SWARAGINI- Limitless love ( Episode 10)


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Ragini got down from the bus and laksh was following her
Ragini: hello Rita
Riya: hey what are you doing here
Ragini: I have joined in the music class.
Riya: wow..I wish I could
Ragini:( confused) why?
Riya( sad tone) you know about my parents nah. There are a bit mordern and they don’t like all these things.
Ragini: you can try to convince them
Riya: they won’t
Laksh: may I help you
Ragini and riya look at him
Laksh: seriously yaar
Ragini gets irritated

Tara: swara…where were you lost
Swara: nothing ..so please tell me my work here.
Tara: it is not so difficult but yes as a part of marketing department you must use your brain a lot I mean to think logically
Swara: I will try my best.
Sanskar is in his cabin and is busy in completing his works
Swara: how cute you are!! My sanskoo..
She gets butterflies by thinking about him.
Swara: ( to herself) I got to know that you won’t talk to any girl then how will you fall for me my cutie pie. First of all I must start talking to you but you don’t pay attention to anyone.. Suddenly an idea flashes in her mind.she goes to SANSKAR’S cabin

Ragini turns to riya and sayragini: riya of you want to take his help then I don’t mind but please don’t involve me in this
Saying this she leaves from there
Riya: thank-you so much mister
Laksh: laksh
Riya:hmm. Don’t feel bad about my friend. She is a typical traditional girl and doont like all these.
Laksh: okay bye..
Riya: but how should I contact you
Laksh( yeh toh meri peeche padgayi) yeah you can call me
Riya: ( shyness) your number please
Laksh tells her some number which came into his mind and started walking towards ragini.
Laksh: ragini..ragini
Ragini: ( to herself) how come he got to know my name.. Riya must have said
Laksh comes in front of her and blocks the say.

Swara: may I get in sir
Sanskar looks at her and again looks in to the laptop
Swara: sir actually my gmail account got deleted sir but I have to submit some important joing papers..
Sanskar: so ( without looking at her)
Swara: will you please forward it to me as I had sent a copy earlier.
Sanskar looks suspiciously
Sanskar: sorry I don’t have any gmail account
Swara: ( to herself) ek number nautanki
Swara: you can send it either by Facebook or what’s app
Sanskar:( smiles) I don’t use anything among them. It would be better to ask Tara as she knows about these type of thing very well
Swara: okay sir
She leaves the room
Swara: he is not ready to disclose anything. Now how can I get into contact with him??

Laksh stops ragini
Ragini:( looks at him seriously) I said you that I won’t Interfere between you and riya
Laksh:but I made this proposal to to talk to you..not to help her
Ragini: I am not bothered about it
Laksh: please talk to me
Ragini: why should I?
Laksh: why won’t you?
Ragini: cause I hate you
Laksh: but what did I do ??
Ragini leaves ignoring him. Laksh is staring at him
Laksh:( to himself) what a typical girl you are..I think I am crazy about this.

Tara: sanskar ji.. I..I..
Sanskar: you just go in front of the mirror and you can see a three dimensional view of it
Tara: ( confused) of what??
Sanskar: your eye
Tara: sir..I was about to say that
Sanskar: don’t disturb me Tara
Swara: sorry to disturb you
Tara: its okay
Swara: will you please forward me my detalis that I have mailed you earlier
Tara: I have sent it
Swara: ohh
She checks for her mobile and gets worried
Swara: where is my mobile
Tara: it will be here only
Swara cheks her things.
Tara: I think you kept it on your desk
Swara runs to her cabin and searched but of no use.
Swara( worried) : it was my first gift from my mom.
Sanskar: give me your number..
Swara tells him her number and he calls. One of the employee brings her mobile and said that she had forgotten it when she came there.
Swara:(relaxed) thank god and thank-you so much. I thought that I’ve lost it.

Ragini: juruji I have learnt the sitar for three years and discontinued due to personal problems
Guruji: its okay beta.. No problem. If you learn with dedication then with in no time you can cope up
Ragini smiles
Swara is at her desk.she is thinking of something and smiling constantly.
Tara: what happened swara.
Swara in her thoughts: haa finally I got ur number dear..don’t under estimate me. I thought that I have to act more but you didn’t allow me to do sanskar. You know what I left my wantedly at his desk.
Tara: our..what are you thinking?
Swara: nothing special.achha tell me one thing. What were you about to ask sanskar ji?
Tara:( disappointment tone) actually I have to attend my cousin’s wedding so I went to ask him leave but …
Swara:(laughs) I heard it. But he must give a chance to others to explain right?

Tara: he won’t. I have been working with him since a year and I know him very well. In this year I have never seen him bothering for anyone except for business.
Swara:(to herself) swara..you have got really a stubborn and unquine person to deal with.
Screen freezes showing SWARAGINI

PRECAP: Laksh says to himself that he must make a place in ragini’s heart. Some drunken guys were teasing swara
I know that this was a bit long..sorry for your waste of time..enjoy reading.please ignore my grammatical mistakes

Credit to: Sree harini

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