SWARAGINI- Limitless love ( Episode 28)

Swara is standing in front of the mirror. She is brushing her hair.
Swara: you are looking good today. Of course you will because sanskar has gifted you this..she looked herself in mirror. She was wearing a pink kuthi with green pyjama…. You really have a good taste sanskoo. I was really heart broken when I saw your room.but after listening your past…paused for a while..I wanted to bring your smile back. I am not bothered about past as it is past. I just want the present where we are staying together and future where you will be mine. As I can’t see you in pain at present I have tried hard to contact abhay and ….
Someone knocked her door.she opened
Warden: sankar is waiting for you downstairs.

Swara:( surprised to see her expressionless face) okay mam.
Warden: come early
Swara: hmm
She came downstairs and is surprised to see him on bike.
Sanskar:( smiled) hii. Come lets go
Swara;( taunts) no sanskar. There are many speed breakers along the road. I won’t
Sanskar: I don’t have any problem now. Please swara.
Swara: (smiles) okay sanskar. Don’t say please.
Sanskar: you are looking good today
Swara: hello mr.ghajini..this was gifted by you
Sanskar: I remember swara. You no need to taunt.
Swara:(smiles) shall we go?
Sanskar: okay.
Swara got on his bike and they started.

Sumi: ragini don’t forget to lock the door and yes keep your mobile in ringtone..
Ragini: okay ma..you have said this many times.
Sumi: okay dear bye.
Ragini locked the door.
Ragini: (happy) so for next four hours I will be alone. I can watch horror movie as no one allows me.
Saying this she turned on her television and started watching the movie.simultaneously she was applying face pack…
Ragini buried her face in palms but is trying to watch the movie from gaps between her fingers.
Ragini:( fear) oh God! I must watch this one for more 30min..

Just then someone placed hand on her shoulder. Ragini who is already scared started screaming.she turned back to see his face.
Laksh, who came there to meet ragini is scared seeing her face pack and started screaming.
Ragini:( irritated) laksh !!
Laksh:( relaxed) it is you
Ragini: you must have informed me before.
Laksh: haaa
Ragini: stop laughing laksh. You have scared me. If something has happened to me..then?
Laksh:( smiling) nothing will happen to you ragini. I must be scared from you
Ragini: aw..laksh
She started running after him. Laksh was teasing her.

Swara and sanskar are on bike.sanskar spoiled sudden break. Swara fell on him. This time sanskar didn’t reject.
Swara: (to herself) what has happened to him. But still I love to get close to him.
Sanskar:( to himself) I won’t reject you swara. I too want this closeness and I feel secured when you are with me.
Swara moved back but sanskar again applied break wantedly. Swara has fallen on him again. Sanskar increased the speed. Swara hugged him tightly. Sanskar is enjoying her touch. They were happy in each other’s company.
Sanskar: get down swara.
Swara: (came to her senses and breaked the hug) sorry sanskar.
Sanskar was looking at her eyes. Swara was able to feel his love for her. He is trying to hide his happiness but swara understood it.
Swara:( to herself) I can feel your love sanskar. I know you love me but I won’t let you win. I will propose you first and will make this birthday the most memorable one.
Sanskar: shall we?
Swara looked around. It was a bit hilly area surrounded by many trees. It is not exactly forest but a desserted area with UPS and downs.
Sanskar:( shouted) shall we go?
Swara: hmm. But why did you bring me here.
Sanskar: surprise.
Swara smiled
Sanskar:( to himself) I really want to say something important to you.
Swara: sanskar..
Sanskar: hmm
Swara: I want to say something important.
Sanskar looked at her.

Ragini was running after Laksh.
Laksh: please leave me ragu. I am sorry. I won’t repeat this.
Ragini: you must get punished
Laksh slipped his leg and has fallen on ragini.
Ragini: laksh ji…
Laksh was on her. They were so close to each other. Air was trying to find space between them. Both were able to feel each other’s breath. Ragini’s heart started beating fast.
Laksh; (trying to collect words) so..sorry ragini.
Ragini is just staring him.
Laksh tried to get up but as ragini’s chain got stuck to one of his buttons,he fhas fallen again.
This time laksh’s lips pecked ragini’s lips.
Both were shocked by this act. Ragini pushed him in anger.
Ragini:( angry) what are doing laksh
Laksh:( guilty) sorry ragini.
Ragini left the room without uttering a word.tears were rolling down from her eyes. Laksh too left the place.

Sanskar: tell me swara. What is the important thing that you want to discuss.
Swara:( avoiding eye contact) turn back sanskar. I can’t speak seeing you.
Sanskar:( smiled) okay.
Swara: ( blushes) sa..sanskar..I..
She was moving back step by step in shy
Swara: I..
sanskar: ( to himself) please say it swara. I am waiting to listen it from you
Swara’s heart beat started increasing. She is unable to speak out due to excitement. Samskar’s heart has stopped beating for a while to listen her words. Every inch of his body is concentrating on her.
Swara:( gathering courage) I..LO…awww
Swara has slipped her foot and has fallen down from Cliff.
Sanskar turned back is shocked to see this.
Sanskar: ( shouted) swara!!!!!!!

PRECAP: Swara is on hospital bed. Sanskar is sitting beside her. Her hands are in between his..he slowly said I LOVE YOU.

************************************************* Sorry guys, actually I was in hurry and so gave a short update. Please excuse me for my grammatical mistakes.

Credit to: Sree harini


  1. krish

    Awesome episode sree…?? next part upload it soon please…both pairs track was superb..actually I’m swasan fan but because of your ff… i started liking raglak part.. You are rocking…keep going ??

  2. Omg i did not expect diz…bt latr reading last fw line i came to conclusion for sure she will slip… anyway it ws good nice sooper epi sree… waiting for ur nxt epi..

  3. anu

    Wow yaar just loved it precap seem interesting but can I give u suggestions if u don’t mind
    Don’t make swasan confessing at hospital plz make something like swara lose her memory nd this sanskar try to won her love or like kavita has returned nd she try to separate swasan nd swara is unaware of sanky love for her she think to unite sanky nd kavita
    Don’t mind yaar I m really really sry if u feel bad or hurt…..u can clearly tell me in nxt episode if u r hurt I will not mind

    • Sree harini

      I don’t mind anu…instead you have been advising from the first but sorry to say that I cannot do this as things are a bit common and usisal..I mean kavitha returning. Don’t worry dear, swasan love confession will not happen in hospital.

  4. Kiara

    First time commenting on ur ff….
    So i liked your plot. And after precap xcited for ur next update. U r a good writer…

    • Sree harini

      Thank-you sindhuja,jaya,shabrin,amu,fransi,lucky,dhoni,sravya and Divya for commenting and liking my fiction. Keep reading

  5. Vini

    Very nice dear,haven’t read the previous ones but still enjoyed this one ,writing style is good and can imagine the scenes..keep writing.

  6. ayesha

    Hey..this is awesome..actually I had been reading your fiction from last two parts but I think I need to cram from starting..really interesting and superb…will be waiting for your next part.. 🙂

  7. meghs

    awsome.. raglak part nice..
    nxt part might be sister revealation na i was waiting to see sanskar reaction

    bt pls yar dont do ragsan engagement pls..

  8. Vinu

    Nyc episode…good plotting..keep it up. .I wish u gave a bright future and happy life..god bless u…all the best dr..

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.