Swaragini life is a game (Episode 6)

hi so sry sry srsy because am so late but thanks 4 ur comment i think u have 4gotten my story so i will give a gist from first ragini escaped from her marriage to london with her friend kaaviyaa swara married sanskar instead of ragini 3 years leep ragini came to london and she is working in a very big mnc (multinational copration )her boss is kunj sarna(from tashan e ishq)kunj is loving ragini . ragini and kunj and some officer came 2 delhi to sign a new project till they reach to delhi ragini dosenot no that it is sanskar company
ragini and other in mm 4 meeting mm is totaaly. shocked 2 see ragini after 3 years mainly sanskar was so angry . and in mm emotional conversation between swara,sumi and ragini
from 2day i will update properly so lets begin
swara is going on asking questions 2 ragini. ragini fainted cing this sanskar felt relief
swara:ragini wake up ragini(swara is crying)
sumi:leave her take her 2 room i have got my ladoo after 3 years don’t ask any question 2 her when she opens her eyes
swara took ragini 2 guest room and went 2 her room. sanskar was walking here and there
swara:sanskar wat happend .
sanky:nothing swara hw is ragini (i wish she is not well in mind)

swara:alright sanskar.sanskar i know that there is a problem with ragini so 1ly she from the mandap so u plz don’t hide anything from me tell me sanskar
sanky:it is non of ur bussiness swara94 the first time he has scolded swara)
swara:sanky wat happened i just asked in a polite manner sry if i have hurt u
sanky felt from there
sankar left kunj enter the mansion
kunj is in his car
kunj:ragini i am coming srry i am late right (said 2 himself)
he left the car and went where ragini is there
kunj cing ragini lying in bed was so tensed
kunj:maa wat happened to ragini

sumi:nothing 2 worry beta she is alright she just fainted do 2 work pressure
saying this sumi went. kunj went near ragini and holed her hands
kunj:it is all my mistake i should not have leave u alone here ragini . do u know ragini hw i lov u when the day i saw u i felt something strange first i can’t understand the feeling but after sometimes i felt it s love .do u know hw much pain i have in my heart the biggest pain is having feeling and could not express it outside .i lov u i lov u 2 the core ragini
ragini i know about ur past but i don’t care about it . ragini i have seen many girls in my life but i saw u 1ly has my lfe partner . (saying this he slept in ragini hand )
swara was hearing it
swara :(in mind)i will help u kunj 2 get ur lov

guys i want ur comment plz sugest me alwys am weak in spelling if it s boring tell me i will end it

precap:ragini and kunj lovely moments in 4rest

Credit to: janebetty


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