SWARAGINI- Limitless love ( Episode 44)


Sorry everyone. I think my fiction is becoming bore. Even many have requested to speed up the track. So I have decided to end this at 50 the episode if pissible before only.Thank-you for all your love and support.
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Ragini is lying on hospital bed. She slowly opened her eyes. Gadodia family was standing around her bed. She saw them crying bitterly.
Sanskar saw a restaurant and tuned back to call swara.
Sanskar: would you like to have a lunch with me Mrs. Maheswari?
He turned back but swara wasn’t there. His heart sank down in fear. His eyes immediately started searching for those three men but found them no where.
Sanskar:( worried) swara!!
His heart started beating fast.he is fearing inside. He tried to enquire about swara but everything went in vain. Swara was observing everything beside the wall.
Swara: sorry sanskar! But I love to see you like this.
Sanskar turned back and swara hides herself.

Ragini tried to ask her mom for their reason of crying. She tried hard but not even a single word came out of her mouth..sumi observed ragini’s try and started crying more bitterly.
Ragini tried to speak out by holding her throat with her hands. All she could manage is to blow the air out.
Tears started rolling From her eyes.she looked at everyone . her eyes were questioning everyone .finally shekar came near to her and spoke.
Shekar:( worried) what happened doctor?
Doctor:( sighed) sorry mister shekar!! Your daughter has lost her voice.
Gadodia family is shocked.
Doctor: I know that it will a shocking news for you but try to accept it. Due to injury in her brain , the nerves got affected which resulted in loosing her voice.
Sumi is collapsed.
Doctor: but you have a way to cure this.
Everyone eyes widened listening.

Doctor: yes! I mean we can get back her voice by a operation but it costs nearly 10 crores.
Everyone are shocked.
Doctor: but there is a problem shekar ji. There are 50-50 chances in that.

Sanskar is searching for swara.suddenly he noticed the three men and approached them.
Sanskar questioned one of them holding his collar.
Sanskar: where is swara?
They all looked each other in confusion. Suddenly sanskar heard someone smiling and he turned back. He is surprised to see swara.
Swara: ( trying to control her laugh) what sanskar ji!! Dar jaye aap.
Sanskar slapped her tightly and dragged her to his bike and reached mm.

Ragini is in tears listening everything.
Shekar: I think we must consult durga Prasad ji for this.
Sumi: you are right shekar!
Tears are rolling from ragini’s eyes.she is thinking about laksh.
Shekar was about to call durga Prasad but ragini interrupted him by gesturing.
Ragini gestured him to give a paper and pen and he handovered it.
Ragini wrote something on it and gave it to shekar. Shekar stated reading it.
Shekar: papa ji! I have never asked you for anything. I didn’t even do anything aganist your wish. But for the first time I am asking a wish…no I am begging you papa please don’t say anything to durga Prasad ji.
Shekar looked at ragini…her eyes are firm .

He continued..ha papa. Please don’t say anything to durga Prasad ji. I know that he will help us but what about laksh papa. I am not saying that he won’t acceme but I mean that I don’t want to become a burden for him. Try to understand me papa. Doctor said that there are 50-50 chances of my cure. I cannot take this step and yes we will shift to Jaipur papa . I have got a seat there also.please keep this as a secret papa. I don’t want even didi to get to know about thos because I am sure that she will find me one day. Please papa fulfill my last wish.
Everyone became teary eyed but accepted for her happiness.
Screen freezes at Ragini’s crying face.

PRECAP- 8 months leap.

Don’t think that I felt bad again.I just took this decision as many asked me to end this asap. I am so sorry that I haven’t described anyone’s feelings but in the upcoming episodes I will try my best to give. Love you all????

Credit to: Sree harini

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  1. What happened shree r u alright? Get well soon…….. u r a amazing writer. I just love your fanfiction

    1. Thank-you Divya. Love you . I am fine now.

  2. Amazing ☺

    1. Thank-you shabrin.

  3. Its ur wish if u want to end it. But after becoming fine u have to write another ff for us.It is humble request. Plzzz

    1. Is the same ruhi who write the devil met his angel. If yes I am honored dear. I thought of ending this soon but now I will continue but this time with everyone’s support.

  4. Dr take care of your health and aftr u gt well pls write some other ff ppls

    1. I will take care of myself dearand I will continue dis one for sure. Love you

  5. Don’t dare to end this ff
    It is my favourite ff

    1. I don’t dare to end this shanaya..because I know that you will kill me…lol I was just joking. Thanks for your love. Love you too.

  6. Sree harini pls this is one of my favorite ff iam a silent reader of this ff I don’t comment as I am lazy pls luv ur ff don’t stop this pls..at least for me don’t stop it..

    1. No yaar,I am not all bothered about comments. Please don’t take me wrong.

    2. Hello everyone!! I am really confused now. I really want to reply everyone but I am not in a position to. Thank-you everyone who wanted me to continue and I will be updating four episodes by tomorrow.I am overwhelmed by your lve,affection towards me. But I am so sorry as o didn’t replied for some comments but it doesn’t mean that I don’t like you. I always love you all who are supporting me from the first and will always support. Thank-you everyone. LOVE YOU ALL

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  7. hey shree, It is my first comment , I am a silent reader, but today i am commenting becoz i like ur ff very much and followed from frst day..
    so don’t make it end soon..

    Btw I don’t know what has happened to you.. But take care dear..
    U have really a good heart, I can feel that by ur ff..

    Nd don’t write till u fully recover.
    I will pray for u…

    Get well soon…:-)

    1. Thank-you so much pavi for your beautiful words. I really felt relieved and refreshed after reading your comment. I love you too.

  8. So sorry dear mera means apka dil dhukane ka nhi tha but maine bs isliye kaha tha k don’t drag so much coz I want some chulbuli talks between raglak n swasan it’s not mean k ap apna ff khatm krden plz don’t do that aik ap ka hi tou ff hai js ka main w8 krti hun saba k ff k ilawa so plz don’t stop writing n again so sorry if my comments hurt you

    1. No hadi..I didn’t feel bad by your comment. I myself took this decision . you don’t feel bad as I cannot spate anyone feeling bad because of me. You didn’t do anything dear. ☺☺☺

  9. Please do not end ur fan-fiction…I am following it deeply…..It is one of the best fan-fiction I have ever read…..Plz do not break our heart…..

    1. I won’t break your heart but everything has an end. I promise you that the last episode will never make you miss my fiction . love you dear.

  10. Heyya see ur ff has a very gripping story especially SwaSan marriage episode was one of the best I ve read even their sacrificing part was awesome u can make readers feel the pain!!! Plzz don’t end it limitless love is 1 of the ffs I wait for!! So sorry to hear that ur not well take care but do continue later we are ready to wait?? plz don’t end it

    1. Thank-you for your love and I am honored. After reading the comments I was almost in tears..I am moved by everyone’s affection.and shradda, I will be back and continue this as before.

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