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SWARAGINI- Limitless love ( Episode 34)

Annapurna: will you give your elder daughters hands to my son…Laksh.
Everyone are shocked.
Sumi looks at swara.
Sumi: it depends on my papa ji’s decision.
Durga Prasad: will you??
Dadaji: ( thinks for a while) sure. I don’t have any happiness beyond seeing my grandchildren happy.
Shekar: but..swara’s decision is important as it is her life.
Everyone looks at swara.
Swara:( to herself) what is this now. Are you punishing me God! I have loved a person and you want me to marry his brother.
She looks at ragini. Ragini is eagerly waiting to know the answer. Swara reminded her mother’s words about marriage which she spoke before her leaving to banglore. She even memorised his father’s words that she is the price on him and trusts her a lot. Then ragini’s words echoded where she called her selfish.
Swara turned towards laksh.

Swara:( firm voice) I don’t have any objection in marrying laksh.
Laksh looks at ragini.
Laksh:( to himself) this is for my love.( to swara) I too agree with this proposal.
Everyone gets happy but sanskar feels like someone is stabbing his heart.ragini hugged swara.
Ragini: ( happy) I am really happy for your decision didi. Thank-you for accepting this.
Swara is a bit confused by her behaviour.
Durga Prasad: so we will arrange their engagement along with ragini and sanskar’s engagement.
Dadi:( emotional) sure ji.
Everyone dispersed. Laksh and swara looked at each other.
Swara:( to herself) sorry laksh I took this decision for my family happiness.
Laksh: ( to himself) sorry swara! I did this for ragini
They both walked in opposite directions.

Ragini: ( excited) I am really happy for you didi. Laksh is really a good human and you are really lucky to have him in your life.
Swara: ragini.
Ragini: hmm
Swara: what happened that day ragini..
Ragini understood that she was asking about laksh.
Ragini:( to herself) if I tell her about the incident then she will disapprove this relationship.
Ragini: nothing has happened didi.

Swara: then why are you ignoring him and why is he begging you to apolozie??
Ragini:( gulps) I am feeling sleepy didi. Let me sleep.
Ragini switch off the light and slept. Swara is thinking about sanskar.

Swara on phone
Swara: but it is not possible uttara.
Uttara:( requesting) please bhabhi. Try to convince your elders. We will send you by 10:00. Please.
Swara: I will inform you.bye
Swara ended the call.
Swara: ma! Ma!

Sumi: why are you shouting dear.swara: uttara is asking us to come to mm for dinner.
Sumi: but I have prepared the food.
Swara: ma! She is asking me and ragini. Not the entire family.
Sumi:I won’t agree for this.
Dadi: sumi. You will never encourage them.swara beta. I am giving you permission to go.
Ragini,who just came there became excited
Ragini: ha didi. We will go please. I will get some time to spend with sanskar ji.
Swara:( unwillingly) yes.

Uttara: thank-you bhabhis for accepting our invitation.
Ragini: its okay dear.
Aadarsh: I am feeling bored.
Parineta: yes..shall we play something?
Uttara: truth or dare..
Sanskar and swara looked at each other while laksh looked at ragini.
Parineta: this will be a better idea. We will get to know about these girls even.
Ragini smiles.uttara brings a bottle. Meanwhile everyone makes a round. Swara and sanskar sit opposite to each other while laksh sits in between ragini and swara. The remaining places are occupied by the trio.

Aadarsh:( spinning the bottle) lets start the game.
The bottle stops at ragini
Ragini:( excited) so I am the first.
Parineta: truth or dare
Ragini:( thinks for a while) truth
.parineta: so..let Me think…I am not getting anything to ask
Uttara: I will ask bhabi..( to ragini) have you ever experienced first kiss.
Ragini and laksh are shocked listening this. They looked at each other.
Sanskar:( angry) what is this uttara
Uttara:( sad) sorry bhayya. I just wanted some fun.
Ragini:( smiles) no!!
Laksh again looks at her.
Sanskar rotates the bottle.it stops at parineta
Aadarsh: I will ask her.
Laksh: ( winks) we won’t Interfere.
Parineta: dare
Aadarsh: stay with me.

Uttara: so boring!!
Everyone smiled but aadarsh and pari had an eyelock of affection.
Laksh spinned the bottle and it stopped at swara.
Swara:( gulps) truth..no dare
Aadarsh: ate you sure??
Swara: hm.
Uttara: so propose laksh bhayya.

Swara,sanskar and laksh are shocked. Swara looked at sanskar.she gathered courage andcwas about to speak.
Ragini: I think it would be fun if she proposes sanskar..looks at swara..If you don’t mind.
Aadarsh: perfect ragini.
Swara looked at sanskar. He avoided eye contact with her.
Swara stood up
Swara:( emotional) my heart started beating for you when I first saw you in the auditorium. It really wanted to meet you but became restless when you left the place. My eyes stopped searching when they saw you at banglore. My brain lost its control and started acting foolishy when you were around me. I have started living in a different world in your company. My eyes never blinked when you were near. My lips never moved aoart when you were far away from me. My heart didn’t want to take any rest when you were restless. The girl who only knows to sleep has started being awake till late nights just thinking if you. I struggled at lot to know the meaning of our relationship and finally realized that i t was love…she paused for a second. Swara really wanted to continue but the words got stuck inside her throat. Sanskar was remembering every moment spent with her. Laksh was looking ragini.

Swara continued…I thought of expressing it many a times but failed in every attempt and finally I learnt that love doesn’t need any confession.
Sanskar looked into SWARAS eyes. He was able to understand her feelings. Swara’s eyes were reperesting her mind. He felt like they were begging him to understand..
Laksh was also memorising his moments with ragini and became teary eyed.
Swara: yes love doesn’t need any confession. It can be felt by the heart if you really love someone and ( turns to sanskar) if you are able to feel my heart,which is just beating for you.hoping that you will understand its pain..then you love me..you love me ( to herself) sanskar!!!
Swara: ( turned towards uttara) how is it?
Uttara: awesome bhabhi. You rocked.
Ragini:( taunts) I wish I can listen these words from him…she looks at sanskar.
Sanskar:( in cold voice) enough of this game. It’s becoming too personal.
Sanskar left the place. Swaragini were staring him.
Laksh: ( fake smile) really good..swara
Swara: thanks.
Ragini: I think we must leave

Laksh: I will drop you.
Laksh drops swara and ragini at BAADI.

Sanskar: why are you playing with me swara. Please leave me for heaven sake. I am already suffering the heart break and on that you ….( bitter voice) you..proposed me… I can feel your love but cannot express it. I am helpless swara. Please forgive me for giving you the pain, the worst pain.
Laksh: I wish ragini that atleast SWARAS words make you realized about love. I really wish that you have understood this( closed his eyes in pain). Love doesn’t need any confession.. Love doesn’t need any confess….he started crying.


Ragini: didi.! We must go for shopping
Swara: I am not interested
Ragini:( sarcastic voice) hello madam.. If you remember then it is your engagement tomorrow.
Swara:( firm voice) I am not interested.
Ragini:( jerks) okay then. I will ship for you too.
She leaves the room.

Sujatha: keep these things i n store room..arey what are you doing there.??
Sujatha is running here and there as she is indulged in engagement preparations.
Annapurna: ( smiles) arey sujatha. Atleast try to breath. See how weak you became.
Sujatha:( excited) no jiji. I am happy . I am really happy. After all my sons are going to get married with good girls..
Annapurna: its okay. Atleat drink this water. Sujatha drinks the water and leaves the place shouting at a servant.
Laksh and sanskar are in their rooms thinking about past.

Ragini and sharmista come exhausted

Dadi: finished your shopping
Ragini:( sits on sofa) dadi. Please give me a glass of water.
Dadi gives them and they drink.
Ragini: ( sips) where is didi?
Dadi: she is sleeping.
Ragini:( excited ) I should show her the lehanga..
Saying this,she runs upstairs. Sumi and dadi look at each other smiling.

Sujatha: sanskar!
Sanskar:( irritated) what mom?
Sujatha: did you invite your BANGLORE staff for this.
Sanskar: no.
sujatha: but why?
Sanskar: I don’t want to.

Sujatha:( shrugs) your wish but atleat invite Tara. She has been working there since a year. Sanskar looks on.

Swara gets Tara’s call
Tara: hello swara. How are you?
Swara: hmm

Tara:( excited) I just got to know about your engagement dear.
Swara:( confused) how?
Tara: sanskar has just informed me. I mean he has invited me for the engagement.
Swara: oh!
Tara: you know what swara. I am really happy for you. Atleast sanskar has got a good better half with whom he can share everything. I know swara that you will definitely win your love. I understood that he too loves you,after all I have been seeing him since an year but I didn’t want to tell it to you. Anyhow congralations for your marriage. All the best dear. I will be there by tomorrow. Actually I am excited to see his expressions.
Swara gets teary eyed and ends the call.
Tara:( confused) what happened to this girl. May be she is blushing or in hurry. Anyway I will meet you in two days right. I will disclose your lo e story to everyone.
Screen freezes at Tara’s smiling face.

PRECAP: Swara and ragini are dressed in bridal lehangas covering their face with veil. Pandit ji asks them to exchange their rings. Swara,laksh and sanskar gets emotional while ragini smiles

Credit to: Sree harini

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