Swaragini life is a game (Episode 2)

hi guy thanks for ur comments so lets begin
ragini is with kaaviyaa now . ragini is working in a big company a one year leep
sence sifte 2 swara and sumi .swara is in hospital
sumi: hw r u swara

swara:i am fine maa
sumi : u got any imformation(and she starts crying)
swara:maa stop crying i don’t know anything maa . i tried a lot 2 find her but i couldnot
sumi: sorry swara i did not ask anything about u hw s ur life r u ok
swara :yes ma i am finemy husband takes care very well ma i did not expect this from him
sumi : i am happy 4 u but wat about my another child
sence sift 2 rags who enjoying in the rain with kunj sarna(from tash e ishq) and kaaviyaa in the office party kunj sarna is the owner of the office
kunj sarna: rags can u dance with me
rags: offcourse sir

kunj sarna: stop calling me sir u can call me lucky . lucky is my pet name
rags: srry sir sry lucky
rags and kunj sarna stated dancing 4 the romatic song(un viligalil from maan karathe) .
guys is up 2 u to comment u can comment the pairs swalak r swasan and 4 ragini raglak r ragsan r ragkun

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  1. Raglak raglak plz plz ragsan are BRO-SIS type yaar plz make swasan & raglak

  2. Yes i to agree with u

  3. Yes i to agree with u

  4. I too agree with diya plz make raglak and swasan

  5. Thanks guys

  6. Plz make swasan swalak is a FLOP PAIR and raglak are cute together

  7. Raglak plz plz plz

  8. swasan n raglak pls

    1. and kavKunj will be good pl

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