SWARAGINI- Limitless love ( Episode 24)


Thank-you guys and girls for regularly commenting me a a special thanks to all the silent readers who are showering tour love on me. I get more excited to give you best episodes after reading your comments. And one more thing I have changed the total plot. So read it freshly. LOVE YOU ALL

It is 4:45 am. Swara got up from the bed and entered the washroom.she stood in front of mirror.
Swara: bus..aur ek din sanskar. I can see you tomorrow….she smiled thinking him
Later she got fresh and went downstairs.
Dadi:( opened mouth) swara..please pinch me.
Swara:( confused) why dadi?
Dadi: am I dreaming?
Swara: dadi..
Dadi: no because I haven’t seen you anytime waking at this hour.so
Swara:(smiles) haa dadi but after going to banglore your swara has become a good girl. She even learned to cook.
Dadi: I think you must stay there for some more time.
Ragini:( tensed) dadima..swara didi is not in her room..she was literally running while saying this sentenced and is surprised to see her
Ragini: didi..you woke up?
Swara: haa. Why? Should I pinch you also?
Ragini: didi but you should not change like this
Swara: why?
Ragini: because..everyone will be back of me now
Swaragini smiles

Sanskar: I don’t know why but I am missing you swara. I know that we are just friends but..
He gets a phone call
Tara: sir. You need to come to office

Sanskar:(irritated) why? You very well know that I am on leave today.
Tara: but Mr.pratap is visting our office today
Sanskar:( depressed) okay..he ended the call
Sanskar: I just don’t want to stay in office swara because every moment spent there reminds your absence which makes me irritated. But I should go now.
Ragini: ma! I want to take swara to my music academy.
Sumi: but..
Dadi: let her go sumi. Swara tum jao.
Swara: but what I must do there?

Ragini: please didi.. Please
Swara seeing her childish behavior accepts it.
Sumi: okay but be careful.and don’t forget to have your break fast.

Swara: so you have started learning sitar.
Ragini:( excited) yes didi and you know what my guruji is excellent. He teaches us very well.
Swara: I am eargely waiting to meet him.
Ragini: while returning home we will eat some golgappas and then..
Swara: (smiles) I think you have a very big list
Ragini: I was thinking about it the last night.
Laksh who was following ragini is mesmirised by her voice.
Swara:( leaned towards ragini and wishpered): I think he is following us…she points to laksh.ragini:( sees him) no didi. He was the one who saved me from piyush. Let me introduce him
They turned back and laksh moved his face away as if he was not looking at them.
Ragini: laksh ji
Laksh:( trying to act) oh ragini! How are you now?
While questioning he looks at swara.swaragini noticed it.
Ragini: thank-you laksh and by the way she is my sister swara.
Laksh: oh! Bhabhi
swaragini- (confused) what?
Laksh: (looking at swara)see addressing a girl as sister is so common today and of course even bhabhi is equal to mom right.
Swara:( felt silly) hmm but you are..
Laksh: friends?
Swara:( shrugs) of course…forwarded her hand for hand shake
Laksh: no bhabi. I won’t touch any other girl except my wife.

Swara: cool.so namaste
Laksh: namaste
Ragini smiled listening his words. Laksh was observing her and swara was seeing laksh. Finally to divert the topic swara questioned
Swara: laksh
Laksh: ji bhabi
Swara:( irritated) please stop calling me bhabi. I am younger to you
Laksh: but bhabi will be bhabhi
Swara: how many children do you have?
Listening this laksh opened his mouth in surprise while ragini bursted out laughing.
Ragini:( laughing) didi..he is not a married guy
Swara: sorry laksh. I thought that you were married because you said that you won’t touch anyone except your wife.
Laksh:( in a childish voice) if you don’t want to talk then don’t but please never say like this to any guy. It equally hursts us as girls do.
Swara: sorry.
Ragini: we are getting late didi.
SWARAGINI were walking on the road. Swara’s duppaya got stuck to nail of a scooter. Swara didn’t notice but laksh did
Laksh:( shouts) ragini’s sister!! Ragini’s sister
Noone turned back
Laksh:( tensed) what should I do now.( shouts) bhabhi ji.
Swara turned back for one scream.
Swara:( irritated) I warned you not to call. See how everyone is staring at me.
Laksh looked around. Everyone was seeing swara.
Laksh:( in a low voice) sorry ragini’s sister. I won’t repeat this but your duppaya got stuck to nail.
Swara: thanks.bye

Laksh:( to himself) lucky!! You got a chance to impress your to be bhabhi but you failed in it. I wish that she should have a positive impression on me. Please God.!!
Swaragini left the place. Laksh was looking at them.

Sanskar: okay Tara I must leave now and please don’t call me today. I want to be alone.
Tara: yes sir.
Sanskar reached his home and entered his personal room. He started staring at kavitha’s photo.
Sanskar:( smiled sadly) you know what kavitha..earlier when I used to look at your photo I used to remember all the cute things but now I can see only swara every where. I agree that she is similar to you but she is unique in her way. I am feeling stressed and unable to bear separation from her. I just treated her as a friend but i think there is something beyond that. I am unable to get the complete picture of my emotions but I feel happy when u see her smiling. She used to talk continously about all the matters which are irrelevant but still I loved it. I am missing her a lot kavitha.

Sumi: take care dear
Ragini: bye didi. Happy journey.
Swara: bye ma and ragini…(paused for a minute) I love you baby.please take care of you and don’t believe anyone (in a low vice) especially that guy whom we met today
Ragini:( smiled) okay didi but please take care of you as you are staying away from us.
Swara smiles.

Sumi: swara..is everything fine there? I think you understood me.
Swara: ha ma. I not getting close to anyone..she started thinking about sanskarsanskar.
Shekhar:I trust my darling and I am sure that she will never let me down.. He places his hands on her head..I trust you swara and your are my pride.
Swara got tears in her eyes.
Ragini: please didi don’t cry otherwise I will also start crying
Swara: bye papa. I need to go.
Train started it’s journey. Everyone was waving to swara. Swara is also waving back but she is lost somewhere.

Swara was trying to sleep but her father’s words are running in her mind.
Swara:( with tears in her eyes) papa trusts me a lot. He never asked me or enquired about me. But what am I doing there. Just at the back of sanskar. Maybe I am betraying my father..she started crying..papa said that I was his pride and I must make it true but I love sanskar..I can’t stop myself seeing him. Oh God! Please give me enough strength to fulfill my dad’s desire and also to get SANSKAR’S love.

Sanskar was sleeping on floor.just then his mobile rang he got irritated by seeing Tara’s name flashing on it.
Sanskar:( irritated voice) tara! I have asked you not to disturb but you have called me early in the morning. I think you are crossing your limits by disobeying me.
Tara:( in fear) sir..swara came to banglore.
Sanskar:( happiness overloaded) what?? When!
Tara: just before an hour. She informed me about her arrival and I thought that it would be better to tell you as karma company papers are with her.
Sanskar:( excited) I will talk to you later. I will be on leave today also and please manage the office.bye
He ended the call while Tara smiled satisfactorily.
Tara: I know sanskar that your happiness lies with her .

Someone knocked the door. Swara got irritated.
Swara:( irritated) who is this and why are you disturbing me ..so early. She opened the door and was shocked.
Swara:(surprised) sanskar!!!!
Sanskar was smiling at her and he was having a bunch of red roses in his hand. Swara was even more surprised to see them that too in sanskar’s hand
Screen freezes at sanskar’s smiling face.

PRECAP: Ragini address laksh as brother. Laksh is shocked. Swara is arguing with some girls at shopping mall.

NOTE: sorry guys. Actually I don’t what wife’s sister is known in hindi. So I have used the word bhabhi. Kindly excuse me.NOT PROOF READ!!

Credit to: Sree harini

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