SWARAGINI- Limitless love ( Episode 37)

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Ring exchanging ceremony is finished.
Pandit ji performed some pooja and declared that engagement is finished.
Laksh started laughing.
Annapurna: what happened laksh!!
Ragini joined him. Everyone are confused . she opened her veil and went near swara.
Ragini: hey buddy!! Just look to whom you got engaged
Swara opened her veil and is shocked to see sanskar standing in front of her.
Sanskar is shocked too
Sumi:( angry) what is this ragini
She approached her and slapped.
Sumi: is marriage a joke for you?
Durga Prasad: don’t scold her sharmista ji. I was also with her in this plan.
Laksh: ha ma, a tually we trio planned this.
Everyone are shocked.
Ragini came near swara.
Ragini: what did you think that I won’t get to know about you
Swara is still in a trans.
Ragini: you know what.!! I heard you saying that you love sanskar ji.
Swara is shocked.

1. At the time of SWARAGINI fight, ragini went out of the room with blanket but she stood beside the wall. Swara unaware of this said that she was laying for her selfishness by losing her love,sanskar.
Ragini vo: I doubteed that day didi but I just wanted to clarify. So I have asked you to propose sanskar instead of laksh in that game
Swara gulped.
Ragini continued..I became sure after listening your proposal. I have even observed sanskar ji. He was moved by your words.
Then Tara called you

2. Tara called swara saying that she is happy for their relationship.
Ragini vo: I received the call. She was assuming me to be you and said that she is happy for you as you won your love. And being an intelligent girl, I too acted. I was just waiting for a perfect moment to disclose..

Durga Prasad vo: then she came to room yesterday night.
Durga Prasad: okay beta. I will make arrangements for your studies.
Ragini: papa
Durga Prasad: don’t hesitate beta.
Ragini: papa..woh..swara loves sanskar.
Durga Prasad:( surprised) what are you saying?
Ragini: yes papa and I want you to accept their relationship
Durga Prasad: but your are going to get engaged
Ragini: I know papa but I really want my sisters happiness..
Durga Prasad: okay then. But what about Laksh
Ragini: I will try to convince him. But this must be between us.
Laksh vo: but unfortunately I heard their conversation.
Laksh: what are you saying ragini!!
Ragini and dp are shocked to see him.
Laksh: I am asking something. Please answer me.
Ragini: ha laksh. My sister loves your brother.
Laksh:( sighs) then we must make a plan.
Durga Prasad: but I think we must ask swara.
Ragini: no papa,she will not accept.
Laksh: ragini is right! We must plan….idea!
Ragini:( widened eyes) what!
Laksh: we will interchange the pairs.
Ragini: good one..looks at durga Prasad.
Durga Prasad: I will be with you in your plan

Laksh: and according to the plan we changed your place.
Swara eyes are filled with tears. She is feeling guilty somewhere deep inside her heart.
Ragini: what is this swara. You were ready to sacrifice your love for me. How did you think that I will be happy with this in which your pain lies..
Swara:( emotional) no ragini. I think you have mistaken.yes we were friends buy I never loved him. I am happy with my decision of marring laksh.
Shekar Is remembering something.

Yesterday night..when ragini went to mm
Swara came to SHEKAR’S room
Swara:( heavy voice) papa!
Shekar: has beta.
Swara: why do you have so much trust on me?
Shekar: not on you dear..I trust my upbringing. It won’t let you do any wrong thing.
Swara:( teary eyed) I will never let someone point out you papa. I will be your price.
Saying this she huuged shekar.
Shekar: I think you became emotional as you are getting married. Take rest dear. Everything will be fine.

Shekar: you are lying swara
Swara is shocked
Swara: no papa.
Shekar: say the same looking into SANSKAR’S eyes.
She turned to sanskar but she didn’t had enough courage to look into his eyes because she know that she cannot lie to him.
Sanskar: enough everyone. I have neither loved swara nor will live in future. And laksh please stop this drama.

A voice: what are you trying to prove sanskar!
Everyone turned to the entrance. Swara and sanskar are shocked to see Tara.
Tata: what are you trying to prove??
Sanskar kept silent while swara looked ragini suspiciously
Ragini: you may be confused thinking that I said Tara is busy and she won’t be able to attend…right!
Swara nodded
Tara: yes. Actually I was busy and called to inform the same. But your sister received the call.

Ragini: pleas Tara. You should attend this at any cost
Tara:( confused) but why?
Ragini: because swara is not getting engaged to sanskar. Instead to his brother.
Tara:( shocked) what! But sanskar didn’t mention this.
Ragini: you must come tomorrow to disclose their matter.
Tara: sure dear.

Sanskar: no Tara.you are mistaken
Tara:( smiles) mistake. Okay in your opinion I mistook your friendship as love. Then how about abhay? The servant of your house?
Sanskar remained silent as he didn’t had any answers for her questions.
Tara:( turned to family) I was evidence for their love. Sanskar was a workaholic person. He was so stirict,discipline guy. But I have observed a drastic change In his behaviour when swara and sanskar become friends. He used to behave wierdly in the office. But one day he suddenly left the office. Swara asked me to enquire.
Sanskar looked at swara while she avoided eye contact.

Tara continued
Tara: then I went to his house and got to know everything there. I have seen kavitha’s photos even.his servant explained about SANSKAR’S past disclosure and swara’s reaction. Later I managed to contact abhay and…
Swara: I accept that I was back of him. But it was attraction..purely attraction. I just had a crush on him.
Tara: no swara. It is love. That’s the reason why you are lying to me now.
Turned towards sanskar.
Tara: the problem is that you both love each other and are not aware of its depth. If it was crush,then you wouldn’t have sacrificed your life and love for your family. Sacrifice happens in love not in infatuation..and as your sister it is my duty to unite you with swara and I am here for that.
Sumi( teary eyed) sorry ragini.
Ragini: ni ma Anyone would have slapped me if they were in your position.
Sumi: swara. I don’t have any objection for your love. Accept him beta.
Annapurna: yes swara. You both are made for each other.
Sujatha: sorry swara. I now realized my mistake of rejecting you at that time. Please accept beta. Please become my bahu.
Parineta: you both are equally compatible to each other.and I am really impressed for your sacrifice I mean you were ready to think about our happiness.
Dadi: and now its our turn to return.
Swara: my happiness lies in yours ragini.
Ragini: then accept him didi.
Swara hugged ragini and started crying
Ragini: didi
Swara: I am sorry ragini. I was selfish.

Ragini: yes you were selfish but I was also included in that. I mean you wanted my happiness and you are selfish in that way.
Sanskar: ( heavy voice) then how about you?
Ragini: sanskar ji..oops jiju I have Never loved you as I strongly believe in love after marriage. I have accepted this relation just for my sister and how can I ruin her life ??
Sanskar eyed her emotionally.
Laksh: enough of this drama now. Everything is happy now. Please all of you smile.
Uttara: yes bhai is correct. Swara bhabhi you don’t look good while crying
Swara and sanskar smiles.
Swara: but how about this ragini??…pointing towards her wedding ring
Ragini: oh! This one. Actually we tricked didi. Mein khud pehnli thi!
Laksh: ha bhabhi. You sister is really intelligent.and what you thought that we both got engaged.. No way. I cannot bear her.
Swara: ( smiles) that’s true.
Ragini: aww this is injustice. You all became one.
Everyone smiled happily. Swara and sanskar were staring into each others eyes.
Laksh: we have a gift for you bhai.

He gifts them while sanskar and swara opens it with great enthusiasm.
It was a wooden block on which swasan’s photo was printed and was written SWASAN beside it.
Swara: ( teary eyed) thank-you so much.
Sanskar: thank-you lucky. He hugged laksh.
Uttara: finally..everything is happy now. So sanskar bhayya..propose bhabhi (winks)
Swara and sanskar looked at each other and smiled
Swasan in unison: ( happy) love doesn’t need any confession. It is felt by heart.
Tara: and you both proved it.
Sujatha: its time for a family photo.
Everyone gathered. Swara and sanskar were standing side by side. Ragini pushed swara towards sanskar while laksh pushed him towards swara. They both collided and smiled happily.
Screen freezes at family photo.


Credit to: Sree harini


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