SWARAGINI- Limitless love ( Episode 3)


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Sumi brings coffee and sees shekar hiding something. Shekar turns and see sumi. He gets shocked.
Shekar: tum yeha.. In a surprised tone
Sumi: I have brought coffee for you.. Shekar ji!! What were you trying to hide from me??
Shekar: ( fake smile) why will I hide anything from you?? .he tries to avoid eye contact .
Sumi: Mr.shekar gadodia never dare to lie and yes I can perfectly see the truth in your eyes but wanna listen from your mouth.
Shekar: ( gets teary eyed) sometimes I feel happy to have you in my life. If I wouldn’t have went against my parents then someone else would have been here.
Sumi: don’t divert the topic.

Shekar: woh mein swara ke barre me sochri..I have said to her to go according to her wish but I am feeling a bit worried now..banglore is completely new to her and we don’t know anyone there. I don’t know how she is going to manage .
Shekar observes that sumi is not in her senses and calls her name.
Shekar: what are you thinking?? Did you listen anything
Sumi: kuch nahi ji I have heard everything
Shekar: moreover swara is staying in hostel that too alone and I don’t know about the safety. And sumi I was just hiding the family photo as I don’t want you to see me worried.
Sumi is still lost in her thoughts but every word spoken by shekar has touched her heart.

Swara is still searching for the gut whom she has seen before few minutes . she pays attention to the speech

Host: thank-you sir for giving a wonder ful speech and now I would like to invite a special person on dias who has started his career at early age and became one of the successful business man and he stood as an model for inspiration and is still admired by many young people. He is Mr. Sanskar mahe…

Swara sees the person and loses her senses as she is surprised to see the same guy for whom her heart was beating till then but it stated beating faster and louder. She can feel the beat and is just staring at him. The world around her became silent and she could see only him, feel only his presence and can listen only his words.
Swara: ( to herself) omg..the way he looks, the way he gestures, the way he stands is making me mad..completely mad. Everything related to him is very cute..
Sanskar: thank-you everyone to show patience and I hope that you all should become successful in your carrer. Always worship the work you do. Thank-you.
The speech ended with a huge round of applause and swara came to her senses listening it. By the time sanskar has left the halland made her heart equal to hell.


Sumi: shekar!! If you don’t mind wrong then I have an idea instead a solution to this problem
Shekar: ( widen his eyes) what is that sumi. Please tell me..
Sumi: marriage.
Shekar us shocked to listen this
Shekar: what are you saying?? How come this will be the solution
Dadi: sumi is right and this time I am with her in this decision.
Shekar: but maa..
Sumi: haa shekar.. If we marray swara before going to banglore then she will be in safe hands. All we must do is to see a guy who belongs to Kolkata but is residing in Bangalore.
Shekar: I think this won’t be fair
Dadi: no shekar..by this swara’s dream will be fullfill and our wish also..
Shekar: okay maa but swara’s decision will be final because this is her life
Dada ji: no need to ask her. I have full faith on my grand daughter and she will never disobey me.


Swara and ragini are sleeping on bed..
Ragini: you know didi..I have done a lot of masthi today.i have made nikitha to..
She obesvers that swara is lost somewhere
Ragini: didi!! I am talking to you amd you are not paying attention to it. I think you are feeling happy as you can stay away from me.
Swara: shut up!! In an angry voice
Ragi i is shocked to see her like that
Swara: never ever dare to say that. I used to love you..i love you and i will love you.
Ragini higs swara and says you are the best didi in the world no…i the universe.
Ragini: so tell me how was ur day??
Swara: you know ragini i have see a guy today in the auditorium.he came there to give some moruvational speech and omg he was damn hot.
Ragini: didi..i was not expecting this type of words from you..
Swara: if you see him mah then you will use many other words to describe him..but the moment i saw him i felt like my heart stopped beating.
Ragini: (angry voice) please let me clatify one thing..this is attraction purely attraction and you should stop thinking these things and better focus on your career.
Swara: (smiles) ok ragini bit when did i say that i am in love with him.. I was just defining his hotness.
Ragini: no meed to describe anything. Anyway i am feeling sleepy so good night.
Ragini switch offs the light.
Swara is still thinking about sanskar, his entry, her emotions….

PRECAP: shekar says to swara that they have seen a match for her . swara gets shocked listening it.

Credit to: See harini

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  3. If i am not wrong then the match for swara is sanskar..:)
    I love swasan

  4. let it be sanskar…the groom then it will be cute…..

  5. Thank-you guys for your comments and yes tani it is sanskar but you will have a twist..enjoy Reading

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