SWARAGINI- Limitless love ( Episode 31)


Sanskar is shocked to see SWARAGINI hugging each other. He became emotional and left the place.
Swara: hello ragini. You became so thin!
Ragini:( smiles) didi…
Swara: its okay dear. Wait for 5minutes and then we will go out.
Ragini:( excited) yes didi but please come quickly otherwise I must face these people and I am really afraid to think that even.
Swara:( smiles) okay but you must get used to it.
Swara left the place and entered sanskars cabin.
Swara:( excited) sanskar! Why did you..
She is shocked as no one was inside.
Swara: Tara! Tara!
Tara: what happened?
Swara: where is sanskar I mean you said that she called me!!
Tara: yes. Woh cabin mein nahi hai kya.
Swara: ( worried ) no..by the way you have started talking Hindi.
Tara: (smiled) haa swara. I practiced it by observing your conversation with sir.
Swara: okay then. My sister is waiting down. I need to go.
Tara: bye

Sanskar entered his room and started packing his luggage.servant entered the room.
Servant: are you going somewhere?
Sanskar: yes. I am leaving this place.
Servant: where?
Sanskar: to Kolkata.
Servant: but suddenly.. I mean any problem.
Sanskar stops packing and turns to him.
Sanskar: nothing kaka just to isolate myself from pain.
Servant is confused.
Sanskar: please don’t inform swara about me. Promise me
Servant : I promise sir that I won’t let her know anything about you.
Sanskar looks on.

Swara: so ragini!! How are ma,papa,dadi,dadaji?
Ragini: fine didi ma is worried about you. You shouldn’t have stopped her from coming.
Swara: nothing has happened to me. Then why should I unnecessarily trouble her.
Ragini: hmm
Swara:( excited) by the way..dod you finish your shopping for engagement?
Ragini: I must.
Swara: done.we will go after three days. Anyhow my training period gets complete.what di you say.
Ragini: sure didi.
Swara tries calling sanskar but he rejects the call.
Ragini: didi..
Swara: hmm
Ragini:( serious voice) didi..when ate you going to get married?
Swara looked at ragini
Ragini: I think you forgot your promise.
Swara:( smiles) no ragini. I didn’t and I am ready for marriage.
Swara thinks about sanskar and smiles. Ragini observed it but kept quiet.
Just then ragini received laksh’s call but she rejected it. Swara observed it and questioned her.
Swara: who was that..
Ragini remained silent.
Swara:( taunts) my dear!!
Ragini:( angry) that’s none of your business.
Swara: so you have started hiding things from your sister
Ragini: not more than you.
There was a pin drop silence in the car till they reached swara’s hostel.

Sujatha: this looks good jiji.
Laksh: haa chachi. This suits bhai
Uttara: but this shervani color is dull.
Sanskar entered the house with his luggage.
Sujatha:( happy) sanskar!! How are you? Why didn’t you inform us about your arrival.
Sanskar: I was busy mom.
Uttara: don’t lie bhayya. I know that you came here for bhabi..right.
Sanskar hardly smiles and leaves to his room.
Swara went to SANSKAR’S HOUSE and met his servant there.
Servant: swara mam!
Swara: where is sanskar ji?
Servant:( trying to collect words) mam..he left the place
Swara:( shocked) what!!
Swara: where did he go?
Servant: Delhi,his hometown
Swara: ate you lying to me.
Servant:( gulps) no mam
Swara: do you have any other number of his?
Servant: no
Swara left the place with disappointment.
Swara: bye everyone. I will really miss you all.
She is continuously staring at SANSKAR’S cabin.
Tara: swara..you won’t forget me ..right!
Swara hugged her.
Swara:( emotional) never dear. You are my best friend.
Tara: can I ask you something?
Swara:( confused) what!
Tara: you love sanskar sir..am I right?
Swara jerks
Swara: I must leave. I am getting late.
Tara: it was not answer for my question.
Swara left the place as she didn’t had the courage to face her.
Swara went to SANSKAR’S HOUSE.
Swara: take his uncle.
Servant: what is needed to give gifts mam.
Swara: its my habit. Please accept this. I feel relieved.
Servant: God bless you dear.
Swara turned to her driver.
Swara: das! This is for you. Thank-you for being with me but from now you will work for some other person.
Das: its okay dear. You are like my child.
Swara smiled and got into the car. Ragini was already inside.
Swara was just staring out through the window.
Swara: ( to herself) I love this city. I gave me my love. It has seen my happiness, pain,love and what not but I hate this city too as sanskar left it. But why did he leave me??
Swara’s eyes wee filled with tears. Ragini observed that but didn’t question her as they were not talking to each other from past two days.
Das: mam..we reached the station.
Swara got down from the car. She doesn’t want to leave the place. Das helped them in getting their luggage unto their train.
Swara: thank-you das
Das smiled at her while ragini went inside the coach to check their seats.
The train started it’s journey. Swara was just staring outside with a heavy and painful heart.

Sanskar is in his room thinking about swara. Laksh entered the room
Laksh: what are you thinking bhai?
Sanskar:( smiles) nothing.
Laksh:( teasingly) why do you act. I know that you were thinking about bhabi.
Sanskar became sad listening it. Laksh observed this.
Laksh: past is past bhai. You can’t bring it back. Try to forget kavitha. I know that it is difficult but you can’t ruin your future for your past which will never change.
Sanskar becomes emotional thinking swara and hugs Laksh.
Sanskar: I can’t bear this pain laksh. Please get me out of it.
Laksh: everything has a solution. Try to find out. After all you are doing this for your family. Their happiness.
Sanskar looks on while laksh leaves the place.
Sanskar: you are right laksh. I must make my family happy. They have accepted kavitha for my happiness and now its my time to return it. I am sorry swara. I really love you but I cannot love a girl who is my wife’s sister. This is wrong dear. I can’t break ragini’s heart because of my selfishness and really I don’t want to her to experience the heart break which o am undergoing through. I am really worried for you swara.it will be very difficult for you when you will get to know about your sister’s husband.

Laksh: ( teary eyed) I can’t forget you ragini. I was advising my brother about to leave his past but I myself can’t do that.now I am able to understand his pain. Seriously.. It is very easy to say something but very difficult to implement. Please forgive me ragini. I love you so much. I am ready to prove it even bit please try to listen me atleat for once.

Swara:( irritated) switch off!! Switch off! Switch off!! I am tired to listen this. What happened sanskar..why are you avoiding me?? What wrong did you do? Font punish me like this as I cannot bear any kind of separation from you. Please pick up my calm Sanskar… Tears were rolling down from her eyes and she is constantly staring outside from the window.

PRECAP: laksh sees ragini in temple and gets relived while Annapurna informs that she is his bhabhi.

Credit to: Sree harini

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  1. Sorry everyone for spelling mistakes. I will try to reduce it from my next episode.

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