SWARAGINI- Limitless love ( Episode 26)


Sorry raglakians..no raglak scenes today.

Swara: I have never seen you smiling like this sanskar…
Sanskar:( angry voice) swara.
Swara turned back and saw sanskar standing at the entrance of the door. She is afraid to see his red eyes which were fuming in anger.
Sanskar: who asked you to enter this room?
Sanskar approached her and held her arm. He then dragged her out the room. In this process,swara’s left arm got hurted by a nail of the door.
Swara:( in pain) ouch!!
Sanskar dragged her in such a way that she has fallen on the floor.
Sanskar: you have crossed your limits now.
Swara is crying bitterly.
Swara: ( irritated but crying) enough sanskar..enough. Actually the problem lies with you.you don’t even try to understand others emotions. First of all you don’t care because you are selfish. When you have applied sudden break,I have fallen on you and in that fear I have tightened my grip but you…Mr.mahan has designed a story and stated scolding me. I must have slapped you but no I didn’t cause I understood the situation. You act like you are mature guy but many don’t know that you are immature and doesn’t even know how to react.
Sanskar was trying to avoid eye contact fue to guilt.
Swara: even now I have entered your room as I was confused. First of all you didn’t mention the room and moreover you are scolding me and remember one thing..don’t think that many girls are back of you especially me. I just wanted be your friend that’s all. It was you sanskar who hurted me a lot but I smiled and excused you every time.
She started crying.sanskar looked at her bleeding hand and got emotional.
Swara is trying to stop the oizing blood but is unable to. Sanskar interrupted her.
Swara:( firm voice) I will do it

Sanskar:( attitude voice) I will swara..
He holds her hand tightly and bandaged it.sanskar looked at swara but she was avoiding eye contact. Later sanskar sat in the sofa while swara was still sitting in the floor leaning towards the wall. There was s pin drop silence for more than 40min.
Sanskar: ( staring at ceiling) kavitha!!
Swara looked at him but he was still staring the roof.swara was feeling the bitterness,depression in his voice.
Sanskar: her name is kavitha. I have seen on cultural day. I was a MBA student then. I followed her nearly for two months and finally she confessed that she too loves me. I was the happiest person then. I remember very well..he paused…it was before our semister exams, my mom got to know our relationship and has informed by elder father(bade papa). Initially noone accepted the proposal but after seeing kavitha everyone accepted. Kavitha’s parents didn’t had any objection about this from staring as abhay,kavitha’s brother is my best friend. Our marriage date got fixed but it was then…

A rainy day
Sanskar and kavitha’s are in busstop waiting for the bus.
Kavitha: lets get into the bus sanku.
Sanskar: no I dont want
Kavitha:( surprised) why?
Sanskar:( romantic voice) I want to stare at you. If we will get into the bus then you will be some where and I will be some where.so..
Kavitha:stop it sanku. You are too fimly.
They both smiled while bus gained its speed.
Sanskar:( tensed) oh no! Kavitha! We must get that bus anyhow
Kavitha: but it is raining sanskar.we will wait for another one.
Sanskar: no kavi..he started running after the bus and kavitha followed him.
Finally sanskar got into the bus and kavitha was trying hard to get in.
Sanskar: ( stretched his hand) come fast!! Come fast!
Kavitha held his hand and finally she got in.they were standing near the entrance.on steps
Kavitha:( irritated) are you mad??
Sanskar:( smiled) I was just fulfilling my wife’s wish.
Kavitha:( confused) which wish

Sanskar: you dont remember?? You said me once that you want to get into a running bus and now..
Kavitha:( smiled) sanku..I LOVE YOU BABY.
Sanskar: me too.
Kavitha neared sanskar to hug him but she lost her grip due to the sudden break of bus. She has fallen back on the road.
Sanskar: kavitha..
Sanskar had also fallen with her. Water was stagnated at that place and current was passing through it.
SANSKAR VO: that moment nothing was in my mind. I just wanted to rescue her but we both fell in water. I lost my conscious. When I opened my eyes I was in hospital and someone was sitting near me.
Sanskar: kavitha!
Sujatha: (crying) beta..
Sanskar: where is kavitha ma? How is she?
Noone answered him.
Kavitha’s mom: (angry) you killed my kavitha. You are a murderer.
Sanskar:( confused) what has happened to her? Please tell me.
He started screaming her name.
Kavitha’s dad and brother were consoling her( kavitha’ mom.

Sanskar πŸ™ with tears in eyes) after sometime I got to know that she left her sanskar. Her parents were abusing me. They were cursing. Abhay was trying to console them. Many months passed but I was unable to get out of it. It was then, bade papa has asked me to lead one of his branches and I became head of this branch. I really don’t know how did I spent my days here. I was unable to get out of her thoughts and so I made this special room and I used to talk to her daily. But swara.. You entered my…..
He turned towards her but she was not there. He looked around and saw that she was walking to the main door. Swara is lost somewhere and sanskar understood it. He was just staring her till she left the place.
Sanskar:( closed his eyes in pain) I know swara that I have hurted you many a times. I was rude to you but in every action,you proved yourself. You are really a good friend indeed. I have not said about kavitha just because you entered the room it is cause I don’t want to hide anything from you even my past. I am addicted to you and I am just trying to find out the exact meaning of our relationship. Once if I get cleared then I promise you that I will give you all the happiness of the world. Please forgive me.

Swara entered the room. She was thinking about SANSKAR’S reaction,his personal room,his past. She stood in front of mirror and looked herself. Then she started crying bitterly.
Swara: it was very painful sanskar. I cannot spare you with another girl but still I want you to smile as before. You look cute when you smile. I will fix the problem and will free you from all these depressions and sorry to hurt you sanskar. I spoke to you harshly. I know that it pained you a lot….I was unable to control myself just to see you with another girl but you have seen your love dying in front of your eyes. How painful!! I can understand it and this is the reason for your strict behaviour. I will clear your problem dear.

Sanskar was standing in the balcony. It was raining heavily. He is just thinking about swara.
Sanskar: I have hurted you a lot dear! Please punish me for this. I made you cry today..
Just then his mobile rang and sanskar is feeling relaxed seeing swara’s name flashing on the screen.
Sanskar:( bitter voice) swara
Swara:( excited) shall we go out tomorrow?
Sanskar:( confused) what!! I mean you are not angry with me?
Swara:( smiled) why should i? You know my policy and it was your past so you must feel bad not me..okay
Sanskar felt a bit sad.
Sanskar:( to himself) how can she smile when I am in pain?
Swara: will you come?
Sanskar: where?
Swara:( excited) surprise
Sanskar: but..
Swara:( cold voice) do you trust me.
Sanskar:( to himself) you are my priority dear.
(To swara) hmm
Swara: then be ready by 9:00 sharp.

Sanskar:( smiles) thanks
Swara: bye
Sanskar ended the call and started thinking about SWARAS surprise.
Swara: are you ready?
Sanskar: two minutes
Swara: ( irritated ) now a days boys are taking too much time to get ready.
Sanskar:stop talking about us as if you a girl’s will be on time
Swara: yes we will be on time and so I am here.
Sanskar:( folded his hands) sorry mata. Shall we?
Swara:( smiled) yes.
Sanskar: where are we going?
Swara: shh. Just drive according to my directions.
Sanskar: I have been doing this from last 15minutes.
Swara: take left and stop.
They both got out of the car. Sanskar saw a man standing in front of him showing his back.
Sanskar: who is he?
Swara: call him.you will get to know.
Sanskar: I dont know his name.
Man turned to sanskar leaving him shocked.
Man:( angery voice) but I know you very well.
Sanskar:( surprised) abhay!!….turned towards swara..how did you get to know about him.

Swara: you have mentioned about him and I searched in Facebook. That’s all.
Sanskar was looking at her and Sara was able to identify his affection for her in them.
Abhay approached sanskar and slapped him.
Abhay:( tears in eyes) why did you leave us.
Sanskar hugged him. Swara left them alone.
Sanskar: soory abhi.I was the reason for your sister’s death.
Abhay: it was her fate. You were not the reason
Maa has cursed you as she lost kavitha. It doesn’t mean that she never loved you.
Sanskar’s eyes were filled with tears.
Abhay: our family has lost kavitha didi but we really don’t want to miss our bhayya.
Sanskar stared at him with affection.
Abhay:( teary eyed) why are you staring bhai.. I love you
He hugged sanskar
Abhay: We won’t you sanskar. I have enquired about you but was unable to trace out. Ma and papa are cursing themselves for being rude. Please forgive us bhai.
Sanskar: I am sorry abhi. I love you all.
Abhay wiped his tears
Abhay: end of this emotional drama.
He looked at swara who was standing far away from her. She is speaking to someone on her mobile.

Abhay:( pointing swara) I think she lives you
Sanskar: ( surprised) how can you say?
Abhay: her actions..
Sanskar:( confused) I didn’t get you
Abhay: yesterday she called me in the evening and was literally begging me to come to banglore. She was saying that she cannot see you in pain and when I heard your name I just cancelled all my works and came here….he was saying something but nothing went into SANSKAR’S mind. He was just staring at her memorising abhay’s words..she can’t see you in pain. May be she loves you.
Screen freezes at sanskar staring at swara.

PRECAP: ragini and laksh went to vegetable market. Swara was arguing with some girls at shopping mall.
************************************************* sorry guys to update a boring episode and please excuse me for grammatical mistakes. Thank-you for being patient to read this.

Credit to: Sree harini

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