SWARAGINI- Limitless love ( Episode 18)



Piyush: ragini..will you be my better half. I just started loving you from day 1.as I wanted to be close with you I have accepted the word bhayya which is a very difficult one for a lover to digest. But I promise that I will never make you cry and give all the pleasures of world
Ragini is speechless. Saying this piyush comes close to ragini to hug her. Ragini pushes him and slaps him hard.
Ragini:(starts crying) how can you do this piyush.. How can you? I loved you as a real brother. Hell with you piyush.
Piyush: please ragu. Try to understand me
Ragini: why should I?
Piyush: ragini please
Ragini tries to leave the place but piyush holds her hand tightly
Ragini: please leave me piyush. It’s paining
Piyush:(strong voice) then how about the pain you gave me
Ragini: you has mistaken my love
Piyush: but I don’t commit a mistake leaving you.
Laksh: piyush

They both turn side and see laksh standing thee. Ragini frees herself from piyush and ran towards laksh.
Laksh: if she is not interested then why are you forcing her
Piyush:(arrogant voice) its none of your business
Laksh: you don’t know about me. It would be better if you end the matter here itself and never dare to harm her. Cause you must cross me to reach her.
Ragini can feel the truthness of his words. She was eyeing him emotionally.
Laksh leaves the place with ragini while piyush fumes.

Swara: hello Tara.
Tara: hello swara. actually our company along with other two companies has organized a party. So every employee was invited for this. As you were in leave I thought to inform you.
Swara: its okay Tara.I will attend it. It starts at 7:00..I guess
Tara: but don’t forget to wear a one piece.
swara:(shocked) what!!
Tara: yes. It is dress code.
Swara: hmm bye
Swara cuts the call and is excited for the party.

Laksh is trying to console ragini.
Ragini: how innocent I was. My sister warned me but …. I am a dumbo
Laksh: don’t say like that ragini. Please stop crying. Everyone makes mistakes. Try to rectify it.
Ragini sees laksh.
Ragini: I need to spend some time alone. Bye
Laksh: okay

Sanskar: swara.. Why did you come again
Swara:(worried voice) did you get to know about the party
Sanskar:(casually) yes of course
Swara: I have to wear a one piece for that. How disgusting.
Sanskar: then don’t wear
Swara: I must as it is dress code.

Sanskar:(laughs teasingly) how are you going to manage then?
Swara: I will try.
Sanskar: shall we go together to the party?
Swara:(excited) why not..as she was wishing to ask it.
Sanskar: then call me when you are ready. Here is my mobile number.
Swara: no need sanskar. I have it
Sanskar:(surprised) but how?
Swara realises what she has said and remembers about her plans to get his number.
Swara: sixth sense.
Sanskar: I am not blessed with it. So please give me your number.swara gives him the number and leaves.

Piyush was thinking about ragini,their first meet, ragini calling him bhayya,his proposal,her rejection and laksh’s support to her. He is continuously drinking but it was not suppressing his anger.
Piyush: you have done a great sin ragini by rejecting me. You don’t know about me. I am used to sleep with the girls I want but for the first time I felt like marrying you as I don’t want you to miss ever for a second and so I have acted before you but you are a typical girl and I very well know how to handle such type of girls.
Saying this he drinks a peg and calls to one of his friends.
On phone
Piyush: I have a plan to ruin ragini’s life. Gather few other members from our gang and ask them to be ready for the attack.
Later he explains his plan to his friends and cuts the call giving a devilish smile.

Sanskar: swara… You are annoying me.
Swara: one minute sanskar
Sanskar: you have been this from the past 20 minutes
Just then swara comes out of the room. She was wearing a black color one piece which was above her kbess. She is trying to cover her kness by pulling the dress but is unable to.
Sanskar started laughing.
Sanskar: this doesn’t suit you
Swara: yeah but I must.
They both leave for the party.

Swara: hello Tara
Tara: you are looking hot baby
Swara(blushes): thank-you but I am a bit comfortable.
Tara: feel free and you will get used to it.
Tara leaves from there to receive some guests while swara is standing alone.
Swara:(to herself) where is this guy. How bad he is.. He left me alone in this new place and always say that he is a true friend.
Sanskar: are you thinking about me swara?
Swara sees sanskar carrying two dinner plates.
Sanskar: take this one. Actually I went to have my dinner but thought to accompany you so I came here with one more plate.
Swara: thank-you sanskar. I was feeling all alone.
Swasan had their dinner with small chitchat and smiling all the time. Tara was observing them.
Tata: atleast swara made him smile. I wish that they both fall in love..
Man: (pointing swara) see her dude. She is looking damn hot in one piece)
2nd man: yeah. Let’s talk to her.
They both approach swara.
1st man: hello madam..you are looking really good in this dress
Swara:(hesitatingly) thank-you
2nd man: actually he mean that you are looking s**y in this outfit…he starts speaking vulgarly and swara gets teary eyed. She leaves the place while the two men continue to speak.
Swara: (crying) I hate these people..this dress and everything.
Sanskar: swara

Swara: what ae you doing here?
Sanskar: I saw you crying and so…
Swara: came to console me?
They both look at each other.
Sanskar: its okay swara. Why are you feeling bad for their words. They are charecterless and doent even know how to behave with girls
Swara:(still crying) but
Sanskar:leave about it swara. Come lets join the party.
Swara: sorry sanskar. I cannot come into the world wearing this type of dresses.
Sanskar: there is nothing wrong in wearing….is about to say something
Swara: yes there is nothing wrong in wearing sanskar but I feel comfortable before you in any outfit not before the world..
Swara realizes the words spoken by her and avoids eye contact. Sanskar looks on
Screen freezes

PRECAP: Laksh confronts ragini and she asks for an apologize.

Credit to: Sree harini

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