SWARAGINI- Limitless love ( Episode 34)


Guys..I was really surprised today while typing the episode number. I think I am making it too long. Are you comfortable with this or you want me to speed up the track. Please comment on it. If I continue writing like this then it may cross 50. I will decide the next update based on your comments.
Sujatha enters Annapurna’s room to give her milk. Annapurna is lost somewhere.
Sujatha: jiji..where were you lost!?
Annapurna: I was thinking about….
Sujatha: swara!
Annapurna: ( shocked) but how did you get to know?
Sujatha: because I was also thinking the same. I never expected that this girl will respond positively.
Annapurna: I just loved the way she took care of me.
Sujatha: but she not good than ragini.
Annapurna smiles at sujatha behaviour.
Sujatha: okay didi. I need to go to SANSKAR’S ROOM.

sanskar is sitting on bed . he is staring at ragini’s photo.
Sujatha entered the room.
Sujatha: what are you thinking sanskar.
Sanskar remains silent.
Sujatha: kisi ke bare me sochri rahe ho kya?
Sanskar:( in a low voice) swara.
Sujatha is shocked.
Sanskar:( turns to sujatha) ha ma. Swara. Why did you reject her when you went to settle the match. I mean aisi kya kami this us ladke me that you rejected her.
Sujatha: I don’t know sanskar. At that time all I wanted to see your happiness and I felt like ragini will be successful than swara.
Sanskar: how about swara.! How bad she must have felt.
Sujatha: I am just bothered about my son and his happiness.
Saying this she left the room.
Sanskar: but I bother for her mom. I love her.

Sumi: swara!! Swara!!
Swara: ha ma
Sumi observed swara’s swollen eyes.
Swara: what happened beta. Did you cry yesterday.
Swara:( smiles) no ma. I think this is the post effect of journey.
Sumi: okay then. Actually sujatha ji has forget her ring. I mean she gave it to me yesterday and I forgot to return her.
Swara: hmm.
Sumi: will you give it?
Swara jerks.
Swara: you can ask ragini ma. It will be good for her even as she will be able to mingle with those maheswaris.
Sumi: but that is not the correct way. I mean bride must not meet bride groom do often before their marriage.
Swara: OK mom. I will go.

Parineta is climbing stairs but suddenly slips and is about to fall. Swara holds her.
Swara:( smiling) slowly bhabhi. Otherwise you will fall.
Parineta:( tensed) thank-you swara. If you had not come then I don’t know what would have happened with my child.
Swara: nothing will happen to your baby as she/he is blessed with you as her/his mom.
Parineta: ( smiles) only his not her.
Swara:(teasing) offo. Do you need a baby boy.
Parineta blushes.
Parineta: what is that in your hand.
Swara: oh! Actually sujatha ma has forgot this ring yesterday so my mom sent me to return.
Parineta: its okay. Give it to her.
Swara: where is her room.
Parineta: go straight and take right. The first room is hers.
Swara:( smiles) thank-you bhabhi.
Swara climbed the status and starts walking.
Swara:( to herself) I just don’t want to see that irritating face but my mom will not understand it. I tried to escape on ragini’s name but she rejected.. She remembers ragini’s words saying her selfish.

Just then Annapurna encounters her.
Annapurna:( smiles) swara!! What are you doing here.
Swara: good morning badi ma. I came here to return sujatha ms
Annapurna: fine
Swara: how is your leg ma. Is it paining still?
Annapurna: no dear. How will it pain when you massaged it.
Swara: ( smiles) ma!!
Annapurna: its okay. You go and meet sujatha meanwhile I will bring breakfast for you.
Swara: no ma..its okay
Annapurna: its my order.
Swara smiles and leaves. She enters laksh’s room instead of sujatha.
Swara:( hesitatingly) ma!!
Laksh who just came out of washroom started screaming by looking swara.
Swara:( turned back) sorry.
Laksh: its okay
Swara: actually I got confused with the rooms.

Meanwhile laksh dresses himself and comes out.
Laksh: please get in swara.
Swara goes inside.
Swara:( surprised) your room is very big laksh.
Laksh:( smiles) my bhai’s room is much bigger than mine.
Swara gulps.
Laksh tries to open a window for aur but gets i njured as it was a rusted one.
Laksh:( in pain) ouch!
Swara:( worried) laksh!! Oh my God. You are bleeding laksh
Laksh: its okay swara. I will manage.
Annapurna who came there to call laksh is observing this from far.
Annapurna: I think I must get a first aid box.
She leaves.

Swara: let me help laksh.
Laksh: its okay swara. I will do it by my own.
Swara: its not okay laksh. Get the first aid box. I will do it.
She bandages Laksh’s hand. He leaves the place. Swara goes near the window.
Swara: I think he didn’t know to open it properly. Let me try.
She tries opening it but gets hurted due to rust.
Swara; ouch! Swara..you must have used your brain. Why were you so excited to open it. Atleast you must have learnt from Laksh.
Annapurna returned with first aid box but is surprised to see SWARAS bleeding hand.
Annapurna: ( to herself) I came here to give first aid box for laksh but what is this.( smiles) I think she loves laksh. No I confirm . why will she harm herself for Laksh. May be she is unable to see him in pain. Thank-you God for gifting her.
She goes to swara.
Swara: ma!
Annapurna: let me bandage this.
Swara: but ma
Annapurna grabs her hand and bandages it.
Swara: thank-you ma! I will leave.
Annapurna: don’t forget to go to sujatha room.
Swara remembers the ring. She goes to sujatha’s room.
Swara: ma!
Sujatha:( smiles) swara!! What are you doing here.
Swara: I came here to return this ring.
Sujatha:( excited) thank-you swara. I thought that I lost this. Thank-you so much.
Swara: you gave it to my mom yesterday and she forgot to return.
Sujatha: oh yes. I remembered now. But thank you dear.
She observes SWARAS hand.
Sujatha::( worried) what happened swara!!
Swara: nothing ma! A small injury.
Sujatha: it doesn’t seem like that. I think it is raining a lot.
Swara’s surprise seeing her concern.
Swara:( to herself) from when did she started thinking about others?( to sujatha) a little bit but I will manage.
Sujatha: take care dear.
Swara leaves the place and she is lost in thoughts thinking about sanskar.
Sanskar encounters her.
Sanskar:( surprised) you..here?? I mean what are you doing? What has happened to your hand?
Swara: ( hardly smiles) nothing sanskar ji. A small injury.
Sanskar is worried inside bit is trying to hide his emotions.
Swara;( in a low voice) so
Sanskar: so

They look at each other.
Swara: I am really happy for you ji as you are getting married to my sister. She is really lucky to have a husband like you.
Sanskar smiles sadly.
Sanskar: destiny is really complicated swara. It always plays with us.
Swara sighs and walks three steps forward.
Sanskar:( emotional) why are you crying swara?
Swara is shocked. Swara:( to herself) how will he able to read my mind always!!
She wiped her tears and turns back.
Swara:( smiles) why will I cry sanskar..instead I am happy about your marriage. These are happy tears. I have full faith on my sister that she is let you out of kavitha with her love. Sanskar sighs.swara leaves from there as she doesn’t have enough dare to face him anymore.

Annapurna: I want to talk to you ji
Durga Prasad: anything important?
Annapurna: about laksh’s marriage
Durga Prasad:( surprised) what are you talking ??
Annapurna: yes ji. I want swara as my bahu. I want her to be laksh’s wife.
Durga Prasad: but..
Annapurna: we will convince shekar ji and his family. I know that swara can handle our laksh
Durga Prasad: yes Annapurna. I too observed her concern for you yesterday.
Annapurna: she is very caring ji. I want her as my bahu at any cost.
Durga Prasad: I will talk to them.

Dadaji on phone.
Dadaji: but shy durga Prasad ji!
Dp: please don’t ask me anything now. I will clarify your doubts when you come here.
Dadaji: but suddenly??
Durga Prasad: please come long with your family by 4:00 ( evening) dadaji:( confused) okay ji. Ram ram
Durga Prada: ram ram.
Shekar: what happened papa. You are looking so confused.
Dadaji: durga Prasad has asked us to come to his house in the evening. He wants to discuss something important.
Dadi: what might be the reason!!
Dadaji:( shrugs) I don’t know.
Swara who heard the conversation got worried.
Swara:( to herself) may be they got to know about me and sanskar!!!
Ragini who came home after finishing her music class is surprised to see everyone worried.
Ragini:what happened ma
Sumi explains her everything.
Ragini:( relaxed) I thought that some one is in danger. I will get great ma..
While ascending stairs,she observed swara’s worried face but ignored it.
All maheswaris and gadodias assembled in the hall.
Dadaji: so what’s the matter durga Prasad ji.
Annapurna;( hesitatingly) I have asked durga Prasad ji to call you.
Dadi: what happened ji. Is everything fine.
Annapurna:( smiles) yes ji. She went near sumi and placed her hands on sumi’s hand.
Annapurna: will you give your elder daughter hands for my son….Laksh.
Everyone is shocked listening to this.
Screen freezes

PRECAP: Aadarsh,parineta,uttara,laksh,sanskar,swara and ragini are playing truth or dare.

Credit to: Sree harini

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