SWARAGINI- Limitless love ( Episode 17)


Please give me suggestions to make it more interesting. I think many of you lost interest as I have revealed the plot but still I will try my best and sorry I am not that poetic as many others on this page. Hope you like it

Swara: Tara. Tara..
Tara: (irritated) what
Swara: where is sanskar ji
Tara: I think you are here to work. Not to worry for him.
Swara: please tell me Tara..please
Tara:(smiles) he is on leave
Swara:(worried) but why?
Tara: (shrugs) I don’t know about that.
Swara: OK then I am also on leave today.
Saying this she rushes. Tara looks at her smiling.

Ragini is staring while piyush comes there
Piyush: happy birthday angel
Ragini is not responding. Piyush holds her shoulders and shakes her
Piyush: ragini…..happy birthday
Ragini: sorry bhayya. Thank-you
Piyush: shall we go out?
Ragini: (thinks for sometime) okay but after an hour.she turns to the family and bids bye to them.
Swara: sanskar…sankar where are you?
She sees the bedroom open and starts walking towards it. Actually that is SANSKAR’S personal room filled with kavitha’s images. Swara is about to step
Sanskar:(in a worried voice) swara..

Swara turns round and is surprised to see him.
Swara: sanskar..tum.. Yeh kya he
Sanskar looks at himself. He was wearing black colored boxers and a loose white T-shirt. He feels embarrassing
Sanskar:( in a shy voice) you just wait here. I will be back in a minute.
Saying this he rushes to his bedroom. Swara bursts out laughing.
Sanskar:(shouts) swara please stop laughing. I am feeling embarrassed.
Swara: ( trying to control herself) OK sanskar.(to herself) oh my cutie pie you were looking damn hot today
Sanskar: so
Swara: you were looking good earlier. She starts laughing again
Sanskar meanwhile locks his bedroom. Swara notices but doesn’t ask him.
Sanskar: how was you sisters birthday?
Swara: fine. You know she was excited a lot and..
Servant: sir here is the breakfast for you
Swara sees it. Swara: what sanskar. You eat this type of food.
Sanskar: ( looks at his plate) yes. What’s wrong in having idly.
Swara: you eat so dull
Sanskar: I am satisfied
Servant: sir should I bring another plate for madam.
Swara: its okay
Sanskar taunt: no swara…turns to servant..bring her two ice creams which are hot. Because she wants everything to be hot
Swara: ahh. Sanskar…
Sanskar laughs. Swara is mesmirised seeing him.

Ragini reached the academy and saw laksh sitting there. Her blood boiled seeing him. Laksh too saw her.
Laksh:(to himself) oh my god!! She is just looking fabulous. I think a great sculpture has made her. And in this saree…. I am feeling as if she is walking towards me to propose me giving the buch of roses.
Raginii s approaching laksh. Meanwhile some one was watching them.
Laksh’s heart beat was increasing as she neared him. He himself stood up unknowingly.
Ragini throwed the roses on his face and laksh is surprised by her act.
Ragini:(in an angry voice) how cheap you are. I never expected this from you
Laksh:(shocked) but what?
Ragini: stop talking Mr. Laksh if I am not wrong. How dare you to call me yesterday night. And what rubbish were you speaking yesterday.
Laksh is confused as he is not understanding ragini’s words.
Laksh: what happened
Ragini: I thought that you were just teasing me by following and so I have not payed much attention. It doesn’t mean that you can call me at mid night,speak whatever you want and see this…she points to the roses..you have sent me ..how dare you. How did you get my birthday and house address.
Laksh: what!! Today is your birthday?
Ragini: don’t act too smart. I think you had filrted Riya and she gave you the details. Look mister..this is my last warning. Never dare to show your face to me again. She leaves from there.
Laksh became emotional as he was not the person who called. Some one was observing this and seeing ragini he has hided himself.
Ragini called piyush and he reached there in no time.

Piyush: what happened angel? Why are you looking so dull
Ragini: nothing bhayya. Achaa tell me. Where are we going.
Piyush: surprise

Sanskar: stop beating me swara
Swara: how dare you..
Sanskar stops her and makes to sit beside him.
Sanskar: you were saying about your sister right.. Sanskar knows that swara easily gets distracted and so he has changed the topic
Swara listening to the word sister became excited.
Swara: yeah sanskar. She was very happy. I was the first to wish her and every year I will be the first one to wish. We both had almost roamed everywhere in our city and I just love her . but I think I will loose those memorable moments as she is going to get married in couple of months.
Listening to the word marriage sanskar started thinking about ragini
Swara: her name is ….sanskar where were you lost.
Sanskar:(smiles) no where. So what is her name?
Swara: rag…
Just then sanskar’s mobile rang.
Sanskar: oh its my brother. Sorry I need to talk to him.
Swara: bye sanskar. Take care
Swara left the house
Sanskar: hello
Laksh:(almost in tears) bhai
Sanskar: (worried) what happened lucky? Is everything fine.
Laksh: not at all. Bhai I have started loving a girl..
Sanskar: (relaxed) so break up

Laksh: she doesn’t love me
Sanskar: so you are crying for that?
Laksh: I am serious
Sanskar: what’s the matter
Laksh explains him about his first meeting,her ignoring,piyush and birthday. But he didn’t mention her name
Sanskar: bad choti so baat lucky. Try to talk to her and explain. I am sure that she will understand
Laksh: but she is not ready to listen me even.
Sanskar: you are at the stating stage boy. How can you handle her if you fear nowitself ?.
Laksh: you are right. Bye
Sanskar: bye.
He again thinks about kavitha.

Sanskar: I think you are kavitha. Am I right?
Kavitha:(surprised) how did you get my name.?
Sanskar: I want you in my life dear
Kavitha: that is not answer to my question.
Sanskar: I know but I love you
Kavitha leaves from there
2 months passed. Sanskar is still trying to convince kavitha while she is ignoring him.
Sanskar’s friend: leave her dude. She is not going to accept you. She is stubborn
Sanskar: (smiles) I am mare stubborn.
Saying this he starts running after the bus in which kavitha is travelling.kavitha too noticed him
Sanskar tried his best to catch the bus but he failed in doing so and has fallen on the road. Kavitha observed it.

Kavitha: ( worried) please stop the bus driver ver ji
She got down from the bus and ran towards sanskar.
Kavitha: are you mad
Sanskar: yes I am ..in your love
Kavitha: what is the need to run after the bus. See how badly you are injured
Sanskar: it doesn’t effect you anyway
Kavitha : it will
Sanskar: why?
Kavitha: because I LOVE YOU

Sanskar gets teary eyed
Sanskar: I love you kavitha
Piyush and ragini are in piyush’s bike
Piyush:(to himself) I wanted this angel. My heart beat skipped the very first day when I saw you but you called me bhayya. You don’t know that how much it pained me. I tried to create misunderstanding between laksh and you so that you will be mine forever. He then remembers calling yesterday night and sending a boquet to her.
Ragini: bhayya please say me.. Where are we..
Piyush stopped the bike.
Ragini looked around and it was a deserted area.she turned back but piyush was not there.
Ragini: piyush bhayya..
Piyush : I am here angel
Ragini turned back and is surprised to see him.
Piyush was sitting in front of her on his knees.he has extended his a which had a diamond ring in a box and said
Piyush: I LOVE YOU RAGINI. Will you bey wife.
Ragini is shocked
Screen freezes.

PRECAP: Ragini slapps piyush. Swara is wearing an one piece which is above her knees.

Credit to: Sree harini

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