SWARAGINI- Limitless love ( Episode 38)


Yipee!! Thank-you so much guys for your love. My first 50+ comment episode and I just don’t have any words to express my happiness. As swasan are united, the love story of ragini and laksh will start( my favourite). I hope that you will shower your love in the same way and support me till the last episode. And one more thing..I am really bad at writing romantic moments. Please forgive me. Deva nandhi!! Where are you dear? I have uploaded the episode as you were requesting me. If you read this then comment
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Ragini comes downstaris.
Sumi: where is swara
Ragini:( smiles) she is still sleeping ma
Dadi:( sarcastically) I am sure that this girl is going to ruin my name before that maheswaris.
Sumi and ragini smiles. Someone knocks the door.
Ragini: I will see ma.
Ragini opened the door and is surprised to see durga Prasad ji along with Annapurna,laksh and sanskar.
Annapurna: how are you beta
Ragini: I am fine badi ma. Please get in.
Everyone comes inside.
Durga Prasad: actually our pandit ji has given three auspicious days for marriage. I thought that it would be better if we inform you.
Dadi: ( smiles) what is there in our hands ji. Everything depends on swara’s decision as this is her marriage.
Annapurna: then call her.
Sumi: she is sleeping ji.
Ragini: ma! I will wake her
Laksh: ( teasingly) no ragini.. Bhai wants to..
Sanskar looks laksh with fake anger
Ragini: ha jiju. I think he is right.
Sanskar goes to SWARAGINI bedroom

sanskar enters the bedroom. Swara is sleeping by covering herself with blanket expect face. Sanskar sat beside her.
Sanskar:( affectionate voice) shona!
Saying this he places his hand on swara’s forehead.
Swara wakes up
Swara: ( shocked) sanskar!!!
Sanskar: haa
Swara:( worried) what are you doing here! I mean how did you come?
Sanskar: ( acts) actually I wanted to see you and I came

Swara: what happens if anyone see you here.
Sanskar: let them.
Ragini enters the room.
Swara is shocked. Swara: ra..ragini
Sanskar winks at her. Ragini understands the situation and acts.
Ragini: sanskar ji! What are you doing here.
Swara: please don’t tell it to anyone.
Ragini: I must didi. And I didn’t expect this from you.
Saying this ragini went downstairs followed by swara. Sanskar smiles seeing them
Ragini: ma!! Ma! See what didi has done.
Swara: ragini..no .please
Swara comes down and us shocked to see everyone. Everyone are equally shocked seeing her attire as she was wearing a night dress
Swara understood the situation.
Swara: ( embarrassed voice) I..I will come in 10minutes.
She leaves the place while sanskar comes down. Swara comes after15minutes .
Durga Prasad: swara beta ..we have chosen three days for your marriage . so now you should select one from them.
Swara:( looking at sanskar) okay papa.
Durga Prasad: okay ..one is after 4days,other is after 10 days and other is in next month.
Swasan in unison: after 4days bade papa.
Everyone started smiling while sanskar and swara felt embarrassed.

Ragini is drying clothes.laksh comes there.
Ragini:( smiles) hello laksh. Do you want anything?
Laksh: no
Ragini smiles
Laksh: friends ragini.
Ragini:( thinks for a while) okay laksh ji..oops devar ji.
Laksh:( shocked) what devar!! Ragini
Ragini: yes ji. I think you didn’t get the logic. Let me explain.what will be your sister’s friend
Laksh: sister.
Ragini: brothers friend
Laksh: brother
Ragini: bhabhis sister.
Laksh: bhabhi…nothis is cheating.
Ragini: see you have accepted it.
Laksh:( makes a face) this is cheating!!
Ragini bursts out laughing.
Ragini: I was just kidding….laksh.
Laksh:( relieved,) thank god..friends?
Ragini: but on two conditions.
Laksh: what?
Ragini: one is that you must not say to anyone about that day..
Laksh understood it.
Laksh: done
Ragini: second is that you must atleat maintain 10 inches gap from me.
Laksh stood up and walked ten inches.
Laksh: I’d this distance okay madam.
Ragini: good..keep it up.
Laksh smiled. Ragini too joined him.

Gadodias went to shopping mall for shopping as there was less time for marriage. Coincidentally maheswaris came there.
Swara and ragini were shopping sarees.
Swara: ( in a loud voice) ma! Ma!
Sumi: ( irritated) what happened swara. Why are you shouting.
Swara( looking at sanskar who is sitting back of sumi) how is this saree mim. I mean how is it on me.
Sumi: beautiful swara.
Sanskar:( lip moment) no
Swara: I didn’t like this ma…she took another one…how is this ma?
Sumi: good swara.
Sanskar nods his head in no.laksh observed this .
Laksh: ragini..look at you jiju.
Ragini looks them and smiles.
Swara: how is this ma?
Sumi:( irritated) don’t irritate me swara. You are not liking the one which I choose.
Sanskar again nods in no.
Swara takes another one without seeing it.
Swara: ma!
Sanskar gestures that it is looking good
Swara: I will take this ma.
Sumi:( surprised) what this!!
Swara looked at the dress. It was a one piece. She immediately thrown it.sanskar started laughing.
Ragini: didi. Select in your own. Don’t depend in him.
Swara blushes.
Ragini: ma. Pass some sarees.
Laksh: swara bhabhi..pass this one too
Swara looks at the saree.
Swara: but ragini don’t like this colour.
Laksh: mat be she dint like this colour but I know that she will definitely choose this.
Swara: so you say that you know more about her than me.
Laksh: please bhabhi
Swara passes.
Ragini:( looking at saree selected by laksh) wow! I just loved it.
Swara: but you don’t like that colour na
Ragini: ha didi but the embroidery is awesome. ( turns to salesman) please pack this one. Swara looks suspicious.

Sumi: ragini! Did you inform the address to that mehindi aunty?
Ragini: haa ma!!
Mehinidi aunty: namaste ji. Who is sharmista here.
Ragini: please come in aunty. She is my mom.
Swara comes downstairs wearing yellow lehenga .
Ragini: didi you are looking pretty today
Swara smiles.she sits for mehimdi.
Ragini dances.
Mehinidi aunty: so swara..what is your husbands name.
Swara blushes.
Ragini:( teasingly) say it didi
Swara:( in a low voice) sanskar.
Mehindi aunty writs his name.
Ragini: autny. Write in such a way that jiju must get tired in searching it.
Mehindi aunty: sure.

Sanskar is lost in SWARAS thoughts.
Laksh:( teasingly) enough of thinking about bhabhi sanskar. Please come to this world.
Sanskar:( smiles) no laksh. I was not thinking about her.
Uttara: leave him bhayya. Why are you teasing him.
Parineta: no uttara. This is the perfect time to play with him. We can’t do this afterwards cause if once swara enters the house then he will be back of her.
Laksh: true bhabhi. Then he will forget about everyone.
Sanskar: no bhabhi. I will respect you,love you the same after marriage also.
Aadarsh: this doesn’t suit you infact I too said the same but did I follow it.
Parineta:( blushes) stop it ji
Sujatha: I have confidence on my sin. He won’t do like that.
Sanskar:( childish voice) thank-you ma for trusting me. These all belong to same group.
Uttara: offo..
Everyone smiles
Screen freezes

PRECAP: swasan marriage.

Sorry guys for short update. Will be back with another episode..long one

Credit to: Sree harini

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