SWARAGINI- Limitless love ( Episode 4)

Dadi: swara,ragini get up
Swara: ( pulls the blanket) bus 2 min dadima
Dadi: swara if you don’t practice to get up early then how about your sasural.
Ragini: (i n sleepy voice) dadi we will think when swara didi vets married but don’t spoil our sleep now.
Sumi enters
Sumi: maa.shekar ji has brought something yesterday night to gift swaragini- but didn’t gave itas they were asleep. He has sent me now to call these girls but they are still..
Swaragini jumps out the bed listening this and runs to shekar
Ragini: papa what did you bring for us
Swara: batao na
Shekar:( in confused expression) what?? What did I bring for you..I think you both had a dream and didn’t came out of it and so you are asking me this stupid question.

All the three turn back listening sumi’s smile
Ragini: maa yeh apne kiya??
Sumi: (victoriously) yes I am your mom and I know how to tackle with you
Swaragini makes a face
Sumi: stop acting. Go and get fresh now.
Dadaji: shekar I have informed Prasad Uncle about swara’s marriage and he made me to talk with durga Prasad maheswari who is one of the famous industrialist. Moreover he is a common friend and so they have promised to visit us today evening.

Dadi: (shocked) what today evening!! I have many works to do. Sumi come with me. We have to make lot of preparations..
Shekar: ji papa but I saying now itself that swaras decision will be final regarding marriage.
Swaragini comes down.
Shekar: swara mujhe tuhjse kuch jaroori bat karna hai.
Swara: ji papa
Shekar is about to say but dadaji interferes

Dadaji: I will say it shekar. Actually swara your mom ans grandmom are a bit worried about your banglore trip.so they thought that it would be better to….dadaji is trying to say but his words get stuck seeing swara innocent face who is excited about her career..
Shekar: they decided to marry you with a banglore resident guy..
Swara’s smile vanished. She is shocked listening this
Swara: but papa..
Sumi: I know swara that you will never accept for this and thinks that my mom is so foolish but I am worried about you and if its the matter of marriage then anyhow you should marry so it will be better for you to marry before leaving
Swara: ( to herself) mom how can think this foolishly?? I was not expecting this mom bit I can’t even reject elders words .. What should I do now..

She is thinking about her career plans ,her independent life and in middle of thoughts she even remembered sanskar..
Swara: okay dadaji but on one condition
Everyone is shocked
Swara: I am not going to marry now itself ..as per your wish I will meet him and his family members and if you like them then I am ready for engagement even but marriage will after my return from banglore..
Sumi and dadi tries to convince swara but dadaji interrupt
Dadaji: I have promised shekar that your decision will be final in this matter so I am with you in this decision.
Swara smiles fakely As she has agreed this proposal only for her family happiness

Natasha: hey swara why are you looking so dull
Swara:( in a low voice) nothing as such
Natasha: but your eyes ae saying that you are hiding something
Swara: (this girl is not going to leave me) actually my father has decided that I must get married when I return from banglore
Natasha: (smiles) you can agree nah
Swara: stop it naty. You know about me right. I want to lead an independent life atleat a year but

Natasha: then I have an idea..anyway the boy may ask you to talk in personal with him…
Swara:(confused) so??
Natasha: explain your thoughts to him
Swara: if he doesn’t agree
Natasha:( angry) first talk to him
Swara stares at her
Shekar: maa is everything fine?
Dadi: yes shekar I have arragend everything
Sumi: but where is swara?
Ragini: voh aati Hi hogi.let’s so preparations to welcome the bridegroom’s family

Just then durga Prasad enters the BAADI with his family
Dadaji: durga Prasad ji namaate. Please come inside.
All maheswaris enter the house and ragini greets everyone
Durga Prasad: ji namaste.she is my life Annapurna, that is my brother ram Prasad along with his wife sujatha.this is my elder son adarsh and my other son is in states.she is our elder bahu parineeta and that is uttara,daughter of ram Prasad.
Dadi is seeing everyone but is confused
Dadi: ji..where is the bridegroom?
Sujatha: woh actually he is my son but he has an urgent meeting so he has not attended.
Dadi: but how can we confirm without him??
Dp: don’t worry our son will never go aganist us.
Ragini hears the conversion and runs to swara who is getting ready.

Ragini: swara woh…
She becomes speechless seeing swara’s beauty
Ragini: didi..you looking cute..if the guy sees you nah then for sure he will be back of you
Swara smiles fakely and thinks that she must talk to him at any cost and settsle the matter.
Ragini: what didi..you are thinking about his expressions nah but of no use
Swara looks shocked
Ragini: yes didi. A bad news for you.the bridegroom has not come as he has to attend some important meeting..I know that you will be…..
Ragini is still talking but swara’s mind and heart are not ready to accept as they were filled by only one thing that how can she convince him?? How can lead her life as per her wish?? Will she able to succeed or will marry him by shattering her dreams. The thoughts made her restless
Screen freezes at happy face if ragini and worried face if swara
I know that this was not that good but I will try my best to impress you..thank-you everyone

PRECAP: Sugatga says to dp that she has an object tion for bride

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  1. Can you make a little big your ff… otherwise content is awesome..

  2. it’s cool …continue please don’t make sujata a typical Indian mother in law who opposes swara’s dreams instead u make like sujata’s objection is swara should continue with her dreams so swara cannot deny for engagement with sanskar…………..am so sorry , it’s just my opinion……..if felt bad i am really sorry…….u are doing good , continue plz

  3. So it is sanky only

  4. Thank-you akku,kaira and akshita. I will try to make a big one kaira. And akshitha thank-you for your advise but you will have a little twist here

  5. Nice plot. Interested in knowing how the marriage will take place and under what circumstances..
    Try to make it interesting without any negative character. Because I am fed up of the negative character, planning and plotting in the real story.
    You can add hurdles to which both of them will overcome together by trusting each other and which will make their relationship stronger and stronger.
    These are my suggestions. I am sorry if u don’t like it.
    This track is very good, keep going. 🙂

  6. Nice

  7. nice story its interesting
    waiting for the next update

  8. and thankzz for making it swasan 🙂

  9. Amazng cant wait for ur nxt update

  10. Thankq tani,surbhi,hayathi,amilu and anuradha for loving my fiction. Thank-you tani for your advice and I will the trust between them but you may see their love before that.

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