SWARAGINI- Limitless love ( Episode 19)

Swara realized her words and stated avoiding eye contact. Sanskar is surprised by her words. There was a complete silence between them for more than 2min.
Swara:( try to gather words) I think I must leave now
Sanskar: hmm
Swara: bye
Swara sat in the car and left to her place
Swara:( to herself) stop your excitement baby. If he comes to know that you love him..then he will break this friendship and no I don’t want it. But I wish he could understand my feelings, my inner voice…

He rushed to his personal room and started crying by burrowing his head in his palms.
Sanskar: why me God?? Why me? Why do you hate me so much..I was a good and sincere boy in my college but you made me to meet kavitha..he feels emotional by listening her name in his own voice…she has shown me the taste of love but you have separated her from me…he starts crying and crys for more than 20 min…after her death I have forgotten to live the life and was living like a robot. I was trying to erase her from my memories but as you are not satisfied you have introduced swara into my life and now this girl is making me to remember kavitha again and again. Her way if talking,smiling, her charecterless everything is so similar to my kavitha.. I can feel her in SWARAS presence. He gets up and wipes the tears from his face and says in a firm voice..I must isolate myself from her to erase kavitha’s memories. I have a very little time as I must end this matter before engagement. He thinks about ragini and laksh’s words..yes there is life after love and I am going to share it with ragini..
He falls asleep

Ragini is in her room. She is trying to sleep but is unable to as all the incidents were running in her mind. She starts crying.
Ragini: I never expected this piyush. Swara didi..you are right. We must never trust anyone especially men. He has just used my innocence…starts crying bitterly…I need to talk to you didi.
Saying this she takes her mobile but hesitates to call as it was 11:00
Just then her phone rang and ragini was feeling relaxed seeing swara’s name on it.
Swara: hello sis..how was your birthday. What specials did dadi made for you. How did your friends celebrate your birthday and (in a low and teasing voice) did you receive any special gift from someone
Ragini started crying listening to swara’s questions. She thought of saying everything to her but her words got stuck inside the throat hearing swara’s voice.
Swara: ragini…are you listening?
Ragini: hmm
Swara can feel the pain in her voice.
Swara: what happened ragu
Ragini:(tries to act) nothing didi..you know papa has gifted me..
Swara: ragini..ragini
Ragini becomes silent
Swara: don’t try to act. I am your sister okay. Keep that in mind and now you please tell me everything.
Ragini: ( gathering words) di…di..she Burt’s out crying
Swara(worried): ragini please..don’t cry dear. You are my brave girl and my sister won’t cry for small things.
Ragini: yes didi but piyush is such a bad guy. He proposed me today
Swara:(shocked) what!!
Ragini explains her about everything but doesn’t mention about laksh.
Swara: try to get out of this ragu and don’t cry for this silly thing. You have done justice being sister. It was be who imagined wrong. Did you informed this to our parents?
Ragini: no
Swara: then let them know so that you will get their support if he tries to attack you again.
Ragini:(worried voice) I think ma is coming. She will scold me if she sees me awake.bye di
Swara: bye sweet heart.

Laksh is also unable to sleep. Ragini’s words and Sanskar’s words were echoing his his ear continously.he gets up from the bed
Laksh: I think bhai is right.. I must talk to her. The will not let her misunderstand me.but how can I go there. This is not correct time to go to a girl’s house…..but I need to go.
Laksh slowly comes out of his house and finds that the gate is locked.he goes to back side of his house as he is habituated to jump high walls instead it was a routine for him when he was in college.
Aadarsh, who came out for a walk noticed someone in backyard but was unable to see him as it was dark.
Aadarsh: kaun hai vaha pei??
Laksh: oh my god..it is aadarsh bhai..if he sees me that’s it. He will make it a big issue.
Aadarsh starts walking towards laksh while he tries to hide behind a bush.aadarsh is about to see laksh but a voice interrupted him.he turned round and saw parineta standing there.
Aadarsh: pari..what are you doing here?
Parineta: I must ask it Mr.husband
Aadarsh:(romantic voice) actually my wife is not allowing me to leave the house..not the room even so I thought to have a walk
Parineta: achaa.but if you will roam like this that too at this hour then for sure you must stick yourself to bed.
Aadarsh: yes pari. It is too cold here.
parineta:(smiles) I was saying the same dear.
They both leave the place. Laksh feels relaxed and jumps the wall..

Ragini is pretending to sleep while dadi who came there listening some murmuring sound got relaxed. She left the place.
Ragini took off blanket that was covering her face and then she listened someone’s wishper calling her name
Ragini: who might be calling me…may be piyush( she starts trembling in fear)
She sees some shadow nearing him and is about to shout but the man closed by mouth by his hands.
Ragini: please leave me.
Laksh: shh..this is laksh
Ragini:(surprised) laksh!!
Laksh: hmm.
Ragini: why did you come here?
Laksh: I need to talk to you
Ragini: I am already vexed listening to your words yesterday night and I don’t want to listen it anymore.
Laksh: please give me a chance ragini to prove myself innocent.
Ragini m was melted by his words.
Ragini: hmm
Laksh: I swear ragini is I was not the one who called you yesterday
Ragini: how should I believe you?
Laksh grabs her mobile from her hand and calls to her number.
Laksh: so now you talk to me on phone and you will eventually get to know.
Ragini: hmm..she received the call
On phone
Laksh: ragini..please trust me.
Ragini was feeling the truth in his voice. She has even observed the change in tone
Laksh ended the call
Laksh: so
Ragini: might be…but it can also be like you might have changed the settings of your mobile.
Laksh gets hurt by listening to her.
Laksh: but
Ragini: its okay laksh..I believe in you not because you said but cause I felt it. You know what your eyes are the best part of your face. They always show the truth.
Laksh:(became happy) thank-you for trusting me. If you want any proofs you can enquire your friend. I was not even knowing that today is your birthday.
Ragini: I said I believe in you
The clock struck rweleve at that moment. Both looked at each other and started smiling.
Ragini: thank-you laksh
Laksh: for what?
Ragini: for supporting me today
Laksh: (smiles) it was yesterday
Ragini smiles. Just then they hear someone approaching ragini’s room.ragini goes near the window to see the person.
Ragini:(worried) laksh please go from here. My mom is coming.
Laksh: but how?
Ragini gets tensed.laksh looks worried. Sharmista is approaching their room.
Screen freezes at ragini,sharmista and laksh.

PRECAP: Sumi enters ragini’s room and is shocked to see………….

Credit to: Sree harini


  1. bhuvi

    Good episode… So sanskar is determind to marry Ragini…??s Der is a life(love) after love… Amazing line… For that he gonna avoid swara????n sree harini… Are yo tamilian ??

    • Sree harini

      Thank-you meghs,Tara,sindhuja,bhuvi,fransi,krish,Chinni,taiana and notify for commenting and sorry bhuvi my sister replied on your comment. Hope you will excuse her cause she is studying seventh class. Love you all

  2. anu

    I think sumi will not see laksh before that only laksh escape….nice dear but more swasan scene
    Make a new entry of boy who will flirt swara nd by this sanky get jealous

    • Sree harini

      Thanks for commenting anu but sanskar is not loving her. He is just considering her as a true friend but memories kavitha seeing her. So there will be no use of introducing a guy. Sorry if I hurt you.

  3. pallavi

    dis ‘Limitless love’ is d bst among all fact fiction i hv read, please mek atleast 100 episode of it. I jst really luv dis fact fiction

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