SWARAGINI- Limitless love ( Episode 30)


I am overwhelmed by your comments. Thank-you everyone for commenting. I will be free this week and will try to update 2episodes. If you don’t that then comment about it and also sorry for the inconvenience in previous episode. Actually sanskar asks some other person for lift and later he himself drives the car. I haven’t mention this I was in hurry yesterday.

Sanskar reached his house.he saw his bike which is parked in front of the gate and started thinking about swara.
Servant: good evening sir..why do you want for dinner?
Sanskar:( thinks for a while) anything
Servant noticed sanskar staring at bike.
Servant: sir..our drvier has brought this from..
Sanskar: ohh!!
Sanskar left the place.

Swara:( worried) why did sanskar left me. I mean he was with me when I has fallen. I must talk to him.
She called sanskar.

Sanskar entered his room and is continuously staring at kavitha’s photo.
Sanskar: you know what kavitha..I started loving her. Finally I realized it.in the past two years I have forgot to smile. I was really depressed from your separation but swara taught me to smile. I am sure that I will be happy when I am with her. It doesn’t mean that I didn’t loved you kavitha. But I have decided to move in my life and I very know that you will be happy seeing me happy.
Just then sanskar received swara’s call.
Sanskar: hello.
Swara:( irritated) where were you and why did you leave me in this hospital as orphan.?
Sanskar:( worried) no swara. I asked Tara to stay there.
Swara:( acts) where is she? I can see no one here.
Sanskar: what! I won’t leave her.
Swara:( laughing) I was just joking sanskar. I know that you are a responsible boy but I would have felt relieved if you were with me.
Sanskar:( relaxed) swara…you said that you want to talk to me
Swara:(gulped) I..I..
Sanskar:what happened to your eye.
Swara: no sanskar..I thought of saying.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY
Sanskar:( to himself) ek number nautanki.( to swara) but as I rembered you were saying something else.
Swara:( irritated) nothing..
Sanskar: why didn’t you call me yesterday night.
Swara:( smiled) so you were waiting for my call.
Sanskar:( realised his words but acts) no.. Why will I? I ..
Swara: actually family is the first priority for every person and I don’t want to interfere. So I haven’t called you.
Sanskar: thankyou.
Swara: for what?
Sanskar: for thinking about me.
Swara smiled. Sanskar joined her.
He ended the call and looked at kavitha’s photo.
Sanskar: its time to say bye to you but you will be a sweet past for me.
Saying this he removed all the photos in the room and tied them in a bundle. Later he packed the bundle in a suitcase. Sanskar looked at the empty room and smiled with satisfaction. He then took the luggage to store room and kept it there forever.

Ragini got down from the train and is searching for swara.
Ragini:( irritated) this didi has not changed. I have asked her to come by 9:00 but I can see her no where .
She slowly started moving out of the station.auto drivers who saw her came towards her running. Ragini is tensed seeing them. They have circled her and started talking something in Kannada.
Ragini: I will kill you didi. Hello please talk in Hindi. I am unable to get even a single word.
As they didn’t understand her..they mistook it thinking that she was mentioning about someplace and one among them dragged luggage from her hand.
Ragini: please leave the luggage. How dare you. Someone help me. Please.
She relaxed listening someone calling her name. She turned back.
Das: good morning mam. This is das,driver of swara mams car. She has asked me to pick up you.
Ragini: ( relaxed) we will leave from here. Immediately.
Ragini called to swara. Swara received her call in fifth ring.
Ragini:( irritated) didi.!! Are you sleeping?
Swara:( remembered her arrival) sorry dear. Actually I was a bit tired. But I have asked das to attend you.
Ragini:( taunts) great job by miss swara gadodia.
Swara looks at watch and gets tensed.
Swara: sorry ragini. I need to go to office today. Please come to the office after becoming fresh. Sorry lado. Love you bye..
Ragini: hello..didi..uff she ended the call.

Sanskar is doing rehearsal to propose swara. Tara entered the room and is shocked to see a rose in his hand.
Tara:( confused) sir!!
Sanskar:( realized his doings) what happened
Tara: nothing
Sanskar; then why did you come here?
Tara: to give this file.
Sanskar: hmm.achha did swara come today.
Tara: yes sir. She is in her cabin.
Sanskar’s eyes widened and Tara noticed it.
Sanskar: ask her to come to my cabin once.
Tara: okay sir!!
Tara went to swara’s cabin. Swara was talking to someone on her mobile.
Tara: swara..sir has asked you to come to his cabin.
Swara gestured that she will come in 5minutes. Tara left the place.

Swara: ( on phone) so how is my room?
Ragini: fantastic didi. I just loved it.
Swara: did you start?
Ragini: we will reach there by 5minutes.
Swara: okay then bye..
She ended the call and went to SANSKAR’S cabin.
Swara: where is he??
She turned back to leave and saw sanskar who was sitting on his knees with a flower in his hand.
Swara: are you alright?
Sanskar: no swara. I totally lost myself when I saw you yesterday.
Swara:( is happy but acts) I think you must consult some ..
Sanskar came close to her and dragged her towards him holding her waist. Swara is surprised by this act.
Swara:( blushes) what happened to you sanskar. Please leave me.
Sanskar: I didn’t hold you to let you go swara….swara I am not so romantic and seriously I don’t even know how to confess love but I promise you that I will never let you cry anymore and will gift you all the happiness that you have never experienced till now. Will you marry me swara.
Swara:( to herself) I was waiting for this moment baby. I thought of confessing it yesterday but destiny wanted it to happen today.
Swara: I want to be your wife sanskar bysupporting you at every moment of life,being the reason of your smile,becoming the dreams of your eyes and many more. I too promise that I won’t let a single drop of tear to fall from your eyes.
Sanskar:( emotional) thank you dear for becoming a part of my life..sorry for becoming a part of mine.

Swara smiled and hugged sanskar. Sanskar too hugged her.
Just then Tara entered the room
Tara:( surprised) sir!! What are you doing?
Sanskar opened his eyes and got irritated seeing her.
Sanskar: ( authoritative voice) what are you doing here? Who asked you to enter the room without knocking the door.
Tara:( confused) sorry sir but I think some thing is really wrong with you.
Sanskar: ( surprised) with me??
He looked at himself and realized that he was hugging a pillow instead of swara.
Sankar:(trying to hide the emotions) I was trying to sleep Tara.
Tara:( smiled) you were dreaming right!
Sanskar understood that he cannot act in front of her.
Sanskar:( sighed) a sweet dream. Now please leave the cabin.
Tara left the cabin while sanskar smiled for his dream.

Annapurna: laksh! Laksh! Get up my boy. It is already 9:00
Laksh: ( frustrated) please ma!! Leave me alone for sometime.
Annapurna: but we need to go to temple today.
Laksh reminded about ragini listening to temple.
Laksh: I don’t want to come.
Annapurna: ( firm voice) when did start disobeying your elders?
Laksh: nothing as such.
Annapurna: then get ready with in 20minutes. I will be waiting for you down.
Annapurna left the room while laksh’s mind is filled with ragini..only ragini.
Sanskar:( irritated) how much time does she want to come here?
He called Tara.
Sanskar: where is swara?
Tara: sir,actually she went to cellar to receive her relative.
Sanskar:( thought for a while) okay you can go.
Tara left the room while sanskar walked towards cellar.

Swara:( on phone) where are you ragini?
Ragini: I am near 245block didi.
Swara: wait a minute..I will come there.
Sanskar reached the area.
Sanskar: where is she…he looked around and spotted her….there she is!!
His eyes widened seeing her. He was about to call her but..swara ran towards ragini and hugged her tightly.
Ragini: love you didi..
Swara: I love you too my angel.
Sanskar is shocked seeing this.
Sanskar:( shocked) so swara and ragini are sisters. It means I was going to marry my love’s sister.
Screen splits into two showing SANSKARS shocked face and SWARAGINI hugging each other.


Credit to: Sree harini

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