SWARAGINI- Limitless love ( Episode 15)

I was overwhelmed with your love darlings. And now u am realising that how foolish I was. Inspire of annoying you all..you people are still loving me and encouraging. Love you all

Swara: so what you would you like to have sanskar ji
Sanskar: anything you wish
Swara: please say me
Sanskar: (arrogant voice) I just don’t encourage this type of parties but still as I don’t want to hurt it I have agreed
Swara is taken aback
Swara: okay then. Two cappuccino please
Sanskar: no I don’t drink
Swara: it will be good. Trust me
Sanskar: but I don’t like it
Swara: did you taste it before?
Sanskar:(shruges his shoulders) no

Swara: then how can judge. Please try to accept the change sir
Sanskar is lost by listening the words of swara
Girl: sanku please try this dish
Sanskar: no baby. I don’t like it
Girl: try to accept change sanku
Sankar:(romantic voice) it is the reason that I have accepted you
Girl: (shy) stop it dear. She then made him to eat with her own hands
Swara: sir..where were you lost. Try this
Sanskar came to his senses and is angry on swara
Sanskar:( angry voice) stop it swara. I have accepted your treat doesn’t mean that you are going to behave as you like
Swara(teary eyes) but.sanskar: don’t try to act smart and please never judge my opinions, likes and dislikes. Don’t you know how to behave with your authority?
He hits the table in anger and leaves. Swara starts crying

Laksh: hey ragini.
Ragini: (to herself) lo yeh phirse aagaya
Laksh: you was thinking about me? Right
Just then piyush comes there on his bike
Piyush: come angel. Let’s go
Ragini sits on the bike while piyush is looking at laksh.
Piyush: who is this angel

Ragini:(angry) a roadside Romeo
Laksh has never expected this and was broken into pieces while they both left

Swara: Tara..Tara
Tara: ofgo swara why are you shouting like that
Swara:( to herself) because I want sanskar to listen me. He is such a guy who doesn’t have anyfeelings and is not all bothered about anyone. I hate you selfish guy
Tara: swara.
Swara:(in a loud voice) I just don’t want my cabin here. I am feeling uncomfortable. So please change it as soon as possible. I just don’t want to see some special person’s face
Saying this she looks at sanskar,Tara observed it and sanskar who was listening to her became sad.
Tara: don’t worry swara. I will try
Swara gives s fake smile

Sanskar and swara come outside the office at the same time. Sanskar wants to talk to her but swara is avoiding him.
Sanskar: shall I drop you swara
She ignored him
Sanskar: swara.
Swara: hey annaya! Can I accompany you
Annaya: sure
Swara leaves and sanskar gets emotional

Sanskar reached his house and was really feeling bad for what he did. He then entered a room which was full of a girl’s images whom sanskar was thinking all the time. He took a photo of hers and sat on bed.
Sanskar: kavitha..
A lump got stuck on his neck.

Sanskar: you know what. After two years of separating from you I have seen agirl who has the same qualities of you.the way she talks, the way she smiles and the way of her thinking is making me to remember you. I can feel your innocence in her words. I feel like I am with you whenever she is around me which I don’t like. I just don’t want anyone to replace you and so I have scolded her yesterday because her words reminded you kavitha.
I know that I have hurted her a lot but she herself doesn’t know that how much she was hurting me. Tell me kavitha. Did I do wrong scolding her?
Sanskar’s inner voice: yes sanskar. You know about kavitha and so you are feeling bad but what did that girl do. When everyone was fearing to talk to you, she made the initiative. She tried to bring the smile . and one more thing she is just expecting friendship not more than that.
Sanskar: yes.. I will ask her apologize. He then vets ready and leaves for swara’s room

Laksh is in his room and is thinking about ragini and piyush
Laksh: who is the one with ragini? May be his lover as he was calling her angel. No no this cannot happen lucky. I think I am wrong. I very well know about her and he might be her brother.(worried voice) but how can a brother address her sister as angel
Aadarsh: what!!
Laksh is surprised to see him
Laksh: nothing bhai. Just like that
Aadarsh: from when did you start hiding things lucky
Laksh:(gives a fake smile) nothing like that. I will never hide anything from you
Aadarsh:(smiles) its okay. I was just teasing you. We have to attend a meeting tomorrow. So you must get ready early and I came to inform you.
Laksh: okay bhai. I will
Aadarsh leaves while laksh is still fighting with his iner mind about ragini.

Swara opened the door by hearing knock. She is surprised to see sanskar
Swara:(surprised) sanskar..aap yeha
Sanskar: why.. I should not come
Swara: but how did you..I mean how did warden allow you
Sanskar: did I inform that I have took permission?
Swara: then!!
Sanskar: I have entered from back side . will you allow me to come inside or..
Swara: sorry. Please get in
Sanskar opens the fridge and asks
Sanskar: what is this swara. You don’t have anything to serve your guest
Swara: no but I will prepare. Wait for 5 min
Saying this swara goes to kitchen while sanskar blocks her way.
Sanskar:(smiles) I am not in a mood to eat anyway as such.
Swara: (taunts)but you are my boss right
Sanskar: swara..
Swara: hmm
Sanskar: I am sorry.
Swara:(shocked) sanskar please pinch me

Sanskar: I am serious
Swara: but I am not and please leave that incident. You was correct in your way
Sanskar:( smiles) will you accept my friendship?
Swara:(excited voice) omg this is the best day of my life. I will
They both give a shakehand
Sanskar: on this occasion I would like to present you a gift
Swara: what..please tell me sanskar ji
Sanskar:(in a irritated voice) call me sanskar. I am comfortable with it
Swara: fine San..sankar.
Sanskar: close your eyes. No cheating OK
Swara closes her eyes.
Sanskar: open your eyes
Swara is surprised to see a basket full of chocolates
Swara: but how you got to know that I love chocolates
Sanskar: ( teasing voice) sixth sense swara.
Both start smiling. Swara has started eating chocolates like a child while sanskar is staring at her.
Screen freezes

PRECAP: piyush and ragini are in a deserted place. Piyush bent on his knees and proposed ragini while she is shocked.

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