SWARAGINI- Limitless love ( Episode 14)


Hello everyone.. I thought that noone would comment but is surprised to see 30 comments. I know that I have behaved very foolishy yesterday. Being a sensitive girl I got hurted but now I made my mind to write at any cost. As the story is out so I would like to add cute scenes and fights that I planned. And one more thing I am not any comment concious anymore. As this my passion I am writing…sorry guys for hurting you all?? thank-you for love and support as I got to know that my fiction has many silent readers.

Swara: this sanskar has no feelings at all. How can I make you love me sanskar? But I think that you have a bitter past literally a bitter one which is making you to behave like this. I promise you sanskar that I will become your strength.
She falls asleep

Ragini: maa did you lock the door?
Sumi: I forgot beta. Please do it
Ragini:(smiles) I think she has became an amnesia patient. I should take care of her
She goes to lock the door and observes piyush seeing her. She smiles in a friendly manner while piyush cones to her.
Piyush: good night ragini
Ragini: good night piyush ji
Piyush:(in a irritated voice) stop it ragini. I am just an year old to you. Please don’t add ji.
Ragini: but I cannot call you with name..
Piyush: you can and I feel better
Ragini:(hesitatingly) sorry but (thinks for sometime) yes I can call you piyush bhayya.
Piyush is shocked while ragini’s locks the door.

Swara: sanskar ji has asked me to come early but no one is here!! I think he is in cabin
She walks towards cabin but sanskar who was unaware of her arrival pushed the door which resulted him falling on her.
Swara:(to herself) how cute he is..uff these eyes are making me to think dirty.
Sanskar: (hesitatily) sorry
But he misses his grip and they both start rolling on one another. Swara screamed in pain
Swara: ouch!! My spine
She opens her eyes and finds herself in hostel room
Swara: what !! I mean why am I here?? It means that I was dreaming.(smiles with shy) swara.. You have became a mad girl in his love but the moments were really awesome. I wish that this would happen real.
Sanskar: it will dear
Swara turns and is surprised to see him.( she is imagining him)
Swara: I wish sanskoo
Sanskar: it is already 7:30 dear. Please get ready otherwise you will be late to office.
Swara gets fresh and is standing in front of wardrobe
Swara: what should I wear??
Sanskar points to a pink suit and swara wears it. Sanskar gestures her she was looking cute.

Piyush: dadi will you give me some sugar .actually..
Dadi: no need of any explanations piyush. It is just a matter of bowl of sugar.
Dadi goes to get sugar while ragini comes and sees piyush
Piyush: good morning angel
Ragini:(surprised) angel!! I am ragini your sister.
Dadi:( gives him the bowl) when did you both become brother and sister?
Piyush: yesterday night you know dadi ragini was the first girl who called me brother and now I will try my level best to be her brother
Ragini( smiles): thank-you bhayya. Actually I don’t have any brother but you …
Piyush: its okay..are you going to academy?
Ragini nodes
Piyush: then I will drop you
Ragini looks at dadi while she agrees.
Piyush: I will come in a minute
He leaves the place while ragini is so happy.

Swara: may I come in sir
Sanskar: yes swara actually you have a lot of work to do today.
Swara: sir…I need to ask you something
Sanskar:(looks at her) leave about yesterday’s incident
Swara: let me speak
Sanskar is shocked by her reaction
Swara: actually you helped me yesterday sir so I thought to give you a treat
Sanskar:(carelessly) I am not interested
Swara becomes sad
Swara: sir I know that you don’t like these kind you things but you don’t know about me and I won’t leave anyone who helped me
Sanskar: but..
Swara: please sir..she said in such a way that sanskar heart has melted like ice and it made him to remember something
Sanku..a girl’s voice echoed in his hear.
Girl: please sanku..come with me
Sanskar: oh my darling how can any lover reject if someone asks like you
Girl: don’t be romantic
Both giggled
Sanskar came to his senses by swara asking please.
Sanskar: (smiles) okay but only for this time
Swara is happy to listen to this
Sanskar: but at 4 pm
Swara nods and reaches her cabin
Swara: ( to herself) I never thought that you would accept this soon baby but..I can’t wait anymore now as I can spend time with you maybe for an hour but you would never know that how much it means to me.
Swara is desperately waiting for the clock to strike 4 . previously every hour was like a minute now every minute was like hell. She is getting irrated as time was not passing but is still happy thinking about evening

Sanskar comes out of his cabin
Sanskar: shall we?
Swara: yes sir.but where?
Sanskar: it is your wish as this treat is yours
Swara: shall we go to cafeteria
Sanskar nods and they reach cafeteria in SANSKAR’S car
Screen freezes at swara

PRECAP: sanskar denines to take cappuccino. Ragini’s reaches academy along with piyush. Laksh is shocked

Credit to: Sree harini

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