SWARAGINI- Limitless love ( Episode 36)


Hello everyone. I know that many will hope that I am going to unite swasan but not in this episode. Actually I am free today and so I have uploaded three episodes. I am trying to potarait emotions of every charecter. Please don’t feel bad if you don’t like this episode. I will upload the next episode tomorrow.. By night
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Sanskar and laksh are restless thinking their love while others are restless as they were doing preparations.
Laksh entered SANSKAR’S ROOM
Sanskar: what are you doing laksh?
Laksh: nothing bhai! I just wanted to talk to you
Sanskar: with me!
Laksh hugged sanskar
Sanskar:( surprised) are you okay
Laksh:( teary eyed) true bhai..there is life after love but not love.
Sanskar:( confused) what happened!!
Laksh breaks the hug.
Laksh: I just wanted to share this.
He left the room.
Sanskar: I think everyone is depressed seeing me dull. I must cheer up
Sanskar went to Annapurna room.
Sanskar: ( cheerful) what are you doing badi ma
Annapurna: ( surprised) are you okay. I mean should I comsult any doctor for you?
Sanskar: ( makes a face) so you want me to be dull always
Annapurna: ( comes to sanskar) I will never wish that even in dreams.
Sanskar: that’s like a good ma!
Annapurna raises her eyebrows.
Uttara comes there with many dresses
Uttara:( confused) ma!! What I must wear tomorrow?
Laksh: ( teasingly) why will you take tension uttara. Anyway you don’t look good in any dress.

She starts running back of laksh. Sanskar and Annapurna smiles.
Sanskar:( holds uttara) why are you becoming angry on him. Think once..you will realize that his words are true.
Uttara:(sad) bhayya!
She makes a face and leaves the room. Laksh follows her
Annapurna: why are you teasing her like that.
Sanskar:( smiles) because she is the only princess of maheswari.
Annapurna: ( smiles) you guys are typical.
Sanskar hugs Annapurna.
Annapurna: what happened beta? Are you thinking about some one?
Sanskar: my love
Annapurna: ( smiles) past is past. Kavitha will not return. Try to accept it.
Sanskar breaks the hug.
Sanskar: ma. Last time you all accepted her for my happiness and now its my duty to return your happiness.
Annapurna:( confused) what?
Sanskar: (smiles) nothing ma. I just became emotional thinking sw..kavitha.
He leaves the room.

Swara enters the to and sees ragini arranging bed.
Swara: ragini
Ragini: hm
Swara: I am sorry ragini.
Ragini:( surprised) why didi?
Swara:( crying) I have ruined your life.
Ragini:( sighs) no didi. I was in frustration that day. Why will you ruin my life. You are elder to me and in every decision you will check my welfare.
Swara looks at ragini with tears.
Ragini: what is this didi. Don’t cry like a child. There will be small fightongs between us but it will help in increasing our love.
Swara: I really wanted you to be happy dear. I know that MAHESWARI is a good match but sujatha ma has rejected me. I thought that atleat you will be happy.

Ragini:( irritated) didi! If you speak this again then I am going to kill you..for sure.
Swara smiles and hugs.
Swara: I can do anything for your happiness. Ragini smiles
Ragini: I know
Sumi:( shouts from hall) swara and ragini. Come down
Ragini:( shouts) ma SWARAGINI are coming not swara and ragini
Swara smiles and goes down while ragini is arranging the bed.

Swara: ( shouts)ragini come fast! Fast!
Ragini came running
Ragini:(worried) what happened didi.is everything fine?
Swara:( sad) no !!
Ragini: please don’t kill me with tension.
Swara bursts out laughing.
Swara:( excited) ragini! You got M.Sc seat in Bhubaneswar ..
Ragini:( surprised) what!!
Swara: read this letter
Ragini starts jumping in excitement.
Sumi: I am really happy for you.
Ragini:( smile vanished) but I am not
Sumi: why?
Ragini: I need to convince durga Prasad ji .
Sumi: hmm
Ragini: ma. Shall I go now?
Sumi: at this time
Ragini: please ma..please please
Sumi is melted and agrees.
Ragini: then I will get fresh
Swara: no I must get fresh
They both start running to their room. How ever swara wims and goes to wash room. Ragini is waiting outside.
Ragini: didi! Come fast
Just then swara mobile rang. Tara called her.
Ragini: I will say her that didi will call after 5minutes
Ragini picked up the call
Tara: hello swara
Ragini: sorry ji. She is my sister.anything important
Tara: actually..
Ragini: hello…hello
She goes to terrace for signal
Ragini: ha ji..there is a network problem here.
Tara:( smiles) actually I am stuck with an important project so I may not be able to attend her engagement tomorrow. Will you say this to her.
Ragini: smiles
Swara: where is this ragini.she was shouting till now.
Just then she saw ragini entering the room
Swara: where did you go?
Ragini: didi..Tara called you. Your colleague it seems.
Swara’s forehead frowned
Swara: what did she say?
Ragini: that she will be unable to attend the function tomorrow.
Swara: that’s all
Ragini: hmm
Swara is relaxed while ragini gets fresh.
Ragini: will you come with me.
Swara is not in mood to visit mm.
Swara: no ragini. I can’t accompany you as I have lots of work to do. Even I must help dadi,ma..
Ragini: okay then bye .

Ragini enters the hall
Ragini: namaste badi ma
Annapurna: hello ragini. Is everything fine? I mean you came at this time.
Ragini: yes ma
Annapurna: see preparations are going on for your engagement.
Ragini I looks around and blushes.
Ragini: badi ma! I need to meet bade papa.
Annapurna: he is in his room.
Ragini: thank-you
Ragini: may I came in papa ji.
Durga Prasad:( turns) ragini!! Come in
Ragini: papa..actually I want to continue my studies after marriage.
Durga Prasad: sure ragini. We will reserve a seat for you in good college
Ragini: ( surprised) I thought that you won’t agree
Durga Prasad: ( smiles) why?? I support education.
Ragini:( happy) I got seat in Bhubaneswar papaji. So I want to study there.
Durga Prasad: sure. I will make arrangements for that.
Ragini: thankyou papaji.

Ragini enters their room and sees swara sleeping. She too sleeps beside her without disturbing.
Gadodia family reached MAHESWARI house.
Annapurna: ji namaste. Come inside.
Swara and ragini enter the hall wearing red lehenga.
Sujatha:( happy) I think everyone looks will be on my two bhahus only.
Swaragini smile. Annapurna makes them to sit on sofa.
Sanskar and laksh come down . swara looks at Sanskar while laksh looks at ragini.
Sanskar approaches swara
Swara: happy married life sanskar
Sanskar: you too
Ragini: hey! What are you talking to my husband that too in my absence.
Swara jerks listening “her husband” but acts.
Swara: oh hello I am talking to my boss,my friend okay.
Ragini: ( smiles) then I won’t Interfere.
Swara smiles. Sanskar feels relieved and he too smiles.
Pandit ji: lets start the function.
Everyone assembles.
Dadi: Annapurna ji..in our tradition,we will cover the brides face with veil.
Annapurna smiles.
Sumi makes them cover their faces.
Laksh:( sees uttara) I thought that you won’t look good in anything but you are looking a bit pretty in this dress.
Uttara: bhayya. See sanskar bhayya how is he teasing
Sanskar:( in a low voice) stop it laksh..
Laksh: okay bhai.
The trio smile.
Padit ji asks them to get up and face their couple.
All the four stand opposite to each other.
Padit ji: now ..take the rings and make them wear to your partner.
Swara:( tears ) I am doing this for your happiness ragini. But ..I can’t stop loving him..she closes her eyes in pain and decorates laksh’s finger with wedding ring.
Pandit ji: now bride grooms must do this.
Sanskar:( to himself) its almost over swara.please help me God in getting out this pain. He decorates ragini’s hand with wedding ring.
Laksh too does it . he is tensed and emotional.
Screen splits into four showing swara,sanskar,laksh’s tensed faces and ragini’s smiling face.

PRECAP: sumi slaps ragini. Everyone is shocked

Credit to: Sree harini

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