SWARAGINI- Limitless love ( Episode 23)


Swara was sleeping all the afternoon. She got up in the evening was surprised to see 15 missed calls from ragini
Swara:( to herself) how bad I am! Why did she call me this may times. I think she is in trouble. If yes then I will never be able to excuse my self for this mistake.
She tried calling her but it was out of coverage area.

Sumi:( shocked) what! How is she shekar ji
She is talking to shekar on phone
Shekar: she is fine sumi. We are in police station now. We will be back in few minutes.
Sumi: but I want to meet her
Shekar: please try to understand.
Sumi cuts the call and started crying
Dadi: is everything fine
Sumi: ma..piyush tried to attack ragini
Dadi: ( shocked) what!! How is my ladoo now
Sumi; nothing has happened to her. Shekar ji is with her and they will be back in few minutes…she starts crying bitterly.
Dadi: please control yourself.
Just then dadi’s mobile rang
Dadi: haa swara
Swara:( worried) dadi!! What happened to ragini? Is everything fine
Dadi: nothing has happened to her. Actually piyush tried to attack but
Swara: what!! Dadi I want to talk to her. Where is she
Dadi: cool down swara. They are at police station and will return in few minutes.
Swara: please give phone to ma
Sumi: swara
Swara: maa..please stop crying. If you will be like this then how about ragu. Please ma
Sumi: but..
Swara: don’t be worried ma. I am coming there.
She cuts the call.

Shekar: I want him to get punished badly. He has tried to kill my child.
Laksh: yes sir. Please don’t leave him
Police: of course, he is going to be jailed for his acts but you need to file a case.
Lucky: we will
Police: ragini must do this because she is the victim
Ragini:( crying) yes sir.
She filed a case aganist him
Piyush: I will ruin your life
Ragini went towards piyush. He was looking at her. Ragini slapped him with her sandal. Piyush was shocked by her act
Ragini: chi..I never wanted a brother like you. I just wonder that whether you know the meaning of that. Piyush..I was thinking you as as my brother and really felt happy when you said that I was like your sister. I felt like I have got someone to share everything. You know what brother is the one who protects her sister and supports her but you..she bursted out in tears…you will never know the value of it. It was my mistake to trust you. I just hating myself for that.
Police: take him into the custody.
Ragini,laksh and shekar left the police station.

Swara was checking for availability of seats in train
Swara:( irritated) no tickets!! What should I do now. I want to see my doll. I should become her strength. Bichari kitna sehna padha usko….flight..yes it will be good if I go by air bus.

All the three reached BAADI. Sumi hugged ragini and stated crying. Shekar and dadi were consoling her.
Meena: what black magic did you do on my son?
Ragini was shocked listening to this
Meena approached ragini and slapped her.
Meena: why did you do like this? My son used to treat you as his sister but..chi
Laksh:( angry voice) stop it aunty. Why are you slapping her for your son’ s deeds.
Meena turned towards laksh
Meena: why are you supporting her. She is charecterless. She has traped my son and after fulfilling her wishes she sent him to jail
Laksh: it is you aunty who blindly trusted him. Try to open your eyes. Ragini is such a sweet girl and everyone here know that. And if you talk about charecter then it will be a big joke as your son stands first in the list. If you want to know his colors then try to enquire and please stop blaming her. She is the victim.
Meena: I will see your end ragini
Meenakshi left the place while ragini was trembling in fear.
Laksh: don’t worry uncle..she cannot harm ragini. It would be better if you take her inside.
Everyone was about to get inside but shekar turned back
Shekar: by the way..what is your name young mam
Laksh was about to say but ragini interfered
Ragini: laksh..he is laksh papa..my friend.
Laksh was unable to believe as ragini introduced him as her friend.he looked at ragini and she was smiling to him.
Laksh:( to himself) best day..finally you accepted me ragu. I don’t want anything in my life..I LOVE YOU
Shekar: ( folding his hands) thank-you beta..if you didn’t reach on time then I don’t even know what would have happened with my daughter. Thank-you laksh.
Laksh: arey..please uncle don’t fold your hands. It was my duty to save her.
Shekar was confused and laksh realized his words.
Laksh:( trying to act) I mean that as a citizen I must do it.
Shekar:( confused) what!!
Laksh:( in a tired voice) please end it here uncle.
He then remembered about the papers that are to be given to his friend.
Laksh: bye uncle. I have some important work to do.
Shekar: bye
Ragini was smiling at him.
Laksh left the place and swara reached BAADI.
Swara: ragini!!
Ragini hugged her her was unable to control her tears
Swara:( tensed) how are you dear. I was eating all the way for you.
Ragini: I am fine didi. Please stop crying
Swara: you must stop crying first. I can’t see you in pain.
Ragini smiled.
Sumi: so how many days will you stay
Swara: three
Ragini:( excited) we will roam KOLKATA
Swara is smiling seeing her childish behaviour.
Dadi: will you stay outside or planning to get in
SWARAGINI smiled and entered the house.

Laksh was thinking about ragini,her smile, how she introduced him..
Annapurna: where were you laksh.? Come lets have dinner together.
Laksh: I was with my friend mom..thinking about ragini…and I am not feeling hungry. So you people carry on
Annapurna: but why?
Laksh: ma leave me alone.
He left the place
Annapurna: ( smiles) I will never be able to understand him and his father.
Durga Prasad: why are you dragging me in between?
Ramprasad: leave it bhai
Laksh entered his room and bolted the door. He started jumping
Laksh: ma I will never let you know aboutreason behind this.. He looks himself in mirror..hey lucky! you are really lucky to have her. Did you listen what she said? Friend!! He started jumping again

Sanskar: where is the presentation of karma company?
Tara: it is with swara
Sanskar: call her to my cabin
Tara:( fear) she is on leave
Sanskar:( irritated) what! Why? I mean when did she apply for it?
Tara: she informed me yesterday night sir
Sanskar: for how many days
Tara: three
Sanskar:( disappointed but is trying to hide) okay do you atleat have the papers regarding project?
Tara: it is with ..
Sanskar: ( in anger) swara..I think only she is working in this company. How disgusting
Saying this he threw the file in his hand and Tara was really afraid if him as she know his behavior.
Sanskar: ( looks at Tara) why are you staring me like that. Please leave the cabin.
Tara left while sanskar sat in his chair and was looking at swara’s cabin helplessly
Sanskar: why did you leave me swara..without informing..your absence is hurting me.
Sanskar realised what he has spoke
Sanskar: why are you thinking about her sanskar. You don’t want to talk to her then ..you must concentrate on your business not on her.
He said this to himself and was trying to focus on his work but his mind is filled of swara’s thoughts. He was able to manage his brain but not his heart which wanted to see,listen swara.
Screen freezes at SANSKAR’S face

PRECAP: Sanskar is depressed as he was unable to bear the separation of swara from him. He entered his personal room.

************************************************* sorry guys..due to busy schedule, I have posted it early and I may not be able to reply your comments. See you tomorrow evening and love you all

Credit to: Sree harini

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