SWARAGINI- Limitless love ( Episode 2)


thankyou guys for your comments and i will try to improve myself
swara: ragini..please listen to me
ragini: i dont want to listen anything didi
swara makes ragini to sit on bed and she sits infornt her on her knees
swara: meri pyaari..how did you think that i can live without you
ragini: you can do that and so you are leaving me.from now i must sleep here without you.who will be there for me to support and strengthen me? i know that you will return within three months but i cant do this
swara: well you have said that only three months and after that i will be back. we can enjoy again by bunking the classes,pranking our friends,sharing every moment of happiness.frankly to speak ragu i am also feeling bad
ragini wipes her tears and continues
ragini: its oaky di. its just a matter of three months and then you will be back.and within this time i will try to live in your memories
swara: very good girl but dont forget to apply for your masters degree in computers.when i come back you must be my teacher in it
ragini: sure swa..sorry didi
swara hugs ragini and they both come to hall

shekar: so ragini..when are you going to join in your M>Sc?/
ragini: papa i have applied for the course in didi’s college and i think they will annouce the list in 2 days
dadi:(shouts) ragini,swara aur shekar come to the dining hall. breakfast is ready
swragini have their breakfast while swara leaves for college

swra sees her friend natasha and hugs her
natasha: hey shhona how are you?? i herard that your are leaving to banglore the next week
swara: ha naty. i am excited to see banglore as i have heard that it is a beautiful place.
natasha:thats true. one of my cousins stay there and i have visited it several times but i got posting in mumbai
swara:(sarcastic tone) omg..so after few months i can see a posh lady
natasha: tu bhi na
then they hear an announcment asking all the stutendts who were selected for job in placements to assenble in the auditorium
swara: what! auditorium its is a very boring place and i am sure that they are going to eat our brains by giving lectures on our college greatness and bla bla
natasha: shona..you are coming to audi with me. thats it. no more discussions
swara is about to say something but before natasha drags her to the auditorium

swara: see i said you before that its going to be very boring..
swara:(to herself) this girl is listiening to lecture as if she is preaparing for some competitive exams
just then swara notices a guy standing near the stage who is in mid twenties.swra is totally lost by seeing him
swara:(to herself) omg..how cute he is?? till now i thought that only guys get mesmerised by seeing girls but today i agree that it is wrong
swara is just staring at him. she is feeling as her heart stopped beating by looking at that guy and she is sure that she is going to die if she looks at him for long..just then swaras mobile rang and she came to her senses
natasha:swara switchoff your mobile. if we are caught red handed then the management staff is going to see our end
swara switchoff’s her mobile and looks up to see that guy but he was not there. meanwhile the prinicipal starts his lecture. swara is physically present in the auditorium but her eyes are searching for him and her heart is asking her to find him at anycost as it wanted to see the guy who made her restless
screen freezes

PRECAP: sharmistha is asking shekar to think about swaras trip for anothertime and says that it would be better if she gets marry before leaving

sorry guys to upset you as i am not a good writer as many others here but i tried to express..please ignore the gramatical mistakes as iam not good at english even. thanks for your suppot

Credit to: sree harini

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  1. It’s good… Who r t pairs… Pls make it Swasan and raglak

  2. Who is that boy

  3. Is that laksh plz make swalak plz

  4. who is that guy

    1. is it sanskar

  5. Dr don’t feel bad u r really a Gud writer nd plz make it swasan

  6. Thankq subi,hayathi,Sandy, Ahaba,surbhi and any for ur comments and I am feeling happy that you are liking my fiction..but sorry I won’t reveal the pairs but to know the guy who made swara restless..you must read the next episode..thankq

  7. Sorry the above comment was mine ..

  8. It is nice actually. Atleast this time let swara fall for sanskar. Only he s falling for her always.. niceee

  9. i still wish to swara and laksh get back together.

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