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Sanskar entered his room and saw swara staring at something.
Swara:( turns back) hello Mr. Maheswari.
Sanskar: I don’t talk to cheaters Mrs. Maheswari.
Swara smiles
Sanskar is observing hr from the mirror
Swara:( teasingly) by the way Mr. Maheswari!! You are looking cute in this picture.
Sanskar’s fore head frowned.
Sanskar: in which one?
Swara: in this one Mr. Maheswari
Swara turned to him showing a picture in album where he was dressed as a girl.
Sanskar: swara!! Where did you get that.
Swara: ( controlling her laugh) I think these clothes sit you better
Sanskar:( irritated) that is my personal album. Please give it back.
Swara:( obediently) sorry Mr. Maheswari. Take it.
She forwards her hands and sanskar comes to take it.
Swara:( withdrawing her hand) but Mr. Maheswari…
She started running
Swara:( smiling) you must try hard to get it.
Sanskar: swara!!
Sanskar started running after her.

Sanskar: please swara
Swara: no sanskar
Sanskar overtook her and stood in front of her holding her hand.
Sanskar: ( breathing heavily) give it to me.
Swara:( breathing heavily) no
Sanskar was coming close to her while swara was stepping back. He pinned her to the wall.
Sanskar:( in a low voice) give it.
Swara: ( staring at his eyes) no
Sanskar:( soft voice) please.
Swara:( closing her eyes) no!
Sanskar slowly placed his hand on her waist.
Swara:( blushing) MAHESWARI!! Leave me.
Sanskar: ( romantically) no way!!
He came close to her. She gulped. The album between them has fallen. Lights off
Train reached the station. Shekar is getting the luggage down.
Ragini: ( holding a bag) yeh lo papa.
Sharmista: ( looking at luggage)1..2..3..4…10

Shekar: sharmista!! Have you counted the number
Sumi: haa ji. Perfect.
Everyone were standing on the platform.
Shekar: I will hire a cab!
Ragini: okay papa
He went out of the station while ragini looked around with happy face.
Ragini:( to herself) finally!! I am here…to continue my dream. Two years ragini two years and after that you will be a graduate.
Suddenly her happiness vanished thinking those two years. She started thinking about laksh.her thoughts were shattered by SHEKAR’S call.
Shekar:I got a cab!! Come everyone
Everyone got into the cab.
Swara was sleeping on sanskar’s shoulder.swara slowly opened her eyes and looked sanskar.she slowly blowed air on his face. His hairs moved a bit by the gentle wind. Swara is just starting him.
Sanskar:( opening his eyes) swara!
Swara: hmm
Sanskar: ( smiles) I think you are getting late.
Swara pushed him and sits.
Swara:( sad voice) you will never allow me to spend time with you
Sanskar:( widening his eyes) what! Me??
Swara: hmm
She makes a face.

Sanskar:( flirting) oh!! So what should I do to impress you Mrs. Maheswari
Swara: Mrs. Maheswari wants to roam this city with her husband on bike.
Sanskar:( bowing) I am here to make you happy.
Swara smiles and sanskar joined her.
Gadodias were travelling in car. Dadaji is sitting before and the others somehow managed at back seat.
Ragini:( excited) papa!! I am really excited to go to college.
Shekar: I am happy for you dear!
Ragini: ha papa and you know what..in these two years I will roam all the city and will do lots of masthi with my new friends.
Sumi: you are here to study okay. Keep that in mind
Ragini became sad.
Dadaji: don’t worry ragini .anyhow we are staying here for a week. We both will hang out!
Dadi:( smiles) ha ragini! We three will go out.
Shekar: me too
Sumi:( sarcastically) I don’t have any other option.
Everyone smiled.
Swara sat on the bike hugging sanskar tightly.

Sanskar: swara! What are you doing..
Swara: hugging my husband. Do you have any problem in that
Sanskar smiled and started riding.
Swara:( looking at kachoris) sanskar ji . please stop here.
Sanskar: kachoris!!
Swara:( smiles) you always read my mind Mr. MAJESWARI.
They went to the shop.
Sanskar and swara were standing opposite to each other. Swara started eating as if she has not eat anything from the past two days.
Sanskar: swara! Eat slowly.
Swara:( with kachoris in her mouth) no sanskar! I can’t. I love them very much.
She suddenly started coughing
Sanskar: ( rubbing her back) see what happened. I will scold you for this only. Can’t you eat slowly.
Swara smiled at his concern

Sanskar is still rubbing her back but hi s eyes started staring at three men who were sitting on bike. They were far away from them and are staring at swara seductively.
Swara: what happened sanskar.
Sanskar felt something wrong with thenm.
Sanskar: nothing swara! Enough of eating kachoris now. Come lets go.
He paid the bill and dragged her from that place.
Swara:( confused) sanskar!
They came to a flower shop
Swara:( smiles looking the flowers) how beautiful they are .. ( turned to sanskar) sanskar!!
Sanskar: but not more than my wife.
Swara: I want them.
Sanskar: sure Mrs.MAHESWARI.
Swara is selecting the flowers while sanskar observed the three men coming towards her. He slowly came towards swara and stood beside her by covering her from the sight of them.
Swara:( confused) what happened sanskar! You are looking a bit tensed
Sanskar: ( trying to smile) nothing dear. Are you happy?
Swara smiles in yes while sanskar took her away from the place but is watching the three men from corner of his eye.
Swara:( to herself) what has happened to him today. He is behaving wierdly. ( smiles) but I love his care.

Sanskar:( to himself) I must take away swara from the sight of those three men. They are just starting at her as if they are going to eat. I must protect her..
Swara and sanskar are walking on the road. Sanskar’s arm has wrapped swara and they are close to each other. Swara is enjoying his company.
The car has stopped suddenly
Shekar: what happened??
Driver: I think that the tyre got pictures sir.
Sumi:( irritated) what!!
Everyone got down from the car.
Driver: look at the back tore sir it has got punctured.
Shekar: how much time does it take to get repair?
Driver: I have a spare one sir. It may take half an hour.
Shekar sighed and looked around. It was a bit DESSERTED AREA with green fields around. The fresh breeze from the plants made him to forget his stress.
Ragini took a deep breath to enjoy the Smell of earth..
Sumi: ( looking around) beautiful place

Ragini: papa and ma! Please stand here. I will take a photograph of yours.
Shekar and sharmista stood side by side and ragini was trying to capture them in her digital camera. Dada and dadi are busy in enjoying the weather while driver was changing the tire.
Ragini:ma!! Come close to papa.
Sumi moved a bit.
Ragini:( smiles) perfect!
She stepped back in order to capture them along with the background.
Ragini: smile….
Just then a car which was coming in that road dashed ragini.
Ragini:( surprised) ma!!!!
Everyone are shocked.
Ragini fell down on road unconscious. She was bleeding.
Everyone ran towards her.
Sumi:( crying) ragini!! Ragini!
Shekar tried to lift her butis shocked to see blood oozing out from ragini’s head.
Dadi: ( tensed) lado! Please open your eyes.
The car left the place without stopping.
Everyone are tensed and ragini is unconscious.
Screen freezes at unconscious Ragini.

PRECAP: ragini is lying on hospital bed. She slowly opened her eyes and is shocked to see her family weeping bitterly. In kolkata, sanskar slaps swara.

Credit to: Sree harini

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