
Swara: yes! But I don’t know why she took this decision.
Laksh: ( angry) because she want to take revenge from me. She wanted to see me in pain.
Swara:( irritated) don’t talk rubbish Laksh. Don’t dare to say a word aganist my sister.
Laksh: I know about her bhabhi. She just wanted to take revenge for my mistake of ki….he realised his words and became silent.
Swara:( angry) why did you stop Laksh? What is the reason.
Sanskar: offo swara and lucky..please atop fighting. Now the matter is that we must contact ragini not to fight like this okay.
Riya: I think he is right didi. We need to find her and she must answer our questions.
Swara:( tensed) but how?
Sanskar: envelope swara!! We can get her address. I know that it is very difficult for us to find her in Bhubaneswar but we can get her address eaisly.
Swara and laksh’s eyes widened.
Sanskar: we will start tomorrow morning for the first flight. Will you accompany riya.
Riya:( disappointed) I too want to come with you people but I have an important meeting tomorrow at Jaipur. Sorry.
Sanskar: ( smiles) its okay riya. All the best…turned to swara and Laksh.. Now you both stop fighting and pack your bags for tomorrow. Everyone left to MAHESWARI MANISON leaving riya tensed.

Swara,sanskar and laksh got down from flight and booked a taxi.
Laksh sat in front while swara and sanskar occupied back seats. Swara is irritated listing ‘switch off’ for the ..actually she too didn’t remember the number of calls.sanskar became worried for swara and also for laksh.
Sanskar: don’t worry swara. We will find her.
Swara: I have talked to ma two days ago. She didn’t inform anything about ragini’s decision then.
Sanskar: may be she too doesn’t know about it.
Swara: I know my sister sanskar. She will never take decisions on her own. I think there is some big issue behind this.
Laksh was listening to each and every word of swara. He closed his eyes in pain and stared remembering their moments.
He came to his senses by sudden break applied by driver. He was about to scold him but realised that they reached college.
Swara and Laksh started running to reception as if they were in race. Sanskar became worried by seeing them I’m that situation.
Sanskar: ( to himself) please God! Do something. I can’t see them in pain. Where are you ragini!!
Swara: do you have any student named ragini gadodia studying here?
Receptionist: wait a minute mam. I will check.
She took five minutes to surf the entire list in computer and turned towards swara.
Receptionist: sorry mam. We don’t have any student with that name.
Swara is shocked listening it. She was feeling an earthquake under her feet.
Swara:( tears rolling from her eyes) what! This cannot happen. Sanskar!! I was Sue till now that she is studying here but…
Laksh:( wiping his tears) MAHESWARI…look for ragini MAHESWARI
Receptionist searched the list again.
Receptionist: sorry sir.
Laksh tried to compose himself.
Laksh: thank-you mam.
The trio left the place.
Laksh started crying bitterly. swara is lost in ragini’s thoughts. sanskar is confused swing them as he is in a position where he cannot console anyone between them.
There was a complete silence for two minutes. Swara started speaking in a low voice
Swara: sanskar!!
He looked at her.
Swara:( in low voice)what is happening sanskar. I called to ma two days ago and she informed that dadiji is very happy in Bhubaneswar as he liked it very much. Ragini has got many friends here and she is happy for this. She has almost roamed majority of the places in the city but this receptionist is saying that there is no student named ragini..she started crying.
Sanskar came near to her. Swara involuntarily rested her head on his shoulder.
Sanskar: ( consoling voice) everything will be fine swara. Don’t loose hope.
Swara:( suspiciously) I think there is some mystery behind this sanskar. You know what..in these eight months I have never talked to ragini but texted her many a times. She too replied that they were staying in Bhubaneswar..
Sanskar sighed.
Laksh: ( firm voice) no use bhai. Let’s go to the address mentioned in the envelope.
Swara and sanskar looks on.

Sumi: get ready ragini. We should go for shopping
Ragini opened the blanket covering her face and gave a confused expression.
Sumi:( smiles) I think you forgot dear we must attend paridhi’s wedding tonight.
Ragini smiled and went to washroom to get ready.

Swara,sanskar and laksh reached the address mentioned in the envelope. They are shocked to see the house locked and enquired neighbours.
1st neighbour: ragini.. Sorry but I haven’t heard that name before.
2nd neighbor: shekar..no. I am sure that noone with that Name stayed here. I am a resident of this house from the past 20 years and I am sure about it that noone stayed here.
Swara and Laksh got disappointed.
Swara:( teary eyed) now where will we search for her.
Laksh: ( in a cold voice) she betrayed me but why?? I want to know the reason.
Sanskar: please don’t loose your hope and lucky…if you believe that your love is true then you are going to meet her for sure.
Swara and Laksh looks on.

Riya on phone.
Riya: did you get to know anything about ragini?
Swara: no riya.
Riya: don’t worry didi.you will find her soon.
Swara: I too wish the same.did you reach Jaipur safely?
Riya: yes didi. I came to a shopping mall for shopping as I forgot to bring my formals for tonight’s meeting.
Swara: good! All the best.
Riya: thank-you didi. Bye.
She disconnected the call and looked around to get any shop for her. Just then her eyes widened seeing something. She is unable to believe her eyes. Her brain went blank..finally she murmurmed..
Riya:( hell shocked) ragini!!
She saw ragini carrying bags.
Ragini observed riya from far and tried to hide herself.
Ragini:( to herself) oh God! I think it is riya.what is she doing here. I wish that she hasn’t seen me. Please God make her leave.
Saying this she slowly peeped out from the wall and became relaxed as riya was not there.
Ragini:( to herself) thank god!!
But her happiness was shattered listening someone calling her from back and she is sure that it is not her mother. She slowly turned back and is shocked to see riya standing there.
Screen splits into two showing tensed ragini and angry riya.

PRECAP- attender informs that someone came to meet ragini. Ragini went to college ground and is surprised to see him.
Keep guessing guys.

Credit to: Sree harini

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