SWARAGINI- Limitless love ( Episode 12)


this is an abstarct of my story. hope you guys atleast liked this

as per the current track, piyush who is raginis neighbour try to get close to ragini but she ignores him and in one of those situations she callls him brother. piyush is surprised to listen this but later agrees to be her brother and starts showering love on ragini as brother. laksh is jealous to see their bond who is unaware of their relationship. on the otherhand swara convinces sanskar to come to cafeteria with her.swara offers sanskar something but he rejects. swara scolds him saying that how can you reject something without experiencing it. it made sanskar to lost in his thoughts. actually he was thinking of someone.on the same night sanskar goes into one of his bedrooms which is filled by photos of kavitha and stats crying. He says to himself that i cn feel kavitha in swaras words

its was a day before raginis birthday.ragini was desperately waiting for swaras call as she wanted her to wish first. swara called ragini but was dissapointed listing that network is busy meanwhile ragini gets a call nad she thinks that it is swara but is surprised to listen some male voice. he spoke to her in a vulgar language and finally said that he loves her. ragini is shocked listening this but doesnt inform it to anyone. next moring she receives a bunch of red roses . ragini gets angry thinking that laksh might have send it. she goes near him and scolds.laksh is shocked as he himself doesnt know that it was her birthday but ragini refused to accept it saying that guys can steep low to win agirls heart. piyush who was obesrving this gives a devilish smile.days passed and now ragini is completely avoiding laksh on the other hand swara and sanskar has become good friends. one day swara came to office and asked tara about sanskars absence. tara says that he wanted to take rest so has not come to the office but swara is worried and goes to sanskar’s house. accidently she enters the bedroom that is filled with kavitha’s photos and becomes teary eyed. sanskar who has just arrived ses swara in the room, gets irritaed and dragged her out of the room and in this process, swara was badly injured by a nail. sanskar was very angry at first but after seeing her bleeding hand he remembers his moments with kavitha and dresses swara’s wounds. later he reveals that the girl in the photo is her ex girl friend and was died in an accident. the entire blame is on sanskar and kavitha’s family is sure that he was the reason for her death though he was not. swara leaves to her room without uttering a word. the next morning she called sanskar and asked him to get ready by 10. sanskar does it and they both reach kavitha’s house. initially kavitha’s parents declined to talk to him but later agreed to and sanskar has explained everything to them. everyone gets emotional and after reaching home, sanskar starts thinking about swara and finally comes to a conclusion that he loves her. swara calls him and says that she want to meet him tomorrow while sanskar has decided to confess his love. next morning sanskar and swara reach a dessereted area on sanska’s bike. swara is about to say i love you but she loses her balance and falls down from a cliff. sanskar gets worried seeing this and admits her in hospital.doctor syas that she is out of danger as the cliff was not so high. sanskar enters the room and confesses his love while swara is still inconscious. he later calls tara and tells her to inform about this to her parents. tara reaches the hospital while sanskar leaves.

on the other hand piyush proposes ragini and she is shocked to listen him as she was thiniking him to be her brother. she slaps piyush which hurts his ego. being a cheap guy he plots to attack ragini and tries to deform her beauty by acid. laksh makes an heroic entry, saves her and handover him to the cops. he later consoles her and they become friends while swara is worried about this. ragini calms her sister.raglak friendship became strong but fate has decided something else. one fine day ragini was alone in her house when laksh came to meet her and has accidently fallen on her.her chain got stuck with one of his shirts button but being unaware of this laksh tried to get up and has fallen on her again. this time laksh’s lips pecked ragini’s. both was surpused at this scene and ragini let the place crying.

she has started ignoring laksh but one day laksh has blocked her way and asked her too be his friend. ragini rejected his proposal and said that everything has ended between th. she just then receives a call from sumi stating about swaras accident and ragini leaves for banglore

swara got discharged from hospital while sansakr has decided to propose her. he asks tara to call swara to his cabin but swara says that it takes five more minutes as she was talking to her sister., swara enters sankars room. sanskar has proposed her and she accepeted it. sanskar was dreaming this and got irritaed asswara has not come. tara informed that swara went to cellar to meet someone. sanskar reached cellar and is shocked to see swara hugging ragini and ragini addressing her sister. sanskar was broken into pieces and left for kolkata without informing anyone.

to be continued..

Credit to: sree harini

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