SWARAGINI- Limitless love ( Episode 33)


Swara:( smiles)ragini.
Ragini turns and is shocked to see Laksh. She is just shocked.
Laksh was experiencing a strong i n his heart. He feels like someone is burning him alive.the world around him paused for few minutes. He was feeling a bit dizzy. His eyes were not accepting to see her. His ears were waiting to listen that what he heard before was wrong. He was screaming inside. The pain of his heart break is eating him inside.
Ragini: who is he??
Swara: your devar!! Laksh MAHESWARI.
Ragini looks him angrily and leaves the place.
Annapurna: laksh beta. Make some circumambulations .
Laksh: ji maa.
He starts going round the temple and sees ragini there. Ragini too stops seeing him. Laksh approached her.
Laksh: ragini!!
Ragini: I am not interested laksh.
Laksh: please listen to me once. Only 5minutrs.
Ragini: okay
Laksh( emotional): ragini!! Why are you not talking with me?
Ragini:( avoiding eye contact) you know it very well.
Laksh: it was an accident but still I am sorry for that. Don’t punish me ragini. Please forgive me.

Ragini:( looking into laksh’s eyes) I am not punishing you laksh ji. There was no mistake of yours..it was my mistake to accept you as my friend and according to my mindset I cannot make up my mind so eaisly and forget this. If it comes to forgiveness then I already forgave as it was accident but I am isolating myself from you so that such things won’t repeat.
Saying this ragini tries to leave but laksh holds her hand.
Laksh: friends??
Ragini:( angrily) leave my hand laksh.
Laksh: sender to my question
Ragini : I am your bhabhi laksh.
Laksh immediately left the hand listening to the word bhabhi.
Ragini continued doing circumbulation while laksh collapsed.
Swara who herdthe whole conversation dragged ragini to a corner place.
Swara:( angrily) what’s happening ragini.
Ragini: what??
Swara: I heard your conversation with laksh.
Ragini gets shocked.
Swara: even he called you yesterday and spoke to me thinking that it was you.
Ragini: none of your business didi.
Swara: its mine..you are his bhabhi. Don’t forget that…swara holds ragini’s hands.
Ragini: I know didi and you were the reason for that. You are selfish and in that you used me as a medium to achieve your goals. I hate you.
She frees herself from swara and leaves in rage.swara looks on
Swara comes to the main mandir and closes her eyes to pray.
Swara:( to herself) please God!! Make everything fine.and please help me to find sanskar ma. How can I be able to trace him in that city alone? I don’t even have his number now. Please ma. I want to meet him once. For the last time.
Swara opened her eyes by someone placing hand on her shoulder.
Swara: ma

Sumi:( smiling) you were eagerly waiting to meet your sister husband right! There he is!!
She points sanskar who is standing in the opposite direction by showing his back.
Sanskar heard their conversation.
Sanskar:( closed his eyes in pain) get ready swara..to face the truth..
He turned back. Swara is shocked to see him.
Swara: are you joking ma
Sumi:(confused) why will I?
Swara’s eyes were filled with tears without her knowledge. Her heart stopped beating. She was unable to believe this.a few ago she was literally dying to meet him.her body started shivering in shock. Sanskar observed her state.
Sanskar:( trying to smile) hey swara! What are you doing here.
Sumi: you already know her sanskar!!
Sanskar: yes ma. I was her boss at banglore.
Swara: ( looking at sanskar) ha ma. We were good friends even.
Sumi:( happy) great! What a coincidence.
Meanwhile MAHESWARI family reaches the place and they start the pooja.
Annapurna sat on a bench as she was feeling dizziness.
Sujatha: are you fine jiji
Annapurna: yes.
Durga Prasad:( shouts) lets go Annapurna!
Annapurna: yes ji
She tries to walk but slips due to dizziness.
Swara: badi ma..
She runs towards her.
Swara:( worried) how are you ma? Is it paining?
Annapurna:( smiles) its okay beta nothing has happened to me.
Swara: I can see painin your eyes. Let me help
She sits down and keeps Annapurna’s leg on her laps.
Sujatha: ( worried) are you fine didi..(shouts) arey bhai sa. Didi has got hurt
Everyone reached there.
Swara massaged her leg
Swara:( looking at ap) how are you feeling now.

Annapurna:( smiles) better.
Swara: wait ma. I will bring water.
Laksh: ma. Are you alright?
Swara brings water.
Laksh: give it swara. I will make her drink.
Swara: its okay laksh ji
Laksh: please..
Swara gives him the bottle. Annapurna drinks it and gets relieved.
Annapurna: God bless you swara. U wish that God must fulfill all your desires. Swara looks at sanskar.

Swara gets inside the room and sees ragini arranging the bed.
Swara: ragini..
Ragini:( angry) I don’t want to talk to you.
Swara holds ragini’s hand
Swara: but why?
Ragini: OK didi. I am ready to listen to you.
Swara: I sorry ragini. I didn’t mean to hurt you. As the match was good so I thought that you will be happy there.
Ragini: if it was that good then why didn’t you agree for that?
Swara is shocked.
Ragini: let me tell. Because you are an ambitious girl. You want to lead an independent life. I know..you were happy when you got job in banglore and feared that you may not enjoy your life if you accept it..
Swara:( teary eyed) no ragini.
Ragini:( firm voice) let me finish didi. So you have pressurized me to accept this. And I was blind that time . so I didn’t get your intention. Just for your happiness you have ruined my life by marrying me to a guy who doent even want to listen my words.
Swara started crying.
Ragini: sorry didi this was a plan made by miss swara gadodia and I have fallen in her trap. But didi..you didn’t even think about my future before this proposal. I am younger to you..if you remember..I am 2years younger to you.how didn’t you wish me to marry when you yourself is ready !! Answer me didi.
Swara:( crying) yes. I am an am itious lady but I never did anything such that it hurts you. Please forgive me ragini.
Ragini: I can’t didi. Swara and ragini will never be swaragini..
Saying this she left the room in rage by taking blanket and a pillow.
Swara collapsed .
Swara:( crying bitterly) yes I am selfish ragini and now I am paying for it by loosing you and sanskar
Tears were rolling from her eyes.
Screen splits into two showing crying swara and angry ragini.

PRECAP: laksh gets injured in the process of opening window. Swara bandages for him. Annapurna says to durga Prasad that she wanted swara as her daughter in law.

Credit to: Sree harini

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