SWARAGINI- Limitless love ( Episode 32)


I know that many are not liking the separation of swasan and raglak. Sorry guys but you must wait for few more episodes as there is happiness after every Strom..till then keep reading and keep commenting
Swara and ragini got down from the train and ran towards shekar who was already standing on the platform.
Shekar:( happy) my SWARAGINI are back.
They both start smiling but don’t look at each other.

Parineta entered durga Prasad room to give him tea.
Parineta: papa ji.
Durga Prasad: haa beta.
Parineta: pandit ji has asked to perform a pooja on sanskar and ragini’s name before their engagement.
Durga Prasad:( smiles) that’s a good idea.
Parineta: ma has asked you to inform shekar ji even.
Durga Prasad: I will. By the way where is she?
Parineta: ( smiles) shopping papaji
Duraga Prasad:( smiles) along with sujatha.. Right! Typical ladies.
Parineta left the room smiling.

Swara ran towards sumi and hugged her tightly while shekar and ragini brought their luggage in.
Sumi:( crying) finally you are back dear
Swara: yes ma!!
Sumi: how was BANGLORE?
Dadi: offo sumi. Let them get fresh
Sumi: I forgot ma..
Swara turned back to see Ragini but she left the place by that time.
Swara too went to their bedroom.
Shekar on phone

Shekar: ji durga Prasad ji
Durga Prasad: our pandit ji has planned for a pooja on ragini and sanskar’s name.
Shekar:( happy) so you want to attend us
Durga Prasad: yes ji . in Kali mata mandir by 9:00
Shekar: okay ji bye.
Shekar ended the call.
Sumi: who was that?
Shekar: it was durga Prasad ji. He wanted our family to attend a pooja tomorrow.
Sumi:I will inform to SWARAGINI then.

Parineta is brushing her hair in her room. Aadarsh who entered the room is mesmerised seeing her and hugged her from the back.
Parineta:( blushes) please leave me ji
Aadarsh: why should I?
Parineta: please.
Aadarsh: I have a need with me now. On hearing it you yourself will hig me..
Parineta: ( surprised) what us that!!
Aadarsh turns parineta to his side and hugs her. He slowly wishpers in her ears.
Aadarsh: that..I am going to become father in six months.
Parineta: what!!
Aadarsh: hmm
Parineta: this is really a great news dear. I love you.
Aadarsh: I love you too
Uttara: I love you three!!
Adrash and parineta broke their hug hug seeing uttara.
Uttara: sorry bhayya. Actually I came to cal you but you are busy here but trust me I haven’t seen anything.

Parineta leaves the place blushing while aadarsh holds her ear.
Laksh encounters blushing parineta.
Laksh:( confused) what happened bhabhi. Why are you blushing?
Parineta: nothing Laksh.
Laksh: why will anyone blush without a reason.
Uttara:( shouts) because bhabhi is pregnant.
Laksh:( surprised) what!! I mean (shouts) bhabhi is pregnant!!
Maheswari family gathers in front of adarsh’s room.
Annapurna: is it true beta?
Parineta: yes ma
Sujatha:( happy) so after uttara we are going to have a child in this house.
Sanskar and laksh hugs aadarsh.
Durga Prasad: congratulations aadarsh. I think you must consult a doctor.
Aadarsh: I got to know this through the reports of routine checkup and papa I will take her today evening.

swara is staring through the window while ragini i s sitting on the bed.
Ragini took the initiative to break the silence.
Ragini:( in a low voice) didi.
Swara:( lost somewhere) hmm
Ragini: please come and sit beside me.
Swara came and sat beside her. Ragini placed her head on swara’s shoulder and she is moved by the act.
Swara:( emotional) what happened ragini!!
Ragini:( tears are rolling down) sorry didi
Swara: for what!!
Ragini: for being angry on you.
Swara: I will never feel bad when you don’t talk to me. You areu sister and you have evry right to show your emotions.
Ragini:( relaxed) didi..
Swara: hmm
Ragini: my engagement is next week didi.
Swara: I know that
Ragini: when will you marry?
Swara thinks about sanskar listening to marriage.
Swara:( frustrated) I am not interested
Ragini: but..
Swara:( irritated) please don’t discuss it.
Ragini slowly stood up and turned back.
Ragini:( sad) thanks..
Swara looked at ragini in a shocked expression.
Ragini: for ruining my life..saying this she went to the other side of the bed and slept. Swara was staring at her

Swara is still awake thinking about sanskar,ragini’s words. Just then ragini mobile rang. Swara is shocked to see laksh number flashing on it.
Swara:( to herself) why is he calling now…looks at ragini..I must not disturb her sleep.
She picks the call
Laksh: ( emotional) ragini! Please don’t cut the call. I know that I was wrong that day. It was an accident and I am ready to bear any punishment for that but please don’t ignore me. Forgive me ragini
Swara is just listening to him.
Laksh: are you listening??
Swara ended the call in anger and looked at sleeping ragini.

Sumi: offo these are taking too much time to get ready.
Shekar: where are swaragini? We are getting late.
Ragini who is coming downstairs heard SHEKAR’S words.
Ragini:( in anger) swara and ragini papa not SWARAGINI.
Sumi is worried by this.
Swara came down and directly sat in the car without talking to anyone.
Dadi: ( seeing worried sumi) I think it’s a small fight. They will patch up with in few days.
Sumi: I too wish the same ma.
Dadaji: come on ladies..we are getting late.

Annapurna: laksh get up.we are getting late.
Laksh:( pulling his blanket) ma please.. I don’t want to come to temple.
Uttara:( teasingly)its okay badi ma!! I am going to meet bhabhi today. He will miss the chance this time too.
Laksh jumped from the bed listening the word bhabhi
Laksh:( excited) bhbahi is coming??
Uttara: I was saying that only.
Laksh: ( to Annapurna) I will be ready in 20 minutes.
Saying this he ran into the washroom and annapurna smiles seeing his childish behaviour.

Swara: come fast maa. If you climb like this then we will reach by tomorrow.
Sumi: we became old dear.
Just then MAHESWARI family enters the temple.
Shekar: namaste ji
Annapurna: namaste.where is ragini?
Shekar: she is inside the temple.
Swara sees laksh with them. She comes to sumi.
Swara: ma! Who is that guy?
Sumi: he is your sister’s devar.
Swara:( to herself) oh!! So he is the brother of bridegroom about whom aunty was talking on that day.
Swara: okay ma!! I will go inside the temple.
Swara leaves the place and sanskar comes there after parking the car.

Laksh : uff! My god. I lost all my calories in climbing these steps.
Annapurna: see..we old people don’t have any pains but being young you will get tired eaisly.
Laksh: maa..where is bhabhi.
Annapurna looks around and spots ragini inside the main temple.
Annapurna: she is there!!
Laksh looked towards the direction but swara was obstacting his way and he mistook her as bride.
Laksh:( to himself) so she is my bhabhi..now I can easily convince ragini
Laksh went to swara running.
Laksh:( excited) so you are my bhabhi..bhabhi..
Swara:( smiles) you are so innocent..she is your bhabhi..not me..
Swara points ragini and looks looks at that direction.
Ragini is standing in front of temple facing her back to them.
Laksh: ( irritated) I can’t see her.
Swara:( shouts) ragini.
Ragini turns and is surprised to see laksh.
Laksh:( shocked) what is this!! How can this happen??
Ragini gets confused.
Ragini:( confused) who is he didi?
Swara: your devar..
Ragini:( to herself) what!!
Screen freezes at ragini and laksh shocked faces.

PRECAP: swara and sanskar encounter each other.

Credit to: Sree harini

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