SWARAGINI- Limitless love ( Episode 45)


Dont take me wrong guys.. Actually I have seen many commenting to speed up and on that I am hospitalized. So I thought to speed up the track but your love made me to change my decision and I promise that I won’t drag it too much. Love you all. And one more thing…I will try to update four episodes including this by tomorrow evening. Keep reading guys.
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Sanskar entered his room wearing night dress and saw swara staring out through window. His heart knew that she was crying. He slowly turned back and felt like someone was holding his hand. He slowly turned.
Swara:( teary eyed) sanskar!
Sanskar is trying to act as if he is angry with her.
Swara: I..I am sorry sanskar!!
Sanskar:( bursted out) what sorry swara! You didn’t even know how did I felt when you went missing. I thought that something has happened to you or someone might have kidnapped you but..
Swara:( teary eyed) no sanskar! I just thought to tease you but never imagined that you would react like this.
Sanskar: yes! That’s the problem with you. You will never understand me and my feeling.
Swara looks down with guilt while sanskar looked at swara’s cheek where he slapped. He slowly placed his hand on her cheek.swara is moved by this.
Sanskar:( in a low voice) swara! Never do this again. I just cannot bear your separation from me because… He is breathing heavily..
Swara: because your life lies in me.
Sanskar became emotional and hugged swara.
Swara: I am sorry sanskar

Sanskar: I am sorry swara!
Ragini is thinking about laksh. Tears are rolling from her eyes. Just then shekar entered the room.
Shekar: ragini!
Ragini looked at him.
Shekar: you are going to get discharged tomorrow morning and..he paused..as per your wish we are leaving to Jaipur.
Ragini smiled sadly listening to him whole left the room emotionally
few days passed. Ragini is trying to accept the truth that she cannot speak.
Ragini:( to herself) why me God!! Why me! What wrong did I do? Why did you make my life equal to hell. ..she then remembers laksh and starts crying..
Just then swara called her mobile. Sharmista going in that way attended the call.
Swara: hello ragini!
Sharmista: swara beta.
Swara:( worried) why did no one called me ma! When will you return to Kolkata.
Sumi gulped. Ragini featured her to not to say anything.
Sumi:( fake smile) no dear. Actually we planned to stay here with ragini. Your dadagi has fallen in love with this place.
Swara:( surprised) what!
Sumi: ha swara! We will stay here for two years.
Swara:( sad) where is ragini.

Sumi looks at ragini and tears are rolling from he eyes. Ragini understood it.
Sumi:( wiping her tears) she is talking to her friend dear
Swara:( disappointed) okay ma! Bye..
Sumi disconnected the call and left the room
Ragini’s mobile started vibreating again but this time it was laksh.
Ragini is surprised to see his number. She really wanted to talk to him bit she cannot.she wanted to share her problems with him,get pampered by him but..
Laksh kept on calling her. Ragini threw the mobile in frustration. Accidentally it was loudspeakers.
Ragini started crying by burrowing her face in her palms.
Laksh:( emotionally) ragini!
Ragini looked up. His voice made her alive but at the same time she felt like someone is staring her heart. She silently payed attention to his words.
Laksh:( emotionally) would you don’t like to ask about me ragini!! Do you don’t want to know about your husband’s health.
Tears are rolling from her eyes.
Laksh continued..I know that you don’t like me but you confirmed that you…( bitter voice) you don’t even love me.
Ragini- no laksh!

Laksh continued..when I first saw you near the temple,I just decided to make you my partner. When piyush tried to attack you,I have risked my life just to save you cause I know that I won’t survive without you. I was the happiest person on this earth when you have accepted my friendship
Ragini is remembering everything.
Laksh continued: but accidentally I have kissed you and that was the biggest mistake of my life. I felt like someone was hitting me deep inside when you ignored me.but you returned my life..not as a friend or lover but as my bhabhi..he paused…only God has known how I felt that time but still we both managed to unite our siblings.when you said that you will leave for BHUVANESWAR, I really felt like I will miss you forever and proposed you for marriage. I know that you didn’t accept this as per your wish but I am sure that you will feel my love..one day or the other.
He disconnected the phone while ragini started playing sitar.
She is playing sitar but her mind is filled with the memories of laksh. She suddenly stopped playing it and went to the study table.
She took a paper and pen and wrote something.
Ragini: sorry laksh ji. I must do this for our welfare. Tears are rolling from her eyes.

Sanskar entered his room while swara was playing with a baby boy.
Sanskar: hello Mrs MAHESWARI.
Swara didn’t pay attention to him.
Sanskar:( looking at that boy) see pratik.how your chachi is ignoring me.
Parineta: pratik!! What are you doing dear. Saying this she took him in her arms.
Parineta: thank-you for looking after him swara.
Swara smiles while sanskar leaves to washroom.
Sanskar slowly opened the door of washroom.
Sanskar: swara!.
Swara: hm
Sanskar: please give me towel!! I forgot it.
Swara went to him taking towel while he dragged her inside.
Swara:( looking at his towel in waist) cheating Mr. Maheswari
He came close to her.
Sanskar: ni Mrs MAHESWARI.

Swara: shameless you are. See how you are standing in front of me without any shirt.
Sanskar: you are saying as if you are seeing me like this for the first time.
Swara smiled and hitted him at his chest.
Sanskar: ouch! Please don’t beat me there. My angel stays here. If you beat hardly then she may feel the pain.
Swara: oh!!
Sanskar: ha swara! You know what she is very good girl. She always takes care of me ,never ignores me and ah! She never obstructs me from kissing.
He leaned towards her to kiss but she pushed him.
Swara: then kiss her!!
She left the washroom smiling…
Sanskar came out wearing night dress. He was combing his hair and it was then he heard a scream and came to hall.
Laksh is standing at the entrance with luggage.
Laksh:( shouts) swara bhabhi! Swara bhabhi.
Annapurna:( surprised) when did you come laksh.
Lalsk:( irritated) where is bhabhi ma
Swara: here laksh!
Laksh turned back and saw swara meanwhile maheswaris assembled in the hall.
Laksh: what is this bhabhi. What is your sister thinking about me.
Saying this,he gave her a letter.
Swara opened the letter and is surprised after reading it.
Swara:( shocked) what is this Laksh??
Screen freezes at swara’s shocked face and laksh’s irritated face.

PRECAP- sanskar,swara and laksh reached Bhubaneswar.

Credit to: Sree harini

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