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Shekar:( shocked) what are you saying ji
Durga Prasad: ji. My son wants to marry ragini
Sumi:( happy) I agree for this relation shekar ji and I am sure that we cannot bring a better match than this.
Dadaji: actually it is a shocking news for us but still I too agree with sharmista.
Shekar:( comes near ragini) ragini beta. Don’t listen to anyone. Decide yourself. Listen to your heart.
Ragini is lost in thoughts.
Durga prasad,: I know ragini!! I know that you are thinking about your studies right.
Ragini looked at durga Prasad. Her eyes widened listening to his words.
Durga Prasad:( smiles) laksh will marry you only after finishing your M.SC. I promise.
Shekar: decision is yours dear.
Ragini:( in a low voice) what do you think about this papa.
Shekar: I will be happy if you accept it but please decide yourself.
Ragini: papa..parents decide for the welfare of their children. If everyone is happy with this then…I agree
Laksh is unable to believe his ears. He was shouting inside in joy.
Swara: ( hugging ragini) I am happy for you dear.
Everyone smiles

Riya: so you are getting married to the most handsome and flirty person of the city.
Ragini:( packing her bags) why are you feeling jealous.
Riya: why will I??
Ragini smiles.
Riya: but ragini..you both were enemis right!! Then how did you accept this.
Ragini: yes riya. We both were enemis but not now. If it comes to matter of marriage then anyhow my parents will marry me after my masters degree. I thought that it would be better to marry a person whom I know rather than to a stranger
Riya: so you don’t have any feeling for him.
Ragini:no….she said no but somewhere inside her heart she is jumping out of joy. She is really feeling proud to be the wife of a person on whom every girl falls.
Riya: ( confused) but how?? You are typical
Ragini:( smiles) I believe in love after marriage and I am sure that I will start loving him after our marriage.
Riya: but you stole my dream if loving him.
Ragini smiles proudly.

Laksh is jumping on his bed with excitement.
Sanskar: lucky..don’t behave like a mad person okay.
Laksh gets down and hugged sanskar.
Laksh:( happy) bhai! You can’t even imagine my happiness now. That happiness when you are getting married to your love.
Swara: laksh ji!
Laksh: ji bhabhi.
Swara: bade papa was saying that you will get engaged to my sister tomorrow.
Laksh: ( surprised) what!!
Swara: I mean you both are getting engaged tomorrow morning and will leave KOLKATA by evening.
Laksh again starts jumping.
Sanskar: swara! Leave him. He has become mad
Swara smiles.

Ragini: ( looking at luggage) 1..2..3..4oh! Where are my certificates.
Sumi:( happy) ragini beta!! You are going to get engaged tomorrow.
Ragini:( shocked) what!!
Sumi: durga Prasad ji has informed. He said that it would be better to get engaged as you both will be in a relationship.
Ragini: hmm
Sumi: he means that you both will not distract to any other person.
Ragini:( in a low voice) hmm.
Sumi:( irritated) what hmm. I was saying this with such am excitement and you are not even responding.
She turns ragini to her side.
Sumi: you are getting engaged dear. Atleast pay attention to that
Ragini:( irritated) okay ma! Please leave me alone.
Sumi is surprised to see her reaction but left the place
Ragini: everyone is happy regarding my engageebuy I don’t feel anything…paused for sometime…( smiles) actually I am feeling something for him but I don’t know what it is. I am feeling restless by the thought that i wont seee him for two years.
She remembers their first meet and smiles.

Swara: sanskar ji!! Please get up soon.
Sanskar:( sleeping on bed) no I won’t.
Swara:( surprised) but why??
Sanskar:( sarcastically) swara. If you remember,we were married just two days ago.
Swara: so!!
Sanskar:( irritated) you are so disgusting..I mean you are not romantic.
Saying this he gets up from the bed and goes to washroom to get fresh.
Sanskar comes out wearing a pink color sherwani.
Sanskar: ( looking himself in mirror) perfect sanskar! You are looking handsome today ( disappointed tone) but of no use. Your wife is really a dumbo
Suddenly he realizes that someone is bugging her from back.
Sanskar:( in a low voice) Swara!
Swara: shh
Sanskar turned towards her and is stunned to see her in blue colour saree.
Sanskar:( husky voice) you are looking beautiful.
Swara: not more than you.
Sanskar: offo..you even know to flirt.
Swara:( smiles) I even know how to romance.
Sanskar smiles. Swara gets closer to him.she gets more closer and kisses him on his cheek.
Sanskar: ( disappointed) this is cheating.
Swara:( opening the door) sorry patidev! I need to go down now.
Swara leaves the room while sanskar smiles.

Sujatha: ( worried) swara! Did you call your father. When will they arrive?
Swara: ( smiles) yes ma! They will reach with in 10 minutes.
Laksh comes down weraing green sherwani.
Uttara:( teasingly) bhayya!! You are really looking.. Looking .
Laksh: ( adjusting his hair) hmm looking handsome.
Uttara: no.. You are looking so dumb I mean ..
Laksh holds her ears
Uttara: ouch! It’s paining.
Laksh: it should. No sy me uttara how am I looking?
Uttara: you..you..frees herself …you are always dumb.
Laksh smiles.
Just then gadodia family entered the hall.
Annapurna: pleas come in ji.
Dadaji: namaste ji.
Laksh is looking…sorry searching for ragini.
Durga Prasad: where is ragini shekar ji?
Shekar:( smiles) she is coming with her mom.
Durga Prasad: okay.
Laksh got irritated listening to it.
Sanskar: namaste papa,dadi,dadaji.
He took blessings from everyone and came near laksh.
Sanskar: for whom are you searching bhai.
Laksh:( acts) shy will I search for anyone.
Sanskar:( teasingly) I know laksh.
Laksh:( blushes) bhai.
Sanskar:( confused) what laksh! You even know to blush
Laksh looks at sanskar
Sansjar;: I mean it doesn’t look good when boys blush.
Just then ragini entered the hall along with sharmista.
Laksh is stunned seeing her red lehenga.
Pandit ji: lets start the function.
Everyone assemble in the hall. Laksh pits ring to ragini’s finger staring at her. Ragini also made him wear the ring but looks uninterested.
Everyone are happy for them.

Sumi: ragini did you take everything?
Ragini: yes ma! But why are you worrying. Anyhow your are coming with me right!
Sumi: yes but ..
Shekar: come on sumi. We are getting late.
Sumi lockd the door and everyone gets inside the car.

Annapurna:( crying) please take care laksh.
Laksh:( irritated) mom! Please stop crying. You are behaving as if I am a school kid going to excersion.
Annapurna: you will never understand my feelings.
Laksh: ma!
Sanskar: leave it laksh. All the best.
He hugs Laksh laksh bide bye to everyone but his heart is filled with ragini. He wanted to talk to her,listen her voice but he is helpless as mobiles are not allowed in aeroplanes.

Swara:( crying) ma! Don’t forget to call me okay. Papa you also.
Shekar: shy are you crying as if we are leaving you forever. We will be back in a week dear.
Ragini: didi..I will miss you a lot.
Swara hugs ragini and cries.
Dadi: get in shekar! We are getting late.
Everyone entered the coach leaving swara on the platform. The train started moving..swara was staring at them till they were out of her sight. Later she left.
Ragini is staring outside.she is feeling a pain of separation in her heart. The reason was laksh.
Ragini:( to herself) I have many times went out of KOLKATA but this time I am really feeling bad…she looks at the temple road…laksh!! When I first time met you here,I never dreamed that you will become a part of my life. I am missing you badly but I don’t know the reason.
She closed her eyes thinking about laksh but she is unaware of the problem that is going to change her life completely….destiny is planning something else.

PRECAP- gadodia family reached Bhubaneswar and hired a cab.on the way,ragini got down from the car while another car dashed her. She fell unconscious on the road. Everyone are shocked.

Credit to: Sree harini

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