Swaragini life is a game (Episode 3)

hi guys i know u have many doubt in my ff there s no laksh and ragini’s fiance is sanskar swara is married to sanskar .srry ragsan and raglak fans i have another ff swaragini swara + ragini= ? it s rag san 1ce again sorry lets continue it .i have kept kunj pet name as lucky
kunj: hey guys i have a happy news 4 u that v are going 2 kolkata 4 a bussiness trip
suddenly tears skip from ragini’s eyes. kunj does not notice it he continues his speech and he said some names who s going with him in the name list ragini is also there
ragini:(in mind) wat the hell i thought my past was over but now it s comming again 1ly god should help me

ragini: sir plz i can’t come with u
kunj: wat happen ragini i have appointed u has the project head and u r saying u wil naot come am srry u have 2 come this my oder by the call me lucky r kunj
ragini did not speck a word she felt from there witha teary eyes .
sence sifts 2 a big chruch ragini is sitting in bench and praying
ragini:oh god plz help me .give power 2 handle this problem after 1 year i am going 2 kolkata i should not see my family there
kaaviyaa: ragini ur past is done,so forget it ur future is yet 2 come so dream it but your present is now so live with no regrets

ragini: i think i could.
kaaviyaa: can v go 2 ice cream parlour plz don’t say no
kaaviyaa: but with 1 condition
ragini: wat condition my cutie pie
kaaviyaa: not now u should wait 4 it
ragini and kaaviyaa went 2 ice cream parlour
guys u have missed something in my last chapter i said swara was in hospital.can u find y she was in hospital ? find it if u can
if u like it plz comment

Credit to: jane betty


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