SWARAGINI- Limitless love ( Episode 22)


Sorry everyone..no swasan scenes.

Sumi:( worried) ragini nahi aayi ab tak
Dadi: its okay sharmista. She will come. No need to worry.
Sumi: but I am her mom!
Dadi:( smiles) she is a grown up girl. She very well knows to handle things and this is her home town..don’t worry
Shekar: what happened ma
Sumi: shekar ji! Ragini has not come yet
Shekar: she will come dear. .
sumi: no one will understand me.
Shekar:( sighs) okay then. I will call her.
Shekar called ragini but it was out of coverage area.
Sumi was eagerly waiting to listen SHEKAR’S answer.
Shekar turned to her
Shekar:( a bit worried) no answer
Sumi: please shekar ji. I want you to go to academy.
Dadi nods while shekar left the place.

Ragini: piyush!!
Piyush: yes darling
Ragini looked him with hatred
Ragini: leave me
Piyush: I didn’t do all this to let you go
Ragini: (started crying) please piyush..leave me. I want to go my home. What harm did I do?
Piyush:( tightened his grip) what didn’t you do? Aisi kya kami this mujhme ki you have not accepted the proposal?

Ragini: because you were my brother.
Piyush:( in anger) brother..brother..brother. You can’t see anything out of that and it is the reason that you are here.
Ragini: how can anyone love you piyush?
Piyush: why not!! I am good looking guy and earn 40000 per month. I am a caring guy who can treat his girl friend as princess. Then why won’t any girl fall for me…he said it in a strong and confidence voice.
Ragini: but you don’t have charecterless
Piyush:( carelessly) that doesn’t matter and don’t divert the topic. Answer my question.
Ragini: simple. I hate you. I look beautiful that you and yes I deserve a handsome guy with good charecter.
Piyush fumes in anger.

Laksh is talking to his friend on phone
Laksh: okay dude. I will bring the papers to the temple road. Friend: start immediately otherwise you will be late..then I will and my girlfriend is going to kill me
Laksh:( smiles) okay baba I will be there in ten minutes.
He cuts the call
Laksh:( to himself) my car is on repair. How can I go now?
Ram Prasad: what are you thinking laksh.
Laksh turned towards ram Prasad
Laksh: kuch nahi chacha bas I need to go out and my car is in repair.
Ramprasad: ( smiled) but your bhai’s bike is free
Laksh: ( with excitement) really. Thank-you chacha. Love you
He too left maheswari Manison.

Piyush : so you are proud on your beauty. I must do something
Saying this he turned towards his goons. Meanwhile ragini snatched his mobile and started running. Piyush followed her but she managed to hide behind bushes.
Ragini( crying): I don’t remember any mobile numbers. What should I do now…haa swara
She remembered her number. She tried to call but swara didn’t receive it
Ragini:( tensed) didi..please pick up the call. Your sister needs you..she tried it for fifteenth time….no use I must recollect some other number..papa. 9845….what was that…try to remember ragini..try.
Piyush: try to remember angel
Ragini is shocked seeing him. She started trembling in fear.piyush made her to stand by holding her hands.
Piyush: relax baby. Why are you shivering dear. No need to fear for anything. Piyush is with you..your love is with you.
Ragini:( irritated by his words) stop it piyush. I have said you many a times that I don’t …
Piyush placed his fingers on her lips.
Piyush( whispered in her ears) shhh. I don’t want to listen that
Ragini was seeing him with fear,hatred, and what not
Piyush: you know what. My girl friend was so good.she never betrayed me like you. She was very pretty but was never proud of me…but..that prettiness made her to reject me so now I will teach her a lesson.

Ragini was feeling dizzy
Piyush: acid..this will deform your face and your proudness and then ( he smiles) you have to marry me as you will be left with only one option and I will get my Love.
Saying this he opened the cap of the acid bottled and pored it on ragini
Ragini closed her eyes in fear
Ragini: no piyush!!!!
She realized that nothing has fallen on her and slowly opened her eyes.
Ragini:( saw someone holding piyush’s hand. She saw his face and shocked) papa!!!
Shekar: how dare you?
Piyush: ( acting to be innocent) uncle..I was saving her from these goons
Shekar slapped him hard.
Shekar:( in angry voice) shut up!! I know everything
Piyush fumes in anger.
Piyush: so you got to know about it…no problem. Atleat you male her understand
Shekar looked at him in anger
Piyush ordered his goons to drag him from the place.
Ragini: papa
Piyush holded her tightly while goons were beating shekar.
Ragini;( crying) please piyush..leave my papa.please
Piyush: sorry ragini you made me villian.
Ragini somehow released herself from him and came near her father.
Ragini:( literally begging) please leave my father..please bhayya

One of the goons was about to beat ragini..piyush was waiting to see that movement but some one shouted and all of them turned
Laksh: ( anger) what are you doing here?
Piyush: none of your business
Laksh: it is mine and I know very well to handle you
Piyush: so you want to prove yourself as a hero!!
Laksh: ( smiles) no need to prove as I know that I am hero and will let you win.
Piyush sighed his goons to attack laksh but laksh who saw him started fighting with them. Finally he folded piyush’s hands backside.
Laksh:( in an attitude voice) so..will you agree that I am hero
Piyush: ( in pain) hmm
Laksh: I have asked you to not to interfere in her matter but you didn’t listen to me. I am repeating it again..you must face me before touching her shadow even.
Shekar: its okay beta. Leave him. We will complaint to police.
Ragini: I think papa is right
Laksh: as your wish uncle..
Screen freezes at shekar,laksh and ragini’s face

PRECAP: Ragini filed the case aganist piyush,swara came to Kolkata.

Credit to: Sree harini

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