SWARAGINI- Limitless love ( Episode 25)


Swara is shocked seeing sanskar with a bunch of red roses in his hand.
Sanskar: swara..
Swara looked outside in the corridor and drags him inside
Swara:( tensed) what are you doing here? What if anyone sees you
Sanskar(smiles) noone will see me cause I came from my route.
Swara understood this and started smiling.
Sanskar:( serious but bitter voice) swara..
Swara: hmm
Sanskar: I am sorry.
Swara: for what!!
Sanskar: actually I would have not said like that.
Swara: don’t irritated me sanskar. What’s the matter.
Sanskar:( to himself) why is she behaving like nothing has happened at all. Is she trying to act or really forgot everything?
Swara: sanskar
Sanskar:( trying to gather words and is avoiding eye contact) bike..break..
Swara:( looked at him with fake anger later smileed) sanskar..leave about it. You know what!! If I was in your place then for sure I would have slapped you.
Sanskar: but..
Swara: its okay sanskar and I don’t waste my time for all this nonsense because for me any second spent without happiness is waste and I don’t want it. Okay
Sanskar:(smiles) you are great
Swara: for this..
Sanskar looks at her and notices that she is staring at flowers.
Swara:( confused) why did you bring them…pointing to roses.
Sanskar: actually I have a habit if gifting flowers while asking for an apologize.. So this is for you.
Swara:( grabs it) thank-you sanskar.
Just then they hear wardan’s voice.
Swara:( tensed) sanskar..warden..I mean hide somewhere.
Sanskar: we are not doing any wrong thing here. Then why are you so worried?
Swara: you dont know about her.
Sanskar: swara.
Swara makes him sit at a corner place and covers him with blankets.
Warden: swara! Open the door.
Swara: good morning mam
Warden: I need to check your room
Swara:( shocked) but why
Warden: I need!!
Saying this she entered her room.swara was walking back of her. Warden started looking here and there
Swara: what are you searching for?
Warden: none of your business. I would like to check your washroom
Swara showed her the way. Later she even checked under the bed,wardrobe,back of the door and finally came near the heap of blankets.
Warden: what us this?
Sankar:(to himself) I think she found me. Please save me swara.
Swara: those are…those are..my clothes
Warden: what!
Swara: I mean that I have to give them to laundry.
Warden: okay.but don’t dare to hide anything from me.
Swara: hmm
Warden left the room.swara locked the door. Sanskar freed himself from blankets and was trying to breath.
Swara: sanskar..
Sanskar: I was about to die.
Swara: you won’t
Sanskar: how can you say that!
Swara: because I am alive.
Sanskar looked at swara and they shared an eyelock.
Swara: I mean
Sanskar started laughing.swara too joined him.
They had spent more than 3hrs.
Sanskar: thank-you swara.
Swara: for what!
Sanskar: making me smile.
Swara: its my duty.
Sanskar: bye..

Ragini is on her way to academy. Laksh was following her.
Laksh: friends?
Ragini: laksh ji
Laksh: ( steched his hand for handshake) friends ragini?
Ragini: friends..(thought for a while) but it doesn’t mean that we must shake our hands.
Laksh:( smiles) you are typical
Ragini: yes I am laksh ji
Laksh:( irritated) stop adding ji for everything. Call me Laksh.. Only laksh
Ragini:( stared at him) I can’t
Laksh: why?
Ragini: because I am from a traditional family.
Laksh finally understood her nature.
Ragini: but please don’t talk to me in public place.
Laksh:( confused) why?
Ragini: people will mistake us
Laksh: we are friends and just don’t bother about anyone
Ragini:( smiles) okay laksh bhayya. This will be good as noone will….
Laksh:( opened mouth) bhayya!! Ragini..
Ragini:( carelessly) should I call you chacha then?
Laksh: ragini maata. Please friend will be a friend not your brother. Understand!!
Ragini nodded just like a child.
Ragini:( laughing) just kidding my boy. You are my friend laksh ji
Laksh:( relaxed) but ji…
Ragini: it takes time
Laksh: okay ragu
Ragini: nice Nick name. I am getting late
Laksh: oh sorry bye.

Swara: bye Tara
Tara: hey one second! Sanskar sir has forgot these papers. Will you handover it to him.
Swara:( to herself) I don’t have any other happiness beyond doing sanskars work.
Swara: yes Tara. I will.
Sanskar: swara. What are you doing here.
Swara: will you not invite your guest inside your house.
Sanskar:( smiles) sorry get in
Swara: hmm actually I came here to handover these papers.
Sanskar: oh thank-you. I was searching for these. Hey! Would you like to have coffee or tea.
Swara: a glass of warm milk.
Sanskar:( smiled) anything to eat.
Swara: no
Sanskar:(called his servant) bring two glasses of milk and also some snacks.
Swara: but I don’t want
Sanskar: I am feeling hungry..
They spent the whole evening discussing all the issues.
Swara: oh my god! Its nine. My warden will kill me. I need to go
Sanskar:( looks outside) but its raining heavily.
Swara: but..
Sanskar: you stay here for tonight
Swara:( surprised) what about my warden
Sanskar: I will manage.
Just then ragini called swara.
Ragini: hello didi
Swara: Hi sweetheart.
Ragini: did you reach safely?
Swara: yes and how is your friend?
Ragini:( understood it) your devar
Swara: stop it
Ragini: okay..I will talk to you later.bye.
Swara: love you bye.
She turned towards sanskar who was just staring at her. Swara became happy by this act but trying to hide in insie her heart.
Swara: my sister.
Sanskar: ohh
Swara: you know what she is going to get engaged in few days
Sanskar:( confused) elder sister.
Swara:( smiled) younger.
Sanskar: then how come.
Swara: ( in a serious voice) actually my papa has selected a boy for me but his mother rejected me and asked for ragini.
Sanskar: this is unfair.
Swara: I too know that. I hate them. I mean they don’t even have manners. Especially that guys mother..she memorised the moments…she just judged my charecter without trying to talk to me..even once.
Sanskar was able to feel the pain in her words.
Sanskar:( to himself) I can understand your pain swara. This moment..I just want to hug you and console you. I can’t see in pain. I can’t bear your tears.
Tears were rolling from her eyes.sanskar observed it .
Sanskar:( teasing voice) swara..BANGLORE doesn’t have any problem with water works. Every one gets sufficient amount of water. So please don’t try to fill buckets.
Swara: sanskar..
Sanskar: its okay now..I will inform to your warden and you are staying here tonight. No more arguments and this is final.
Swara nods and they had dinner with variety of food and that too with swara’s favourite dishes.
Sanskar: this is guest room swara. You can stay here
Swara entered the room and closed the door. She looked around the room and got excited
Swara:( to herself) I am unable to believe this even now..I am in sanskar’s house..oops (with a proud voice) my house. One day I will enter this house as his wife and I am sure that the day is not so far.
Saying this she slept on the bed hugging the pillow.
After some time sanskar came to see swara.
Sanskar: swara..you look beautiful when you sleep even. This is not crush swara. Something beyond that but I am unable to name the relation. All I know is that you made my life and you never know that how you changed me.
He closed the door and left the place.

Swara got up from the bed and became fresh.
Swara: I am ready now. Let me check my house.
She started roaming all around and opened the door of sanskar’s bedroom. Sanskar was sleeping by covering his entire body . only his face was visible.
Swara: how cute you are..my baby..shh don’t disturb him swara leave the place..
After few hours sanskar got up.
Swara: good morning sanskar. This is your cup of coffee.
Sanskar: I don’t drink anything without getting fresh.
Swara: okay.
Sanskar went to washroom.after bathing,he realised that be forgot to bring his shirt. He slightly opened the door and saw swara in his room.
Sanskar: swara..will you please go out of the room.
Swara: but why?
Sanskar:( authoritative tone) swara..please.
Swara:( confused) okay..
She left the room while sanskar closed the door.
Swara: ( from outside) sanskar..where is karma company file.
Sanskar: it is in the other room.
Swara: okay..I need it.
Sanskar: hmm
Swara:(go herself) there are three more rooms including drawing room. Where should I go now…she sees his personal room..I think it is here as it is close to his room.
Swara opened the door and was shocked to see kavitha’s images.tears started rolling From here eyes without her knowledge.she as just staring the room.she observed a board with sanskar and kavitha’s image and there were some lines written on it. She started reading it.
Swara: my heart beat skipped when I saw you for the first time.I just lost myself in you when I was trying to convince my love. I have written my life on your name when you proposed me. I promised myself to not to let you cry when our marriage was fixed. I was planning to prove myself as a good lover,husband,father..but it was then you left me. You ruined my plans but still I am surviving just to not to loose your memories as I know that you will be alive till i Iive.I just don’t want to miss any moment of ours and so I am trying to fight with my death. Everything might change dear but my love for you will never.I LOVE YOU FOREVER AND EVER.
Swara collapsed reading the last sentence. Her heart which was happy till now is filled by a strong layer of sorrow. She was experiencing the pain of heart break. She was screaming inside but only tears rolled from her eyes..she sat on the floor leaning towards the wall and finally said..
Screen freezes at her face.

PRECAP: Sanskar dragged her out the room.swara got hurt by a nail and her hand started bleeding. Swara is crying bitterly.

Credit to: Sree harini

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