SWARAGINI- Limitless love ( Episode 1)

Hello everyone… This is entirely a different story from the present show swaragini. I cannot promise you to give a romantic fiction but yes I will justify my title. In this story I am not going to reveal the lead pairs as it spoils the suspense of the story. Thankq everyone in advance for reading this..

SCENE-1 : BAADI A beautiful house is shown in the city of Kolkata. It belongs to Gadodia family. It is around 7am and a lady of some 40 -45 years old is praying lord krishna. She finishes her bhajan and turns. Just then dadi enters the hall.
Dadi: Good morning sharmista!! Did you complete the pooja??
Sumi: Ha maa! I have finished it.yeh lo Prasad.
Dadi: where is your father In law and shekar?
Sumi: woh ma..Babaji is in his bedroom reading news paper and sherkar ji went to book ticket for swara.
Dadi: ohh yes I remembered now..swara is leaving for banglore in couple of days nah.. I have to make lot of preparations for her.
Sumi smiles seeing dadi’s concern for swara. Just then shekar enters the hall.
Sumi: Shekarji..have you booked the ticket for swara??
Shekar: Ha sumi but with a great difficulty.. You know what..there was a very big line at the reservation counter and I was worried that I may not get the ticket but finally I did it.
Sumi: Yeh toh acchi bat hui
Shekar: Sumi..swara aur ragini kaha par hai?? Uthi nahi ab tak!!
Dadi: These girls na.. They are becoming lazy day by day. I don’t know how they will behave I their in law’s house when they marry.
Saying this she climbs the steps to reach swaragin’s bedroom.

Dadi sees them sleeping on the bed fully covering themselves with blankets. She becomes angry and takes a glass of water
Dadi: I have to teach a lesson to them today.
Saying this she poured water on the girls but no one moves even an inch.
Dadi: These girls have become so lazy that they are not feeling thewetness even.
She then listens giglling sound.
Dadi: Yeh aavaz kaha se aari. I think it is from behind the door.
She walks towards the door and finds swaragini hiding there.
Swara: Dadima..we made you fool today. And starts laughing
Dadi: swara I was not expecting this from you?? If you are here then who was sleeping on bed.
Ragini: Our pillows were sleeping dadi ma.
Dadi: (surprised tone) Ragini..I know that this is your plan because swara is really a good girl.
Ragini: What!! Swara is innocent..the word doesnt suit her.
Dadi sees swara and she makes innocent face.
Dadi: See how innocent she is. You are the one who is spoiling her.
Swara: (laughs) Dadima this time you was wrong as I planned it.
Dadi: Tum dono naughty ban gaye
Swaragini smiles and comes close to dadi to hug her.
Dadi: what are you doing??
Ragini: hugging you!!
Dadi: what!! Like this??
Swara: haa dadi kya hua?
Dadi: First of all you both take bath then do pooja and touch me otherwise I have to bath again
Dadi leaves. Swaragini laugh looking at each other
Ragini: did you listen didi. I am spoiling you it seems
Swara: bichari dadi. She doesn’t know how naughty I am
They both get fresh and enters the hall

Shekar: Sumi breakfast ready hai kya??
Swara: I think baba you must eat outside
Shekar: Swara Tum aagay..
Swaragini sits beside shekar
Shekar: swara I have booked ticket for banglore and you have only a week of time.so you must finish your shopping in time.
Swara: ji papa. I will manage everything
Sumi: but I am scared swara. How will you live in that city?? We don’t have any relatives even
Shekar: ha beta even I am fearing.
Dadi: I have said earlier that there is no need to send her anywhere. It would be better if we see a match
Swara: dadi if I won’t to marry then I wouldn’t have joined MBA. I want to lead an independent life at least an year. And company is alloting a flat. Moreover we have mobiles nah..
Shekar: its up to you swara as it is your life
Swara: thankq papa.
Ragini: Then what about me didi. How did you think that I will be happy when you are far from me.
othersaying this Ragini runs upstairs

Screen freezes at ragini

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