SWARAGINI- Limitless love ( Episode 16)


Swara and sanskar start eating chocolates but swara has started worrying after listening wardens voice.
Swara(worried): sanskar.. My warden is coming. If she sees you here then..I can’t imagine
Sanskar: its okay nothing will happen
Swara: you do not know about her and this is ladies hostel okay.
Sanskar: so when did I say that
Swara: please sanskar
Sanskar smiles at her while swara shows him the window to go out.
Swara opens the door by a knock on it
Warden:(in a firm voice) it is already 10:30. Why are you still awake?
Swara: mam…swara is trembling with fear and is try to gather courage
Warden: its okay but don’t repeat it.
Swara: okay mam bye
She shuts the door on warden’s face
Warden: I think she is trying to hide something.
Swara: sanskoo. You can’t even imagine my happiness dear. I was irritated by your behavior in cafe but I never thought that you have such a sweet heart. I wanted you to realize your mistake and so I have behaved like that in office but..she is jumping on the bed just like a child..but you made me your friend dear..I Love You baby.

Sanskar is sitting on bed with kavitha’s photo in his hand
Sanskar: finally kavitha. I made her my friend.I tried to ask for an apologize but…thinks of swara for few minutes…she is such a sweet girl. Didn’t allow me to say sorry. I am feeling relaxed now kavitha. He slept in the same room but his heart was thinking of kavitha.
It was 2 and half years ago when sanskar was perusing his masters degree in business and administration.he was a book worm at that time and naturallyany were after him. But on cultural day..
Sanskar: all the best buddy. I hope that you should win the competition.
Friend: I will try my best sanu. But you must have participated in some other categories like dancing or something like that
Sanskar:(bursted out laughing) you know very well about me. These things didn’t suit me.
Just then he heard a sweet girls voice saying that she doesn’t want to wear the costume.sanskar was trying hard to see her face but she is standing in opposite to him.he ran towards her and is surprised to see her. He started sweating in the mid winter because of her hotness. She was looking like an angel
Girl: I am just quitting this dance. Okay
She left the place.sanskar asked another girl about her.
Sanskar: who is she?
Girl:( she is already having crush on sanskar) she is kavitha.
Sanskar: kavitha.he was feeling like the name itself is making him feel butterflies all over the body but he tried to control his emotion.
Sanskar: so why did she quit the dance program?
Kavitha’s friend: because of this.
She has shown him a costume which was too modern.
Sanskar: ( to himself) what a sanskari girl sanskar. I must talk to her at any cost.

Sanskar woke up suddenly thinking about kavitha. He became emotional.
Few days passed.
Sanskar and swara’s friendship has became so thick that they both got to know about each others likes and dislikes. Now a days swara is regularly visting SANSKAR’S house and is staying till midnights.
Meanwhile, ragini is completely enjoying piyush’s brotherhood. She is feeling lucky to have such a brother and has totally forgotten about laksh. Laksh is s becoming jealouse seeing ragini and piyush thinking them to be lovers.

Swara and sanskar are sitting on terrace.
Swara: you know what sanskar.
Sanskar: ( in a teasing way) how come I know
Swara hiys him softly at his shoulder.
Swara: I never thought that we will become such a close friends. I thought that you are arrogant, selfish person at my first meeting but to my surprise you turned out to be a cute, simple and such a caring guy
Sanskar: swara do you want anything from me.
Swara:(confused) no. But why are asking me like that?
Sanskar: actually you are praising me a lot so I thought that
Swara shows a fake anger while sanskar smiles.
Swara: (worried) sanskar what is today’s date?
Sanskar: 11th December
Swara: oh no. Tomorrow is my sisters birthday.
Sanskar: why are you so worried swara. Her birthday is tomorrow not today
Swara: I know that Mr. But every year I will give her the first wishes.
Sanskar: so you are attached to her.
Swara:( thinking about ragini) attached no…she is my life.
Sanskar: okay then call her. It is already 11:56pm
Swara:( worried voice) oh no. Sorry sanskar. I must leave bye.

Ragini is desperately waiting for swara’s call.
Ragini: what happened to my didi. Every year she was with me but now after going to banglore she has forgot everything.
Just then her mobile rings and she receives the call.
Ragini: didi..
Man: this is not your didi baby
Ragini:(shocked) who are you? I think you have mistakenly called me
Man: you are miss ragini gadodia right
Ragini:(became angry) that’s none of your business
Man: it is my business cause I love you baby. I have written my life on your name when I have seen you first day itself. I tried to talk you a lot but you have rejected me.. But
Ragini got irritated and has ended the call
Ragini: what rubbish is he speaking. Who might be this..she thinks for sometime.. May be the one who followed me to the academy. I will teach him a lesson.
Again ragini’s mobile ramg but this time it was from SWARAS number.
Ragini: hello didi
Swara: happy happy birthday my sweet heart. I just hope that you will be happy at every minute of your life.
Ragini: thank-you didi
Swara: so say me.who wishes you first this time. Was it as usual by me or by someone special? ( swara voice was double meaning and ragini understood the second on as well.
Ragini: ( became shy) you too. Please stop it didi.swara: oh my god. My sister knows to shy even.
They both start laughing.

Ragini came down stairs by wearing a orange colour saree with violet colour blouse.
Sumi: happy birthday dear
Ragini: thank-you ma
Dadi: happy birthday ladoo
Ragini:(shows a fake anger) I don’t want your wishes dadi
Dadi: but why?
Ragini: why didn’t you wish me night itself?
Dadi:(starts acting) oh God I have done a great sin by not wishing my grand daughter on her birthday. Please punish me
Ragini: stop this acting dadi and win my heart by presenting some gift.
Dadi:( thinks for a while) I can’t give a present but I know that my ladoo will smile seeing a plate full of jalebies .
Saying this she gives the plate to ragini which she was hiding.
Ragini:(surprised and happy) your the best dadi in the world. I love you so much. She takes aashirvad from her
Shekar: then how about me ragu
Ragini: papa..
Shekar: ( hugs ragini) happy birthday princess
Ragini: thank-you papa
Shekar: her is your gift from my side.
Ragini opens the gift and is surprised to see a gold bracelet in it.
Ragini:( happiest tone) thank-you papa thank-you so much.
Sumi: give it dear. I will keep it in mandir so that you can wear while going to academy.
Just then they hear some knock on the door.
Ragini: I will see papa
Ragini opens the door
Courier boy: mam there is a parcel for ragini gadodia
Ragini is surprised
Ragini: from who?
Courier boy: that was not mentioned. Please sign here. Ragini sings the papers while he handovers her a very big boquet of red roses with a small greeting card in it.
Ragini: who can send this
Sumi: who was that ladoo
Ragini: maa. One of my academy friends has sent me a boquet.
Everyone laughs
Ragini:( to herself) sorry maa for telling lies. I know that you will become hypwr if I say the truth to you… She sees the greeting card on which TO MY DARLING was written. I need to know the one who sent this.may Ne the person who called me yesterday and sent this boquet ate same..she is staring at the entrance of BAADI
Screen freezes.

PRECAP: Piyush and ragini reached a deserted area. Piyush bent on his knees and proposed ragini leaving her shocked.

Credit to: Sree harini

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