SWARAGINI- Limitless love ( Episode 11)


Guys…. A small declaration. After preparing the whole script of my story I felt that this was not apt and so I have decided to change it. So from the next update it will be SWARAGINI- Love is about responsibility. Sorry for your inconvenience.
I know that many are not liking my fiction but still I will try to impress my readers…thank-you everyone

Laksh reached the music academy and heard ragini and guruji’ s conversation.
Laksh: wow my angel..I love sitar and now you are learning it but one thing which pains me is that you are ignoring me. Please dear takto me once. Become a friend of mine. I will show you the heights of happiness.
Saying this laksh leaves

Swara is swiping her fingers in mobile
Swara: I got your number sanskar but how should I start the conversation?
She opens what app
Swara: should I message him…no I shouldn’t because he may think wrong about me..what to do..
She fall asleep.

Annapurna: where were you laksh till late night
Laksh:(shocked) maa didn’t you sleep?
Annapurna: (angery) answer my question first
Laksh: I was with my friends
Annapurna: but driver has said that he has seen you behind a girl..
Laksh is shocked
Laksh: mom there is nothing as such. I think driver ko koi galat faimi huyi hua that
Annapurna: I trust you now but it doesn’t mean that you can use it
Laksh: I promise you that I will never break your trust
Annapurna: its already late. Go and sleep
Laksh:(smiles) good night mom
Annapurna leaves and laksh vets relaxed.
Laksh:(to himself) oh God! Mom has started doubting me. I must be careful now

Swara came out of washroom and us shocked to see 10 missed calls from Tara.
Swara: oh my god these many missed calls..I think my went in silent yesterday. I must call her now.
Swara: out of coverage area!!
She leaves to office

Tara: where were you swara.. I have called you many a times but you didn’t receive
Swara: sorry. My mobile was at silent. Anything important?
Tara: yeah actually we both need to attend a meeting to tonight and as you are new to this I thought to inform you so that you can prepare but..
Swara: ( worried tone) oh what should I do now?
Tara: its okay. Just have a glance at these papers..everything is there in it.
Swara takes papers from her and starts preparing

Sumi opens the door by hearing some one’s

Lady: ji namaste..my name is meenakshi and I have rented your neighbouring house.
Sumi: ohh welcome auntyji. Please come in
Meena: thank-you so much. Actually I need some electrical instruments to fix the fans and lights.
Dadi:( coming from another room) who was that sumi
Sumi: our new neighbour. Meenakshi ji
Meena smiles
Dadi: namaste ji
Sumi gets the instruments mean while
Sumi: yeh lo aunty ji
Ragini: bye ma I am getting late to academy
She stops seeing meena there
Dadi: she is our new neighbour
Ragini: namaste dadi ji
Sumi: if you need any help please come to us don’t hesitate to ask

Dadi: will you be able to fix the lights? Orelse I will send my son
She is about to call shekar but meena interferes
Meena: its okay ji. My grandson does it.
Guy: dadi..where are you
Meena: I think he has come
Sumi: call him inside
Meena calls that man inside. He is about some 30 years giy but has a well built body and was looking handsome even.
Meena: piyush.. This is our neighbour parvathiji, her daughter in law sumi and her granddaughter ..sorry I don’t know her name
Ragini: ragini dadiji

Piyush is continuously looking at ragini. She has noticed him but remained silent.
Ragini: maa I need to leave now
Sumi: okay dear

Swara: ( showering) how cold it is
Tara: (smiles) you are new to this place right..but you will get used to this.swara come lets go
They both reach the hotel on Tara’s scooty
Swara: for whom are we waiting here
Tara: sanskar sir
Swara:(surprised) what
Tara: ( in a causal way) haa after all he is the head and so he must attend
Just then sanskar reaches there in his car and the trio go inside
After few hours..around 10:45 pm

Tara: soory swara I need to go to my cousin’s house today. So I cannot drop you
Swara: its okay dear I will get a cab
Sanskar: so Tara please prepare the report of today’s meeting
Tara nods and leaves. Swara is still standing there in a hope that sanskar might drop her.
Sanskar: so swara its already late..leave to your room as early as possible
Saying this he leaves from there
Swara:( surprised) you don’t even have minimum courtesy sanskar. I thought that you will drop me but still….( smiles) I am crazy for you. She starts walking on road in order to hire a cab
Some drunken people come in her way
1st guy: hello Miss what are you doing here?? That too noone is with you
2nd guy: you know it is very dangerous to walk alone
3rd guy: particularly at this time
All the three start smiling develishly
One among the three tries to pull SWARAS duppata. Just then a came and was stopped Beside her
Sanskar: hello sweet heart
Swara is shocked seeing him and listening sweet heart
Sanskar: I know that you are angry with me it didn’t mean that you should leave from the restaurant right. I was romaing all the streets in search you

He then sees the guys and says
Sanskar: swara..are they creating any problem to you?
Swara is unable to answer as she is shock mean while the three leave from there seeing the physique of sanskar thinking him to be the liver of her.
Sanskar: get in swara. U will leave you till your hostel.
Swara gets in. She is unable to believe about what has happened , what sanskar has said and now she is travelling in his car. There was a pin drop silence in the car a nd it continued through out their journey.
Sanskar: your hostel has come. Get down
Swara: thank-you San..
Sanskar: ( carelessly) no formalities as I hate them and one more thing I would reacted if the same way if Tara was in your place. So it would be better to stop thinking about it.
Swara: ( depressed) good night sanskarji
Sanskar( without seeing her) hmm
Sanskar left the place while swara is still watching his car
Screen freezes

PRECAP: Piyush says that he considers ragini as his sister. Swara and sanskar come to cafeteria.

Credit to: Sree harini

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