Swaragini life is a game (Episode 5)

thanks 4 ur comment anu eva nidhi thanks i will try 2 make it long ragini and kunj are sleeping in the flight .rags s sleeping in kunj shoulder and holding kunj hands tightly because she s scared of heights kunj saw this but did not want 2 disturb her
rags:aah (she saw her hands and took her hands fast)
kunj:good morning
rags:good morning lucky
they reached the air port and they all went bybus 2 the hotel after getting fresh . ragini ia wearing a long skirts and a t shrits kunj is wearing a blue jeans and black t shirt and he wearing a overcoat on the way all r singing songs and going ragini is thinking about her past swara , sanskar, dad dadi and all

kunj:guy v have come 2 our client mansion lets go
ragini removes her coolers and shock 2 see maheswari mansion and all standing 2 wellcome them . tearsskip from ragini eyes but wipes it she hold kunj hand tightly and said am bit nerverous . kunj holds also holds her hand .maheswari family is also shocked 2 ragini . sanskar comes and wellcomes kunj
sanskar:hi kunj sarna iam sanskar maheswari
kunj:waw nice 2 meet u and this ragini gadodia
ragini : hi kunj let us take about our project because it is getting late
swara: offcoure ragini(ragini is contrlling her tears)
sanskar:this is my wife swara
ragini:oh r u pergnent mrs swara

swara:yes 4 months
sanskar was so angry but did not show they went in stared talking about their project
seen sifts where ap and sujatha r taking
ap:it s comfrom ragini
sujathe;yes offcourse same but looking western type
swara:maa i said this 2 sumimaa and dad they r comimng .i can’t belive that ragini iswotking in this much big company and i don’t weather she married r not then kunj sarna is top 10 business man in london it is so confusing and don’t no hw sanskar is going react 2 it

precap: kunj scolding sanskar let me y he is scolding

Credit to: janebetyy


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