Swaragini life is a game (Episode 7)

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scene starts ragini slowly opening her eyes and seeing kunj sarna who is sleeping by holding ragini’s hands seeing this ragini said
ragini:(in mind) kunj i will never miss u in my life
kunj:ragini are u ok na sry i should not have leave u here
ragini:it is not ur fault it is becos am weak
kunj:ragini there is a surprise 4 u
ragini:wat s that surprise
kunj:me and u r going out 2day
ragini:(in mind) nice changes i can talk 2 him
kunj:ragini wait i will bring the car from the parking lot u come down i have already informed them that v wil leave

saying this kunj left
sumi:ragini hw r u now r u fine
ragini :s maa
sumi: after a long time i am hearing it from u with a simle on ur face now its time go and enjoy with kunj
ragini hugged sumi and i missed u
ragini:bye cutie i will c u later tell 2 swara also
kunj and ragini is in the car
ye moh moh ke dhaage song played at the back
ragini is thing about kunj and she remeber wat he said last night and smile occur on her face seeing this kunj smiled and said

kunj:ragini promise me that u will keep ur face like this always ok
ragini:wat wat wat is there in my face am looking funny r wat happen 2 me(she said in tensed manner )
she took a mirror fromher bag and saw face
ragini:kunj wat happened 2 my face i cann’t c anything(she is going on changing the direction and cing her face)
kunj saw this and laughed and said
kunj:i said that keep smiling always .do u know ragini a simle is a curve that sets everything straight
ragini:i am happy while being with u kunj thank 4 this surprise thank u so much
suddenly a car dashed kunj car and kunj car rolled and fell into water kunj saved ragini and they kunj took her to the river back

kunj:ragini ragini look at me
kunj rubbed her hands and legs and he pressed her stomach and water came out ragini opened her eyes seeing kunj
ragini:wat v r doing her kunj
kunj:v came 2 watch movie v fell into this water due to 1 car accident come let us go
kunj understood that ragini cannot walk because she s badly injured . kunj took ragini in his arms. kunj is going 2 the 4rest which is near 2 the bank of the river
ragini:am i so weight
kunj:no at all i think u r 53

ragini:hw u know that
kunj:just guessing
ragini:plz lets take rest her itself am so tired and am hungry it is dark too lets stay this night here itself
kunj:(in mind) actually i should say line
kunj made a small tent and fetched some stick and dry leaves to make fire
kunj and ragini is sitting in front of the fire
ragini:kunj it is so cold here
kunj saw ragini shivering he gave is coat 2 ragini.ragini is staring kunj
ragini: it s very boring can tell anything about ur furture partner plz if am not crossing my limits u can tel

kunj:(in mind)ragini u have full permision 3 ask
ragini:hey wat happened anything …
kunj: nothing let me let hw she will look
1 her eye is mirror of soul when 1st time i saw her u know love is when u look someones eyes and u canc eveything u want

ragini:and should be her character kunj
kunj:a rose cann’t be a sunflower and a sunflower cannot be rose . all flowers r beatifully in their own way like that women r beautiful in their own way .she should always be herself

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  1. Sry if i hurt u but janebetty please give some importance to swara also………

    And ya please make it longer…….
    Sry once again .

    1. don’t worry swra will get more inportance in flash back

  2. Are u studing icse syllabus?which school ?where is it ?i am too studying in icse lakshmi school madurai tamil nadu

  3. srry guy a mistake ragini will ask hw should her character be

  4. Ohooo poetry kunj

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