SWARAGINI- Limitless love ( Episode 20)


As many requested to change the plot especially of raglak..I have redesigned my story and included a major twist after sanskar and ragini’s engagement. But till then I will follow my script…thank-you for commenting.
Sanskar is sleeping but his heart is thinking something else. Kavitha’s memories are running his mind. He is getting disturbed but dont want open eyes as he don’t want to miss her,her face,her words…

In hospital
Sanskar is staring at her while she is avoiding eye contact.sanskar pulled her close to him
Sanskar: so
Kavitha:(blushes) so.
Sanskar: when did you start loving me kavitha.
Kavitha: from the very first day when I saw you?
They both looked into each others eyes are are able to read each other perfectly. There was a pin drop silence for about 2min in the room. Only their hearts were listening to each other.
Kavitha:(in a low voice) I saw you a year back in the campus then I enquired about you. I was really disappointed after knowing that you are a book worm…but…her heart beat started raising.

Sanskar was staring into her eyes with affection.
Kavitha: the day you proposed me was my best day. I was feeling to hug you tightly and say I love you but..no I wanted you to follow me, I wanted you to sacrifice some cute things for me.so I didn’t reveal
Sanskar: (with widened eyes): you cheat
Kavitha: finally.. I got your love
She blushed sayi g the last sentence. Sanskar came close to hug her but kavitha moved back.
Kavitha: no sanku..after marriage…she smiles
Sanskar: kavitha…
He got up from sleep and realised that it was his dream. .sanskar: I need to avoid you swara to move ahead.

Ragini: laksh please..leave this place. Ma is coming and if she sees you here..no please
Laksh: but how!?
Ragini: the same way
Ragini: by which you entered.
Sharmista was approaching but dadi interrupted her
Dadi: what are you doing sumi till late night
Sumi: I am going to ragini’s room to bring the bracelet which shekar ji gifted her today.
dadi:(confused) but why?
Sumi: shekar ji wanted the model number as he is planning to order another piece for swara.
Dadi: ragini is sleeping now.
Sumi: but she was awake at 11:30. It’s okay maa I will manage to get the bracelet if she is asleep also.
She started walking towards ragini’s room and opened the door. She is shocked to see the situation.
Sumi: what are you doing dear.
Ragini was sitting on the floor with sitar in her hands.she us getting ready to play it.
Ragini: actually ma.I haven’t practiced today so..
Sumi: but I think this is not the time to practice.
Ragini: I know maa but I should play it tomorrow in front of guruji.otherwise he will be angry with me.
Sumi:(smiles) give me the bracelet dear. Your father needs it.
Ragini gaves her the bracelet and sumi left the room.ragini has taken a deep breath and came near the window
Ragini: bye laksh. Take care
Laksh: bye ragini.
He left the place

Annapurna: I think this suits her best.
Sujatha: no jiji. This necklace looks good on ragini.
Durga Prasad: sisters quarrel has started again.
Sujatha: please give an advice bhaisa. Which piece suits ragini
Durga Prasad:(thinks for a while) I think …I think.. I should not involve in ladies matters
Ram Prasad: well said bhai.
Durga Prasad and ram Prasad laughs while Annapurna and sujatha eyes them with fake anger.
Laksh: hello ladies!! May I help you?
Sujatha explains him everything
Laksh: this is such a simple issue. (Turns to dp and rp) and you are afraid of to advice.
Durga Prasad: see beta. You are too young to know our fear.
Ramprasad: any how he will experience it.
They both smile looking each other but laksh is confused
Annapurna: so tell me…which one looks good on your bhabi.
Laksh sees the both necklaces and selects sujatha’s
Annapurna(angry): what’s wrong with my selection.
Laksh: actually..
Annapurna: no need to explain. You and your cachi belong to same group. She leaves the place.
Laksh: okay then cachi will you comprise.. This time we will choose..about to say something
Sujatha: your mom, your bhabi,your wish. No one is bothered about me.. She too leaves. Laksh got struck in between and he realized his father’s words to not to interfere in ladies matters.

Swara: shall we go out sanskar?
She is speaking to him on phone
Sanskar: where?
Swara: your wish. Actually I want to roam
Sanskar: but swara I have lots of work to do. Even I must complete…
Swara: please sanskar..not more than two hours.
Sanskar wanted to reject her but is melted by her soft voice and pleasing words
Sanskar: OK..but only two hours.
Swara: hmm..bye
Sanskar reached swara’s hostel within no time.
Swara: thank-you sanskar for coming..she then stops her convo and looks at him.
Sanskar was wearing a blue jeans with red T-shirt. He was so simple that day. Swara got mesmerised seeing him
Sanskar: swara..shall we go?
Swara: yeah but..wait a minute..bike!!
Sanskar: actually my car has to be fixed so I borrowed bike from my friend.
Swara: how cute..
Sanskar: shall we?
Swara: hmm…she is excited as they were going on bike. It was the first time to get on someone’s bike but she is happy because it belongs to sanskar.swara got on the bike and placed her hands on sanskar’s shoulder.
Sanskar: it would be better if you don’t depend on me..please hold the handle of bike.
Swara: sorry sanskar…she removed her hands from him.
They roamed all the city without leaving any famous place. Swara was very happy as she was in her love’s company while sanskar was happy as he was able to memorize kavitha by swara’s behaviour.

Ragini on phone
Ragini: ji maa. I will inform guruji about it.
Sumi: dint forget to call me after finishing your class.
Ragini:(smiles for her concern) okay maa.
She ends the call.
Laksh: hello ragini
Ragini: Hi laksh.
Laksh: shall we go out?
Ragini:(surprised) where? And why?
Laksh: to celebrate our friendship
Ragini: when did we became friends laksh
Laksh:( surprised) yesterday
Ragini: did I mention that. I only believed that you didn’t call me day before yesterday.
Laksh:( laksh’s heart is broken) then why did you save me from your mom
Ragini: (carelessly) I saved myself not you. Please make a not mister laksh that I dont want to be your friend or something else. It will be good for both of us if you leave the matter here itself
Laksh: but..
Ragini left the place

Swara and sanskar were returning home on bike
Swara: thank-you sanskar. You made my day
Sanskar: its okay.I have fulfilled my duty as a friend.
Swara: (smiles) I am blessed to have you in my life.
Sanskar applied a sudden break in order to save a child from getting hurt. In this process swara fell on sanskar. She was so close to him. Air was trying to find space to get between them. Swara unknowingly placed her hands on Sanskar’s shoulder. She tightened her grip.
After travelling for few more minutes, sanskar stopped his bike.
Sanskar: (in a serious voice) get down swara.
Swara:(surprised) what happened.
Sanskar was staring at her with anger. Swara is able to feel heat of his anger but is unable to get the reason for it.

Ragini was returning home after her class.there were few people on road as it was afternoon.ragini observed a van approaching her with great speed. She tried to move from there but the van came in front of her. She is afraid by this. Some goons came out of the van and hold ragini’s hand.
Ragini: please leave me. Who are you?
On of the goons covered her nose with hand kerchief with chloroform in it. Ragini wanted to scream,she wanted to ask for help,she was trying her best to get free from them but is unable to. Her voice got struck in her throat. She was able to feel the tightened grip of goons but nothing else. The surroundings started becoming blir. She is unae to listen to anyone ,she was feeling thirsty,she wanted to get out of them but finally she collapsed and fell unconscious. Goons took her away in the van.

PRECAP: Ragini is taken to a deserted area. She gained conscious and was screaming for help.

Credit to: Sree harini

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