SWARAGINI- Limitless love ( Episode 13)


sorry to sy this guys but i have lost interest in writing this fiction as iwas not getting any comments. actually i was litreally excited when i have started writing it but it was not like like what i have expected. even i have observed many commenting on fictions written by saba, kashis etc.. i am not jealous for them but why only they becuse you can feel them but not us right. sorry to hurt you guys but it is hurting me

actually the one i have written in the preious episode and the one written now is my script. i thought to add some suspense, drama nad cute moments between them but was totally dissapointed. still i want my readers to know the plot and sow here it is but its a humble request to all that please do comment other fictions which will boost them

sanskar is supried to see swaragini hugging each other and left to kolkata. swara was very depressed after knowing that he left to kaolakta but laksh entered the scene in place of sanskar.swara was not impressed by him and got irritated.on the day of company anniversay they both were selected as couple to dance which they dont want to. laksh takes the initiative but swara rejects him saying that he has aboy friend and starts describing him. laksh too sys that he too has a girl friend and she is much better than him.. as the days passed they both became the closet friends.meanwhile engagement prepartions are going in gadodia house and swara comes there.on the day of engagement, at mm she notices laksh and asks for his presence. laksh reveals that it is his brother’s engament while swara says that the bride is her sister.laksh teases her calling bhabi. meanwhile sanskar is convincing his mom saying that he had loved a girl at banglore but sujatha rejects him and asks him not to show him two staes movie. later he tries to talk to annapura but fails. swara and laksh arrive the hall and are shocked to see their love getting engaged to their sibilings. laksh tries to console swara. at night sanskar asks his mom that why she rejected swara. sujatha skips the matter.pandit ji announces that there is an auspicious day after 10 days to get sanskar married. everyone is happy but ragini asks swara about her marriage as she has promisedto get married before her. swara rejects it while ragini sys that swara is so selfish and has ruined her life.

later she calls to someone and asks him to come as the situation was becoming worst. next day pratik enters the scene who is the only son of sheksr’s sister. on the day of mehindi,sujatha brings mehindi and asks the lady to apply it for bride but the thalli gets changed and the mehindi is applied on swar’s hand without her knowledge. later everyone gets to know and it becomes a big issue. on sangeet sanskar observed swar’s hand and became emotional. ragini observed this and thought that there was something fishy between them. just then tara enters the scene thinking it to be swasan marriage. later she gets to know the truth from swara and thinks to unite them. she says everything to ragini while laksh hears it. on the day of marriage ragini goes missing leaving a letter that she was alredy in love when her parents had seen match for her but was unable to refuse. she doent to marry him and so she was leaving the house and asks them to not to search her anywhere. everyone gets shocked while laksh explains thefamily about swasan relation. they both dont admit it. laksh asks tara to disclose the matter. the two families decide to marry them but not on that day as it was fixed baed on ragsan kundli. everyone gets happy. later laksh goes to outskrits to meet ragini as it was their plan but doesnt find her. he enquires everywhere and finally reveals the matter to both the families. sanskar slaps him.all the members start searching for her.

for months of leap.

ragini is still missing. one day swara listens ragini calling her on road. he turs back and is surprised to see her in a car which was moving fastly. swara informs about this to the family and with the help of police, swasan and laksh disguise themselves as typical contry men as ragini was in pr*stitute hose. they act like that they had kidnapped swara and thus she enters the house. finally she finds ragini and informs to sanlak but she is unable to enter the room as two goons were guarding it. laksh and sansakr entered from the back door and laksh found ragini. he slapped her hard. later swara enetered the room while the head of the house tries to attack them but cops arrest him. later ragini was admitted in hospital and when she gained consciouness she revealed that the real culprit was pratik. everyone was shocked. she says that they both ere in love from past six months and it was his idea to elope. he said that laksh is going to bear this as he gave you the idea. later he has taken her to the pr*stitute house ehre they mistreated her to accept the profession but she refused and finally swara helped her getting out. everyone was teary eyed after listening this

few days have passed and ragini was getting out of her past. meanwhile swasan marriage arrangements were going on.on the day of mehindi function dp’s brother in law entered the house and sumi was afraid seeing him.swara noticed that and asked for the reason. sumi left the place without informing her anything. later she memorises her moments with him and crys as he was her ex husband and terated her badly. he was a sadist. shekar observed sumi in tension andasked the reason. sumi explained him and asked her not to reveal anything to their daughters especially swara.swaragini whowere standing near the door asked the reason. sumi denined to say but later she explained that the man was her husband and swara was their daughter but later she got divorced from him and shekar whos was already in love with her married her and ragini is their daughter. swaragini collapsed listening this meanwhile the truth came out and he was sent to jail because he came there to get back sumi. swara and ragini were able to cope up the situation with help of sanskar and laksh respectively

swasn married happily and later laksh proposed that he wanted to marry ragini. this time too swara convinced her. raglak got married but that night when laksh came close to her, she rejected him asking for moretime to grt into the relationship.laksh smiled and said that he only wanted her as his betterhalf and has married her to become her strength. later situations made her realise laksh’s love and eventually she has faleen for him

swasan and ragya forever.. there might be few problems after this in teir life like small mis understandings, cute fights etc from which teir love will become more strong and they are one others strength and has full truston each other which is the bsis for the divine relationship that is marriage

It’s sree harini sining off byee
thankyou everyone for being patient and a very big thanks for all the members who have regularly commented on my fiction. thankyou for showering your love and affection on me nad yes this is the last day to visit this page. here after i am going to see anything as this page has hurted me alot. i wish that i wouldn’t have known about written updates. i got excited after reading many fictions wasted my precious time in thnking and developing the script. now i am feeling much better after updating this part and now i can happily return my world.. my study world

Credit to: sree harini

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  1. Hey what happend dr ending why da

  2. hello harini…starting episodes were too good….Please focus more on swasan moments … i mean how did sanskar quickly fell in love with swara yaar… i want more knok jhok between them….plzzz…i want you to create more cute moments between them…sry if i hurt you..daily i am following your episodes starting episodes were superb…

  3. yeah sree harani i agree with u about comments..
    even i am not jealous bcoz saba , kasis. etc deserve comments..
    not only them our both’s ff are very good… im a silent reader bt today ur words made me comment…
    u r very inspirational n not only u bt ur ff too..

  4. I am a silent reader. I always read ur ff. Feeling very bad that it’s finished

  5. Dont feel yar few people are reading but not commenting there are silent readers

  6. Wow nice ur ff is really superb.pls upset mat Ho….hmsab apke ff ko bahut like karte h.

  7. hey your story was nice but u write very fast

  8. why did u do?? I really didn’t expect thid frm u.. u hav bst ff ever.. u should hav blv on ur self.. u disclosed this beautiful ff.. it was awesome yar..

  9. vinay karthik

    hey sree don’t get upset…. i m also silent reader… i regularly following ur ff…. i m really sad bcoz u finished it so quickly…

  10. I loved ur ff soo much
    But a sudden stop…….

  11. hai sree… don’t be upset… i liked the story so much… the abrupt ending made me sad… hope.. you ll be back… good luck…

  12. This ff was one of my fav ff. I was always being waiting for ur updates..
    I feel sad that you are not going to write anymore, but I want to compliment u that ur ff was really very nice.
    Last two updates in which u told the whole story was fantastic..
    You are a very good writer. Don’t loose hope just because you didn’t get comments. It is totally ok if you don’t want to continue writing ff, but please do continue writing.
    I was a very nice experience by getting in touch with u and ur story.
    Hope that one day u will become a great writer, and u will not have to rely on our comments for the progress of your story..
    Insahallah.. 🙂

  13. dear… don’t disturb about less or negative comments ..
    one who overcome from bad or negative situations only win the life…
    I know to speak about these things is easy…
    bt there are some people’s that love and like ur ff…
    pls don’t be sad….

  14. I use to read your ff regularly.it’s nice

  15. Im a silent reader… Daily I read ur ff n never commented… N it’s really very nyc.. Sry yaar if i hurted u unknowingly…

  16. i am a silent reader. i liked your ff very much . please continue it yar .

  17. dont be sad yar…ur ff is nice something different ….
    y r u doing this to us
    we all like ur ff
    many usually wont comment there are silent readers…
    pls for us dont do this

  18. if ever i hurt knowing or unknowingly am sry

  19. It is very intersting story.. But last two episodes were not good.. Swasan moments are not explain thoroughly..bt former story is very interesting.. One of my favourite.. Thankyou very much

  20. You too bad dear,,I like u r ff ,,but y dear,,i,’m so sad dear

  21. Ur ff was really nice..y did u stop lyk this?

  22. Oh dear…thats soo bad…i can understand ur pain….but there are many readers who are following ur ff…im one of them…..im hardly waiting to know how swasan get together and raglak also…u gave the brief explanation in one episode….im soo sad that ur bothering about the comments…..have self confidence yaar….

  23. Hey its ur passion to write….dnt give it up because of some silly reasons…u have to be brave enough to face everything……im hoping another ff from u …….i hope u wont disappoint ur readers by quitting like this…..come up with new ideas nd a fresh start…nd this Tim u will definitely succeed

  24. Seee wat did u do??? It doesn’t mean that all who read ur ff should comment..ppl who r busy still read ur ff and go without commenting as their busy…iam a silent reader..there r many silent readers pls understand this..

  25. U r a good writer…don’t fed easily…u can develop this script even now and continue this ff..pls..

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  27. why you ended soon… its too bad yaar… pls continue…

  28. Hey! I am also one of the silent readers. I am sorry for not commenting on your fanfiction before it’s because I am a student studying in class 8th and I hardly get time to comment as I have a lot (ALOT) of homework to do. The point is “Haters make you famous” (Hehehe… That is what I always hear form people), if people dislike your fanfiction, let them do whatever they want to do, but what about the people like those who commented above and the people like me who read your fanfiction daily, those readers who desperately wait for you to update? So, please don’t lose hope. Now, as u have ended this fanfiction… leave it! Come up with a new fanfiction and new ideas! I hope you do!
    And the last thing I would like to say is “WE LOVE SREE HARINI’s UPDATES” ??

  29. Hello everyone.. I would like to continue sree harini’s fiction according to her plot. Actually I have decided this in some way I am also responsible for her heart break. I will try to add some cute moments and small fights. Are you ready for it?

  30. Hey dea… Don’t get upset.. I used to follow all ffs.. Especially swasan’s.. Ur ff s one of my favourite.. Its my humble request u to continue… And am first time commenting on one ff bcs I don’t want to miss ur ff..

  31. I’m sorry for not commenting. I was a silent reader and i really love this story. Please continue

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